November nail designs in 2022: Check out the trendiest nail art that you should try this fall!

by Gabby

Hello, November! It is officially time to forget about the spooky season and welcome the even colder weather. With Halloween being over, many of our inspiration for clothing, makeup and nails are also gone. However, today, I am here to inspire you with some November nail designs! What are the trendiest colors? What shape should you choose? I am here with all of that information, just keep on reading!

Let’s see some of the best November nail designs!

november nail designs autumn colors trends 2022 viral chocolate color how to do my nails

I always wonder if November is considered a fall or winter month. No matter what it is, I can still feel the chills on my cheeks in the morning, when I am running for work. I always try to feel as cozy and warm as possible in cases like that, I even brought candles to my desk at work. With that being said, I write every day and I mainly work with my hands, so I want them to be “dressed properly”. What are the most delicious colors for November 2022 nail designs? Let’s find out!

Velvet nails

november nails design velvet nails trends 2022


Let’s start by the absolute trends for this season – velvet nails. This technique is used to create the illusion that you have an actual velvet texture on your nails.  Girls even started to add glitter particles to make it stand out even more. It gives this galaxy vibe with a hint of magic. How to create it? It is this special type of nail polish that comes with a little magnet. When you go over the nails, once you have applied the color, it will create the velvety texture. It is important to know that the magnet should not touch the nails. If you prefer, you can go to the salon and ask for this TikTok trendy nail design. For the color, you can go for a more autumn one, or switch up a bit and create this galaxy madness with this silver-blue.

The red nails theory


@melissevmartineau it’s not a joke anymore #rednailpolish #rednailtheory #rednailtheoryisreal ♬ original sound – melisse martineau

Girls, I introduce you to the Red nails theory! You can thank me later! It started when a girl shared on TikTok, this theory that she has about having red nails. Essentially, what it is, is that red is the color that attracts men more and makes them drawn to you. Who doesn’t want a manicure that will make you absolutely irresistible to men? Women were quick to try that theory and shared on TikTok that it actually works. The compliments were coming their way and the date invitations as well! We all know that red is a color that is highly connected to the human psychology. How does it attract men? They have seen their moms, teacher and most of the women in their life wearing red nails or red lipstick. It represents the fiery, bold, classic womanhood. There is a reason why red is an old-time classic color for nails! Hurry up and try that theory!

the red nails theory tiktok trend viral how to do my nails in november

Animal print is back

novemebr nail designs animal print 2022 trends colors how to do my nails

Animal print is back from the 80’s and is here to stay! We see it in fashion, and we see it on nail designs for this season. Many women have already tried the classic chocolaty and nude colors, combined to create a cheetah pattern or a leopard one. On the picture, we see a bit bolder interpretation for the animal print. Look at this magnificent blue and the snake effect! You can always let your imagination run wild, and try to create the most perfect animal print nail design that will suit you. Try it with more nude colors for your everyday life, or be brave and experiment with colors that are standing out!

The classic nudes and the trendiest shape

classic nudes trendy shape ballerina coffin nail shape november nails design

Nudes are always in style, and let no one tell you otherwise! Recently, it became very trendy to make each finger nail in a different shade. Why not combining all of your favorite nudes? When I look at it, it reminds me of hot coffee with the steamy milk in the morning! That will give you such a snug feeling! Let’s not forget that this type of manicure will go with most of your autumn outfits. I can definitely see these colors being in the nail trends for this winter. On the picture, we see a ballerina coffin nails shape, which is still the trendiest shape right now!

Pop art nails design

pop art nails cartoon nails november trends viral 2022

Have you seen that beautiful nail design inspired by the Pop art? It is new, trendy, fun, and creative! It is definitely for my brave ladies who like that pop of color, however you can do it with nudes as well. Not only that is a hit, but it goes with every nail shape!

Other ideas for November nail designs

animal print nails art nude nail desing november autumn trendy

Another one of the classics – ombre nails

november nail design trendy shapes and colors how to do my nails 2022

Black, blue and navy – you can have them all!

navy black blue colors november nails deisgns trendy colors shapes nail art

French manicure, but make it autumn!

french manicure autumn fall colors november nail designs trendy

Velvet nails with lots of sparkle

velvet nails tiktok trend nail art nail designs november sparkle galaxy

Galaxy donut-glazed nails

donut glazed nails galaxy trendy nails november art design

The color of 2022 mixed with gold – perfect combination!

november nails design art purple color of the year gold nails

Golden foil with beautiful autumn colors nail design

autumn nail design art how to do m nails in 2022 trendy colors and shapes

Simple and stunning wine red color nails

simple nail designs classy colors 2022 autumn nails art red

Magical ombre nail art

ombre nail design november 2022 autumn trends shapes colors

Sage green is this year everyone’s favorite!

november nail art design nail colors and shapes 2022 trends green sage

Pop art inspired nails in nude shades

popart nails nude colors 2022 trend tiktok viral how to do my nails in november

Autumn all-time classic colors

autumn colors classics nails design nail art in november


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