Novemeber nails 2022: Square round nails and how to wear them like a true “it girl”!

by Gabby

Some of us, girls, prefer to always have short nails. Whether we have fragile nails, or because we prefer to feel more comfortable in our daily routines, they are always a good choice. Square round nails are back, and today we are going to see how to adapt them in the trendiest ways. A discreet mini manicure will turn you into a classy, elegant “it girl”. Let’s check out some of the best square round nails manicure!

square round nails novemeber art designs 2022 squoval shape to try ideas

What is rounded square nails?

This nail shape is basically a mixture between round and square nail shape. It has the main structure of square nails, but with round edges. Their shape is also known as squoval. It goes perfectly to short nails and will give you a very sophisticated look. You can wear it with minimalistic designs, do a French manicure or rock an edgier style. Depending on what you like to wear in your everyday life, you can adapt a nail art that will go with your autumn outfits. Now, let’s see some of the November squoval nail designs.

 November nails 2022: Squoval shape designs

manicure trends squoval nails novemeber nail designs art 2022


Nails come in many shapes, which is good for us, since we can have a lot of good options. If you are wondering what nail shape to choose this November as the most flattering for your hands, try squoval nails. The shape looks great on any hand that I have seen so far. Even Kim Kardashian is currently rocking short square rounded nails. It is suitable for both dark and light nail polish, however for a soft look this autumn, I suggest trying the lighter colors.

1. Light baby pink squoval nails

squoval nails light baby pink nail design art color november trends

As you can see, squoval nails are the perfect match to light baby pink. If you want ultra chic nails this November, try doing this soft nail trend. It is subtle, girly, and feminine. This simplicity is what makes these nails super elegant, and you can match them with everything. If you are wearing darker colors this autumn, your nails will definitely stand out if you pick this manicure.

2. Navy blue nails

navy blue nail design art squoval nails shape square rounded novemeber trends

If you have wider fingernail, adapting a darker color is a great choice. This year we saw blue, black, and navy among the trendiest November nails design in 2022. It is a myth that these type of shades go with a darker skin tone. You can try adapting it this year, and you will love it. Squoval shape, of course, will soften the look and will allow you to match it with anything. If you ask me, this navy color looks great with brown outfits.

3. Gold foil and white squoval nail design

novemeber 2022 gold foil designs art ideas squoval nails trends

Gold foil is among the nail artists favorite this year. There are so many different nail designs you can achieve with it and the good news is, it goes with short nails. In this case, our perfect squoval nail art is combined with this milky white and gold perfectly mixed together. It is simple, yet stunning. They remind of the leafs fallen on the ground during this time of the year. Do you feel like going for a walk to your nail salon yet?

4. Square round nails with green ombre galaxy nail art

galaxy ombre green nails art design november what nail colors to adapt trends

Galaxy nail trends are back, and are here to stay this time. We see the galaxy art in many different ways, one of them being the velvet nails trend that everyone are trying in 2022. This ombre green galaxy will make your squoval nails to go from simple, to extraordinary. You can try adapting this art with different colors. As a base here, it is used black, however you can use darker green, or any other galaxy color that will give you the extra bling. This nail design will go with a longer square rounded nails as well, if you love to rock longer nails.

5. Butterfly design long rounded square nails

Novemeber nails art 2022 designs butterfly trends squoval rounded square ideas

For my ladies that love to give the “wow” effect with drawings on their nails, I recommend trying out this one. If you have longer nails and still want to do the rounded square nails, this is the perfect time to experiment with some nail art. The nail shape allows you to get creative. Use this picture to spark your imagination, and try these butterflies in the perfect blend of autumnal colors. If you want your manicure to be different this time, try one nail art on one fingernail and a different one to the rest. This is also very trendy at the moment, and you can experiment as much as you like.

Other ideas on how to wear square round nails

november nails design 2022 art squoval trends french manicure brown colors

Beautiful magenta square rounded nails

square rounded nails in november art designs colors to adapt 2022 trends ideas

Glazed squoval nails art

what nail shape to adapt in novemeber 2022 ideas squoval art

Graphic squoval nail design to adapt this year

squoval manicure ideas square round shape nail art novemeber trendy

Mint green and bronze and the perfect combination! 

manicure trends in 2022 what nail design to adapt in novemeber squoval shape ideas

Navy blue and a tiny heart square rounded nails

nails design and art navy blue color trends 2022 ideas manicure square rounded shape

Try sage green for your squoval nails in November!

nail color trends in 2022 sage green square rounded shape squoval ideas manicure

Simple squoval manicure to try out and look chic

simple nail art designs novemeber autumn 2022 squoval short nails ideas trends

Autumnal colors and a little bling

fall manicure trends to adapt in novemeber fashion brown nail art square round nails

Blue and white matte nail colors for square round nails

matte colors autumn 2022 nail trends art and design what nail shape to try square round


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