Which short haircut for thin hair 2022 to choose? Find out our 5 trendy ideas!

by Kremy

The year is slowly coming to an end, but trends continue to evolve to allow women to stay in tune. So, what do they have in store for us when it comes to new hair trends? Today our editors are tackling a sensitive topic that actually deserves all the attention. Which short haircut for thin hair 2022 to choose to enhance your mane and stay on top? Let’s take a close look at the 5 hairstyles to consider urgently.

Women’s short haircut for thin hair 2022: 5 ideas for trendy girls!

short haircut for thin hair 2022 hairstyles women 60 year old young girls trendy cuts

Which haircut for thin hair to choose? Before revealing our selection, it is first important to clarify that in this case, short hairstyles are preferred. In addition to giving volume to the hair, they’ve been on the rise for quite some time and we’ve seen quite a few celebrities go wild with them. As women age, the blood circulation of the scalp is no longer sufficiently stimulated. This results in a slower and above all thinner hair growth. In other words, the hair loses density and volume. However, this problem is quite likely to affect younger girls, which is usually explained by genetic heritage or sometimes by hormonal imbalance. But, let’s get back to basics and reveal the short haircut for thin hair 2022 in 5 trendy ideas to fall for!

Pixie cut for thin hair

short cut woman 2022 trend pixie cut thin hair trend Pixie bob


Short cut for thin hair without volume, the Pixie cut offers several variations to meet all tastes. It has the ability to adapt to all hair types and instantly transform the texture while adding more movement. This short haircut 2022 is suitable for girls of all ages, but it is especially adored by those in their 60s. In this context, the Pixie Bob for women over 60 has been a hit for a few months now and it is not to be underestimated at all.

The asymmetrical bob energizes all manes

short cut thin hair without volume trend 2022 asymmetric bob

Which Bob is suitable for thin hair? Here is a question that many women ask themselves and with good reason. The bob is a cut that never goes out of fashion and has many variations that suit all manes. But which one should you choose? One of our editors’ favorites is the 2022 asymmetrical bob, which is THE haircut that’s currently taking fall hair trends by storm.  Good news: it will continue to reign in winter!

The bowl cut is for daring girls

bowl cut short haircut for thin hair 2022 trends

The famous Bowl cut is back as a trendy 2022 women’s short cut that promises to enhance thin manes. From Charlize Theron to Sharon Stone, via Anne Hathaway… the 2022 women’s bowl cut has seduced several celebrities and deserves our special attention. Why wear it as a cut for thin hair? Because it’s trendy and creates the illusion of a thick mane.

Short haircut for women over 60 years 2022: The inverted bob for fine hair

inverted bob short thin hair Victoria Beckham short haircut woman thin hair trend 2022

What cut for thin hair for 60-year-old women to go for to revive and enhance fine manes? The ideal short hairstyle to gain volume, the short inverted bob for fine hair is a must! With a vintage and old school look, this hairstyle has been back for a few seasons to flatter all hair types, but also all body types. There are many ways to wear the inverted bob, regardless of hair length. A side parting, hair that stops at the nape of the neck or even an asymmetrical version à la Rihanna…

With or without bangs? The plunging bob is already a rather original and structured cut in itself and it is advisable not to overload the look. The ideal would be to wear it with a fringe on the side which allows you to have a clear face.

The wavy bob – a romantic hairstyle for thin hair

what cut for thin hair 2022 wavy bob hairstyle trends

Although it is more of a hairstyle than a haircut, it is essential to mention the wavy bob because we love it. Among the short haircut for thin hair 2022 trends, the slightly wavy bob is romantic and gives the illusion of voluminous hair full of vitality. To adopt this hairstyle with style and without risk to the hair, it is better create the wavy effect without heat.



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