December nails 2022: Trends and ideas on how to do your manicure this winter season!

by Gabby

We are all feeling kind of nostalgic that autumn is now gone. However, December is here, which means the winter has arrived. There will be plenty of new trends to try out and have fun experiencing them. You probably already saw that the most fashionable pieces for this season, include rhinestones, feathers, sequent, etc… Same goes for your manicure. If you haven’t gone to your nails design artist already, let’s find out what are the December nails ideas and trends 2022. You want to choose your next nail art? How to do your nails in style? Let’s find out together!

December nails 2022: Ideas and trends

december nails 2022 ideas and trends art design how to do my manicure this season trendy in style red

Have you ever thought about how fast December goes? It is certainly the month that is just gone with the blink of an eye. It is the same with the trends, so now is the time to try something out. We all know that this month brings a lot of jolly and happy feelings. Why not try implementing this to your nails? With that being said, red is definitely the color of December. It reminds of Christmas, but not only that! Have you heard about the red nail theory? Red nails will bring you all the compliments in the world! Let’s find out what are the other current December trends!

December nails 2022: Cinderella glazed blue

cinderella blue nails art december trends 2022 how to do my manicure for christmas this year style design


What is the perfect blue to try out this December? This Cinderella glazed blue nails will turn out to be your favorite for this season. They are icy, sparkly, subtle yet so stunning! You can try wearing this color with short or long nails, and it goes well with every shape. Also, it will go perfect with your winter every day outfits. I personally have worn it with square round nails, also known as squoval nails.

Embossed nails: December trends

embossed nails december trends 2022 manicure art and design style chic christmas green french

Are you going to try this December nails trend? Embossed nails are something that a lot of women are wearing this season. I see them almost in every nail design, especially combined with other techniques. On the picture, you see embossed nails with french manicure and snowflake design. Making different combinations of the methods used in nail art, is also a huge hit! What can I say for the color? This mint shade is just perfection! It will give you this icy effect that you want on your nails in December!

Red chrome nails

red chrome december nails 2022 ideas on how to do my manicure this season what are the trends art design

If you want to be bold and noticed, this is the nail trend that you must try! We all see that chrome nail polish is very trendy, but the red chrome is standing out. This is simply giving me the “it girl” vibes. If the red nails theory is actually working, imagine with this magical red shade! If you want a Christmas manicure, but you don’t like all the nail art, red chrome will give you what you need!

French glazed manicure

french manicure glazed donut trend green christmas december nails 2022 art design chic

We all remember the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails. Women everywhere were trying them out, and we all know they are stunning! This season, there is a new trend that just came out. Glazed donut nails combined with french manicure! You can make it simple by using the white for the french tip, or you can make it trendy for December and use this green. As we all know green and red are the two colors that reminds us of Christmas. This technique is used on all kinds of nail shapes. The length can also be different. If you are currently rocking short nails, you are going to love this design!

Christmas nails with silver chrome

christmas nails 2022 december trends silver chrome snowflakes nail art design what shape to wear this season

How can we talk about December nails 2022 without mentioning Christmas nails design? There is just no way! I love Christmas and I love seeing decorations everywhere, even on my nails. As I like to say, this is the time of the year when you can go all out with nail art! One of the most beautiful winter trends 2022 is the silver chrome, and as you can see on the picture it is combined with these Christmas decorations. Again, we can see different techniques used on different fingers.

December nails 2022: What else is currently trendy?

december nails 2022 current trends art design manicure green white snowflakes ballerina coffin shape long

Christmas winter nails design, but make it pink!

pink christmas nails design and art decorations manicure square shape december trends 2022 (1)

French manicure with gold sparkles and simple white

french manicure with gold sparkles and white december nails 2022 trends art design

How to do your nails in December? Try icy nail art!

icy glazed nail art design december trends 2022 how to do my manicure long square shape winter

Snowy Christmas night art for long nails 

snowy christmas night nail art long nails navy blue and white shades december trends 2022

Velvet nails are still one of the hottest trends at the moment!

velvet nails brown shade how to wear them december trends 2022 in style art design

Get inspiration for your nails of one of your Christmas ornaments!

very chic and simple christmas blue nails shape how to do my manicure in december 2022 ideas trends

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit fast, then try this nail design!

Christmas december nails ideas 2022 trends red and green candy cane how to be trendy

Silver chrome french manicure to make you stand out!

silver chrome french manicure long shape december nails 2022 trends ideas

Embossed blue nails with glossy effect 

embossed blue with glossy effect december nails trends 2022 how to do my manicure

Matte nude nails design with a gingerbread man

matte nude and white nail polish gingerbread man december nails design 2022 current trends

Glossy Christmas nail polish combined with matte 

glossy and matte nails polish which one to choose for december nails 2022 design and art

Different shades of blue and winter embossed nail art 

shades of blue december nails 2022 what design to choose this winter art trends

Nude pink and gold combined into a beautiful December nails design

how to do my nails in december what are the winter trends 2022 ideas art design

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