Winter nails 2022: Check out these 20+ nails design ideas that you must try for the holidays!

by Gabby

Christmas is just a few days away! I am pretty sure we all did our decorations, and we are in the spirit of the holiday. The year 2022 is also almost over, and it will be gone with the blink of an eye. There were so many trends that we have tried so far, and so much more coming along. My question today is, have you done your Christmas nails? If not, let’s check out some of the best winter nails 2022 trends to make you look chic for the holidays!

Winter nails 2022: Trends and nails art to try out

winter nails 2022 december red nail polish trends what color to choose nail art shape

Speaking of winter nail trends, we should absolutely start with the red shades. It is impossible to miss them, especially during this time of the year. Classic red tones are also our choice, when we want to look sophisticated. They also gained huge popularity on TikTok recently, when a girl created “The red nail theory”. I categorized is as one of the huge trends for November nails 2022. However, today we are going to focus on all the winter trends and what the last days of 2022 hold for us, when it comes to nail designs. There are many unpopular colors that will be huge in the upcoming year as well. If you want to learn more, keep on reading and check out the nail designs!

What nail colors are in for winter 2022?

The trendiest nail colors for winter 2022 will be a surprise to some of you. Let’s start by the English green, or sage color, especially when done in matte nail polish. The red is always a trend, so let’s not skip on it. The silver chrome is making a huge comeback, and we are going to see it on a lot of nail designs and art. Another color that is worth mentioning is the sandstone orange, similar to terracotta. All the shades of blue will be a must-try as well! If you want to look chic and trendy, try out navy blue for your Christmas nail design.

winter nail color trends english green sage 2022 ideas art design trendy style


Sugar iced blue nails

sugar glazed snow nail art blue shades trendy winter 2022 december colors

Have you ever dreamed of being in a winter wonderland, where everything is made out of glass and sugar? Just looking at that winter nail art, I can imagine myself being in a place like that. These nails are shiny and blue, which is one of the most trendy nail colors this season. All shades of blue are allowed, when it comes to your manicure. Try this Princess Elsa type of nails, and you will stand out at your Christmas party! The color goes with every skin tone, and the shape can be any that you like when using this technique.

Silver chrome nails

silver chrome nails winter 2022 trends art design colors chic monochromatic shiny

One of the most wanted winter 2022 trend is definitely the silver chrome nails. They will give you this futuristic and chic look, and you can match them with any of your winter outfits. This year it became also very common for people to match gold and silver. We even saw it on the catwalk, since it was one of the designer’s favorite. Year 2022 was all about experimenting. Start running to the salon and get yourself ready for the holidays with this stunning nail art!

What is the winter 2022 nail shape?

square rounded nail shape december winter 2022 trends blue navy snowflake shiny

Ladies, as you already know this is nail shape is the ultimate “it girl” choice. It is a mix between square nails and round nails. You probably know them as squoval nails, which is very popular now on Pinterest and Instagram. If you have long nails, short nails or medium length, this is the shape for you. I almost forgot to mention that they are Kim Kardashian current favorites. She enjoys wearing them short and with minimalistic design. Try adapting a minimalistic style for your winter manicure, or go over the top with the perfect snowy nails design. You can gather more ideas here on how to do your squoval nails.

Christmas nail art for winter 2022

december nails 2022 christmas design art snowflakes terracotta sandstone nude tone shades

Ladies, let’s have a look at this subtle, yet stunning Christmas nail design. We see the sandstone nails polish in action, which as I already mentioned will be a huge trend this winter. It is combined with nude pink, and it is turned into this beautiful ombre. The nail artist here used matte polish, which I think is going to be preferred this year, when making this kind of nail design. The snowflakes are embossed. This is also something that we are going to see a lot in winter nails.

Other ideas for your winter nails 2022

red nails for christmas classic all shades different nail technique shiny and matte polish long

Subtle pink embossed nail art 

pink nude nail colors shades what nails to do for christmas design and art trends 2022

Gold foil and royal blue nails 

gold foil nail winter trends in 2022 december blue shades nail polish

Snowflakes and sugar glazed nails 

nails with snowflakes sugar glazed winter art design christmas trends

Christmas green nails design

christmas green nails design art winter 2022 trendy colors sparkles shiny party

Terracotta embossed nails

christmas nails art embossed deer terracotta colors trends for 2022 what color to choose

Color of the year – purple nails art 

what color to choose for my nails purple trendiest of the year 2022 art design

Brown and nude Christmas nail art 

how to do my nails for christmas design and art deer brown and nude colors trendy chic cute

The ultimate Christmas nail design

winter nails 2022 december trends christmas style ideas polish shape red what color to choose

Blue nails with embossed winter art 

blue nail polish shades trendy colors of 2022 ideas for nails art and design chic winter december

Minimalistic Christmas nails art

minimalistic nails art for december christmas 2022 what color to choose for square shape

Very cute blue winter nails 

how to do my nails this christmas 2022 very cute design and art bear blue shades trendy

Santa Claus’s hat matte nails art 

santa claus hat nails art winter christmas 2022 how to do my nails red and white colors matte polish

Try out this snowman purple nails design for winter 2022!

snowman winter christmas nails art purple shade very trendy cute ideas colors

Sage green matte nails art is a must-try this year!

sage english green nails matte art design winter trends 2022 ideas and colors art

Candy cane Christmas red nails design

candy cane red nails design for christmas 2022 trendy ideas cute shiny square shape

Red french manicure for Christmas 2022

red french manicure for christmas chic simple minimalistic nails design winter 2022

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