Top 5 Marie Kondo gift ideas, plus advice on how to wrap them like her for Christmas!

by Kristiyana

Do you know any Marie Condo fans out there who might be in need of a KonMari-inspired gift for this Christmas? I bet you do! For anyone not familiar with the name, Marie Kondo is an international sensation when it comes to tidying up and decluttering. Her unique approach based on the art of Japanese housekeeping has helped and inspired many when it comes to organizing. The KonMari philosophy is simple: keep only those items that “spark joy” and discard the rest. So if you happen to have friends and family who love the Japanese organizing consultant’s work, then they will adore these 5 practical and useful Marie Kondo gift ideas for Christmas! Plus, you can also learn to wrap them like her!

Marie Kondo gift idea: Drawer dividers

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Let’s start our picks for Marie Kondo gift ideas with a set of useful drawer dividers. Drawer dividers are great for keeping items separated and easy to find when you require them. Keep an eye out for dividers that can be adjusted to fit different sizes of drawers. This way, your gift receiver can customize their storage space as needed. The drawer dividers can be used to organize any items. From home-grown herbs and spices to your children’s cute Christmas crafts.

Book on organizing as a Christmas gift

When it comes to deciding on a book for organizing, there are many options available on the topic. But none is quite like Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up! This book provides step-by-step instructions on how to declutter and organize any space in the home, making it an ideal gift for any fan of Marie Kondo’s work. However, if you can’t find this book anywhere, or have already stopped on a different organizing one, you can go with that option as well.

Marie Kondo gift idea: Storage bins

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I think my mom will love this one! She is super practical and organized to the point of getting a bit crazy when she sees an item placed somewhere it’s not supposed to be. And yes, I got into a lot of trouble for this when I was a teenager. A set of storage bins is essential for keeping items organized and out of sight. You can look for colourful bins that can be labelled with the contents inside, so your friend or family member can easily find what they need when they need it.

Home organization magazine subscription

What about making it easy on yourself and getting a subscription to a home organization magazine as a gift? A subscription to a home organization magazine such as Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living will provide your relative or friend with helpful tips and tricks for staying organized. It will also give them access to inspiring stories about people who have successfully implemented Marie Kondo’s methods in their own homes. Such an easy-to-get and practical gift, wouldn’t you agree?

A label maker/printer as a Christmas gift

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And last but not least, how will we ever find and remember anything if it’s not labelled? Labels are essential for keeping track of where everything is stored in the home. This Christmas, with the help of Marie Kondo gift ideas, you can get a label maker or printer for your close relative or friend. With this device, they will always know where their items are located at all times! With my messy cabinet, this will surely come in handy!

How to gift wrap like Marie Kondo?

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Now that you have some ideas on what gifts to give a fan of Marie Kondo, let’s learn how to wrap them like her! Gifting is an art, and the organizing consultant has taken it to a whole new level. Her signature style of gift wrapping, known as Furoshiki, is a traditional Japanese method of wrapping gifts with fabric. It’s an eco-friendly way to wrap gifts that’s both beautiful and practical. Here’s how to gift wrap like Marie Kondo with Furoshiki:

Before you start to wrap, think about the person you are giving the gift to. Then start by selecting a fabric that is large enough to cover the item you are wrapping. Lay it flat with one corner facing you. Place the gift at the corner and roll it toward the opposite one until a neat tube is created. Instead of tucking everything in, tie it all up in a bow on top.

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Once your gift is securely wrapped, you can add Christmas-inspired elements such as pine leaves or an elegant Christmas tree ornament to make your gift even more special. You can also use Furoshiki as a bag for carrying your gifts – simply tie off two corners, and you have an instant bag!

By following these steps, you can ensure that your gift looks just like something Marie Kondo would approve of! Not only will it look great, but it will also show your friend how much you care about them by giving them something special that they can use every day in their own home organization journey! Happy holidays everyone!

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