Elegant hairstyles for women over 60: Short, medium and long haircuts to look a few years younger

by Kremy

Show how young you still feel by opting for a dashing haircut. Whether long, medium-length or short – age in no way decides which length is allowed. But it is precisely this diversity that makes the choice. We have put together a selection for you and picked out the most beautiful hairstyles for women. If you’re looking for elegant hairstyles for women over 60, you will surely find exactly the right one here.

Swept back pixie for women over 60

Long and short pixie haircut for women over 60

This hairstyle combines a short haircut with longer hair at the top. On the sides, the hair remains short, as is usual for the short haircut, while on the top of the head it remains a little longer. Generally, you can decide for yourself how long exactly. It can be a little more subtle, as in the example above, or a little bolder and even more daring in the form of a voluminous pompadour.

As I said, the options are numerous even with this hairstyle. For example, like this dashing lady, you can leave your hair a little longer on the sides. The long sections on the top of the head can be casually styled backwards for even more youthful look.

Awesome short hairstyles for round faces – volume with layers

Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 Long Pixie


Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 can be achieved not only with super bold and short cuts like the Pixie or even Buzz Cut. The hair may remain a little longer, so that you can work with bold layers. They loosen up very thick hair, but are also perfect for hairstyles for thin hair, as in this case they make the locks appear more voluminous. The example above shows a perfect variation of the long pixie, which can stretch round faces and is given a special elegance by styling to the side.

Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 for medium to long hair

Trendy hairstyle for long hair curl the front parts backwards

60s hairstyles and those from the 70s or even other decades are back in fashion and are presented in modified and modern versions for women of all ages. You can take advantage of this if you have longer hair and want to keep it that way, but are also looking for a change. A side parting, layers in the front sections of hair, stylishly blow-dried backwards or styled with a curling iron. It opens up the face, making it more radiant, while also creating a beautiful frame.

70s style waves for short hair

By the way, the whole thing also works well for shorter hair, as long as the strands are still long enough to create waves and curls.

Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 short medium length or long haircuts

Bob, but with wispy bangs

Combine a bob with playful bangs

The elegant bob as a classic is versatile and can also go in the right direction for elegant hairstyles for women over 60. Bangs alone can change a lot and slightly arched bangs, for example, have a rejuvenating effect – not only because they hide wrinkles wonderfully, but because their texture gives the hair styling a youthful touch without looking too girly.

Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 Curtain Bangs

Side bangs or the trendy curtain bangs also have the ability to provide the necessary zest for women’s hairstyles. Curtain bangs is better worn with a lob, i.e. the long bob, or with longer hair in general, so that it can really stand out (see the picture on the right with a discreet shag). If the hairstyle is only chin length, there may not be enough length to style the bangs like a “curtain”. Chin bangs are another option.

Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 layered bob with or without highlights

A bob with bangs also tolerates a few layers, although you can decide how much you want to layer depending on the thickness of the hair and personal preferences. In this example on the left there are only a few, mainly on the top of the head, but the layering gives the cut a certain zest. In the picture on the right, the layers run subtly through the entire hair and are additionally emphasized by the highlights (yes, these are also perfect for elegant hairstyles for women over 60).

stylish haircuts for women over 60 trend ideas that make you younger

Elegant hairstyles for women over 60 – sleek and asymmetrical haircuts

Modern sleek look with asymmetry for women over 60

Smooth hair is boring and anything but elegant? We don’t think so and the styling above should convince you. With just a few details, even the straightest hair becomes an eye-catcher. For example, a certain asymmetry is a wonderful variation: the hair is longer on one side than the other. Alternatively, you can also choose the A line (i.e. with a center parting), where the front parts are longest and then get shorter towards the back of the head. The whole thing can also be combined with an undercut for women with short hair at the nape of the neck.



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