White Christmas nails: 20+ ideas to help you dive into the magic of the white color!

by Gabby

Do you think I’ve given up counting the days until Christmas? Of course not! There are exactly 10 days left, and I feel just like a little kid waiting for the best holiday ever. Now of course my interests are different from just thinking about the presents. One of my most important missions is to have my nails done and be trendy for Christmas 2022! White Christmas nails have conquered all social media, and we see them everywhere. But what are the design trends? What white Christmas nails to choose for 2022? Dive into the magic of the white with me and let’s find out what are the best suggestions!

White Christmas nails 2022: What are the top picks for the season?

white christmas nails 2022 dots design nail shape french tip manicure trendy

Whether you want something more splashy or want lots of Christmas decorations to get you in the Christmas spirit, the color white allows you to fulfil every vision that you might have for your nails. White is a classic, soft and very feminine color. In the winter, it reminds us of snow and creates the feeling of a winter fairy tale. Let’s emphasize that it is one of the colors that are trendy in all seasons, as it is easy to combine it with absolutely everything.  Not only that, but it is perfect to highlight your skin tone. For Christmas 2022, I suggested you don’t turn your back on your good old friend – the white nail color, and check this year’s trends and designs that I will show you today!

Blue and white nails: White Christmas nails color trend

blue and white nails christmas decoration snowflakes ideas 2022 nail art trendy


Want your nails to be absolutely remarkable for Christmas 2022? You have to try the combination of white and blue! You already know that in December 2022, all the shades of blue were an absolute trend in nail designs and people were experimenting by even making each nail a different blue color. But now you see the combination of blue and white, which definitely brings the vibe of an icy winter queen. You can try this nail art with matte nail polish, or one with a shiny finish. Both will look stunning, it just depends on your preferences as always.

Simple vs decoration: White Christmas nails

what color should i do my nails for christmas ideas trends decoration or simple

If you’re wondering whether you should go for the simple white color this year or decorate your nails in festive way for Christmas, you should know that there is no specific rule. It depends entirely on your mood and the outfit you’re planning to wear. However, you can always go simple when it comes to your manicure, since it is more wearable in your every day life. Now it is Christmas time! You can go all out with the winter nails designs and create the perfect decoration to make you feel the holiday cheer.

Sweater nails

sweater nails embossed design ballerina shape beautiful christmas decorations nail art winter 2022

What are sweater nails? They are this embossed sweater pattern on the nails that can be made with acrylic powder, stickers, or gel with dip matte powder. They have matte finish and are one of the trendiest nail design currently! You probably have seen them in a lot of colors lately, however today we are going to focus on the white. This white 3D effect will be the ideal decoration for your Christmas nails this year. It is not over the top, but still gives you that festive vibe. You can see for yourself how chic this is, and it will go perfectly with your Christmas sweaters!

Rhinestone nails designs

french manicure white nail polish christmas nails ideas rhinestone festive trendy

I can’t forget to mention the classic unique French manicure that every lady loves to wear. It adds such elegance to your persona and makes your outfits look more expensive and luxurious. But we are still in the Christmas mood right? How to show that on our French manicure? Well with some rhinestones, of course! As you know this year’s outfits for the holidays are studded with lots of sequins, rhinestones and sparkle. Why not try this trend on our nails while making sure not to overdo it? This simple rhinestone nail design will be the ideal choice for Christmas 2022!

White ombre nails

white ombre nails christmas decoratin nude snowflakes trendy what color to do this year

The combination between white and nude will never go out of style. Ombre nails are seamless, subtle and give you the most soft look. To make it more festive, you can decorate them with white snowflakes or put a little sparkle on them. They are great if you want something minimalistic and at the same time trendy. You know you can never go wrong it that nail design, so to get ready for Christmas run to the nail salon!

Forest green nails with white

forest green nails trends christmas what manicure to do in 2022 chic white color

Forest green is one of the most trendy colors this year and will continue to be in 2023. In combination with white, this dark shade becomes even deeper and will make your nails look classy. How to make it extra fabulous? Make sure to use matte colors and try that nail design on the picture with these trees. If you are bold enough, you can make both hands with a different design, or one with drawings the other one simple as shown.

Other ideas for white Christmas nails

white pearl nails polish christmas winter 2022 manicure trends ideas

White sweater nails with mistletoe decorations 

white sweater nails with mistletoe decoration christmas nail art design ideas

Nails with pearl decoration 

pearl decoration nails trendy christmas nail art design 2022 winter white color

White nails with snowflakes decoration

snowflakes christmas nails art design decoration white color trends

Christmas nails decoration 

white christmas nails decoration sparkles stars rhinestones shiny design art

Cute Christmas nails 

cute christmas nails white silver decoration snowflakes sparkle trendy

White candy cane and snowflakes 

white candy cane nails decoration with snowflakes christmas nail art design

Simple white and gold nails art 

white with gold foil nails how to do my manicure for christmas 2022 ideas

Shiny white with silver 

short nails christmas art ideas shiny white with silver sparkle

White and silver Christmas nails art 

white nails christmas silver gray trendy colors for 2022 manicure art ideas

Sweater nails with cute Christmas decoration 

sweater nails white cute christmas decoration snowman trendy long nail shape

Reflecting shiny white nails 

white long nails reflecting glitter very trendy christmas manicure 2022

Nude and white ombre with sweater nails design 

nude and white ombre with sweater nails design trendy christmas manicure many ideas to choose from

Subtle matte Christmas nail art 

christmas nail art design how to do my nails in 2022 trends and styles colors and shades decoration

Sweater nails stickers ideas

sweater nails stickers how to do my nails christmas 2022 white color

White ombre nails 

white ombre nails christmas 2022 art design chic and trendy stylish

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