How to style a sequin dress: Cool ideas how to combine your trendy party outfit!

by Kremy

Sequin dresses have been part of fashion for a long time. The glitter always brought a new kind of style. It has its aura because nothing is as eye-catching as a sequin outfit. These dresses always have the glamorous charm that can make your evening spectacular. It is indeed the perfect attire for a formal occasion. You can never go unnoticed in shimmering party dresses. But sometimes it can be a challenge to wear all the shiny and glittery sequin outfits with style. In the following paragraphs, we will tell you how to style a sequin dress!

How to style a short or long sequin dress – which accessories are modern?

How to style nice short or long sequin dress which accessories are modern

An outfit is only as good as its accessories. A very low-cut sequin dress should be complemented with something that will make it pop and draw the eye. For low-cut party dresses, opt for a layered necklace that adds dimension to your look and ties the outfit together nicely. If you have a higher neckline and prefer not to wear layers, then choose a higher necklace, such as a choker, to enhance your look.

Combine beautiful dresses without sleeves or long-sleeved dresses with modern shoes or ankle boots

combine beautiful dresses without sleeves or long sleeved dresses with modern shoes or ankle boots


Avoid too much “glitter” or you might turn your gorgeous look into a human disco ball, and none of us want that. If you’re wearing a sequin dress, pair it with solid-colored heels, flats, or ankle boots, and avoid dazzling or glittery shoes that can distract from your outfit.

White sequin dress stylish ideas for cool outfits

You have to balance your look. Solid-color shoes, bright or not, are highly recommended in combination with a party dress.

Combine your black, gold or silver glitter dress with a leather jacket

Combine your black gold or silver dress with a leather jacket

If you want to transform your sequin cocktail dress into a more relaxed look for an evening event, consider pairing it with a leather jacket. A leather jacket can not only spice up the look and give it a cool touch, but also break up the dress so that it doesn’t look too formal. A pair of statement earrings makes the look bolder and adds a touch of luxury.

Sparkle without all the attention – black dress

Combine party dress with cool leather jacket

While glittering abundantly, black sequins are much more subtle than the more elaborate colors and designs. With the right accessories like an elegant clutch bag and a pair of gold earrings, you can create a modern and chic look.

How to style a sequin dress with a faux fur coat – red Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfits 2022

How to style a sequin dress with a faux fur coat christmas and new years eve outfits 2022

Another great look is to wear a colored faux fur coat with your sequin dress. This will give the outfit a whole new sleek touch. And you’re ready to join the party without getting cold.

Wear blazers and tights with sequin dresses

Wear sequin dresses with blazers and tights

You can never go wrong with tights, that’s for sure. Tights are an excellent choice for formal wear and winter outfits. You can create a punk look by pairing fishnet tights with dress. Or you can wear floral pattern tights, but make sure that the pattern matches your outfit, then it can look great. Also make sure that you combine them with high heels.

Party Outfits 2022 for Slim or Chubby Ladies – Try funky sequins for New Year’s Eve

Party Outfits 2022 for slim or chubby ladies try funky sequins for new years eve

If you want to make a statement on New Year’s Eve and look stunning while doing it, then a sequin dress is perfect. You can always count on a glitter dress when it comes to clothing for a special occasion.

How to style a sequin dress party outfits for Christmas and New Years Eve 2022

Whether you wear a mini, midi or floor-length model, a sequin dress will always make you look chic and party-ready, no matter how minimal you keep the rest of your outfit.

Neon sequin outfits never disappoint

Neon sequin outfits never disappoint

A colorful sequin dress never disappoints. It always cheers the mood. Colorful dresses are perfect for the party season. So party hard and sparkle even more in your favorite sequin dresses this season. From leg-lengthening mini dresses to mid-length styles, these are the colorful neon dresses you need to light the fire. A bright, sparkling, glittery dress creates a completely different aura that will turn many heads in your direction. You will shine all evening long in your trendy party dress.

How to style a backless sequin dress – the latest party outfits and trends

Backless sequin dress latest party outfits trends

If you want to make a statement by showing some skin, then do it. Usually the front looks classy but the rear reveals the back and makes you look bold and pretty. There are several ways to style your backless dress, which means it will take some practice, but it’s not all that difficult. Make the right choice – you need the right underwear and the right accessories, for example.

Sequin dress for women over 50 – the best style for a Christmas party

Sequin dress for women 50+ the best style for a Christmas party

A good rule of thumb for wearing a sequin dress is that you should decide whether you want to show off your legs or your cleavage, but don’t show off both. If you wear a nice, short dress with a high neckline, the focus will be on your legs. If you want to show off your cleavage, choose longer party dresses so as not to ruin the look. This trick looks classy and attractive at the same time and leaves a lot to the imagination.

christmas party outfit 2022 dress with sequins for women over 50

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