Looking for ideas on make ahead frozen appetizers? Discover 25 easy and delicious dishes!

by Kristiyana

The big holidays are coming, and it often happens that with our busy schedules, some things are left for the last minute. But that last minute also fades away, and we realize that we don’t have any idea what we are going to cook for soon-to-arrive guests! This shouldn’t happen, but there is a way in which we can always be prepared for the situation. Why not cook some easy make ahead frozen appetizers? Yes, it is that simple! You just need to cook the food, freeze it, and the heat it up when your guests are about to arrive. Any ideas on what you are going to prepare? Don’t worry about that, I got you covered! Here are 25 easy and delicious ideas for make ahead frozen appetizers!

Make ahead frozen Stromboli appetizer

stromboli food_which appetizers can you freeze

Let’s start our top picks with this cheesy mouth-watering Stramboli appetizer! Make the Stromboli with ham, salami, pepperoni, and cheese. Then wrap it in aluminium foil and freeze it for later. Warm up in the oven when it’s time to put it on the table.

Chicken strips as a frozen appetizer

chicken sticks_side dishes


These crunchy chicken strips would go great with a homemade ranch dressing! Easy to make, you can cook them anytime, freeze, and then take them out when you are ready to dine.

Pigs in blankets to make ahead

pigs in a blanket_easy appetizers

In need of more super easy ideas for make ahead frozen appetizers? Alright! Pigs in a blanket are a classic dish to bring to any party. To make them, you will just require hot dogs and crescent dough. You can wrap the meat in the dough ahead of time, and then freeze the pigs for later.

Vegan egg rolls appetizer to make ahead


And we haven’t forgotten about all vegans out there! These delicious vegan egg roles will have you running to the table like crazy. When they are prepared, just freeze for later use, and bring them out when the party begins!

Make ahead frozen appetizers: mozzarella sticks

mozzarella-cheese-sticks_best appetizers

I am such a mozzarella sticks addict. At my fav restaurant, they make them super creamy on the inside and the taste is just to die for! Homemade mozzarella sticks are the best, as they are super tasty, but actually a lot healthier that the ones you buy from the frozen section in the market.

Soft pretzel bites appetizer to freeze

soft pretzel bites_side dishes you can freeze

This picture makes me want to close my laptop right away and look for the quickest and easiest soft pretzel bits recipe! This is certainly an appetizer that everyone at the table will love, especially if it is accompanied by a cheesy dipping sauce!

Chicken wings appetizer to make ahead

chicken wings_easiest appetizers

And of course, where are we without the classics? The chicken wings appetizer is a must for all tables. And they should always go with a dipping sauce, like a barbecue or garlic one.

Make ahead frozen appetizers: pizza rolls

pizza rolls_appetizers ideas

What about an easy idea for a make ahead frozen appetizer that’s even cheesier than those smashing mozzarella sticks? I am talking about pizza rolls featuring an abundance of cheese, ham, and spices! And everyone loves pizza rolls, so why not bring them as an appetizer to the New Year’s party?

Steamed dumplings dish to make ahead

make ahead frozen appetizers_appetizers to makeahead

Steamed dumplings are also a freezer-friendly dish that you can enjoy later when it’s time to take it out. You can make them with a filling of your choice. It could be purely veggie-based, or with pork, or shrimp.

Make ahead frozen appetizers: Garlic bread

garlic-bread-recipe_make ahead frozen appetizers

Another appetizer that everyone certainly enjoys! Garlic bread is so easy to make, and it tastes good even after it’s been in the freezer. Believe me, I know. This dish is probably my favourite lazy dinner choice, along with spicy guacamole sauce to dip it in.

Meatballs frozen appetizer to make ahead

meatballs_meatballs recipe

What about making ahead some tasty, flavourful meatballs to serve later? What’s so great about this snack, as that you can add them to other dishes as well, like pasta, or make small sandwiches with them.

Pre-prepared buttercup potato puffs

duchesse recipe_buttrcup potato puffs recipe

Yum Yum! Look at these fluffy golden puffs! Another fav lazy dinner option of mine, buttercup potato puffs or duchess potatoes, are an easy-to-make snack that you can freeze later.

Make ahead frozen appetizers: Quiché cups

quiche cups_side dishes

I just love any food that is prepared to look like a little cup or bowl! Am I the only one? Quiché cups are a party fav appetizer. Those which are homemade taste a lot better than those from the store. Freeze them when you are done, and put them in the oven just before your guests arrive.

What appetizers can be made ahead and frozen?

  1. Caramelized onion and beef sausage rolls
  2. Beef, chorizo, and olive empanadas
  3. Cheesy potato croquettes
  4. Smoked salmon spread
  5. Spanakopita triangles
  6. Cauliflower pakoras
  7. Haloumi nuggets
  8. Pepperoni bread
  9. Zucchini fritters
  10. Fried Brie bites
  11. Hush puppies
  12. Curry puffs

I hope these easy ideas on make ahead frozen appetizers were of use to you, and you are now planning which meal to cook first! With these delicious ideas, you will be prepared for when your guests arrive for the holidays, and they will surely have a hard time leaving the table (and your house)! Cheers!


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