What pants to wear in fall 2022? Here are the current pants trends that are replacing jeans!

by Kremy

Here are the styles we’ve spotted on the Fall Winter 2022 catwalks, and they suggest our wardrobe is about to take a serious denim break this year. From the new way of wearing pantsuits to daring cuts and sleek cargo pants, below we show you the stylish and current pants trends for fall 2022 that you should definitely try. They will offer you some refreshing denim alternatives for your daily activities. Check out the looks below.

The current pants trends for fall 2022: colorful pantsuits

New fashion trends fall winter 2022 pantsuits to choose

Pantsuits continue to be a seasonal staple and each new season brings subtle updates to our ensembles. What’s coming up in fall 2022? Crisp pleated trousers that appear to have come straight from the dry cleaner, with a prominent crease down the middle. Take this as a sign not to skip ironing the next time you reach for a pair of pants.

Pants trends for fall 2022 hot colors


Whether you want to drown yourself in color or jazz up your regular pantsuits, opt for a pop of color to brighten your day. Fashionable suits for women are bold and exciting, with bright colors to compliment your aesthetic. We’ve seen many variations on the catwalk and in street style, and some of the most popular include purple, azure, and lime green.

trousers trends for fall 2022 colorful trouser suits

You can mix and match these colors with other shades by opting for a color blocking theme or staying monochromatic with a matching shade. You can even bring in black or white to add an extra boost to a daring look.

Current fashion trends fall winter 2022

With so much vibrancy in the garments, you can keep the accessories pretty minimal by opting for plain jewelry and shoes.

Cargo pants – the latest fashion trend for fall 2022

Cargo pants fashion trend fall 2022

Now, in October, fall fashion is officially in the air as new trends are popping up everywhere demanding our attention. And while some of us love our tried-and-true plaid flannel shirts and leather boots this fall, cargo pants are the latest fashion trend that everyone seems to be coveting.

Fashion trends for fall 2022 cargo pants

Cargo pants were first worn by British military personnel in the 1930s. After World War II, pants became standard in US military clothing. In the 90s, thanks to the musicians of the time, cargo pants made a big appearance again. Many hip-hop and R&B stars the pants and combined them with oversized t-shirts or crop tops. In the fall of 2022, this fashion trend is making its big comeback.

Modern pants for this season cargo pants

Since the garment is very relaxed, we recommend not to wear too much. A simple tank top or an oversized knit complements the cargo pants, and reminds us of the 90s aesthetics.

Wide pants for women: Baggy trousers are conquering our everyday lives

Trendy pants with wide legs

We have officially reached the peak of baggy fashion. If there’s one thing to take away from this trend report, it’s that pants are becoming looser across the board. Whether it’s suitpants, leather pants or even denim, the catwalks have said loud and clear: the wider the better.

Wide trousers baggy pants conquer our everyday life

The wide-legged pants on the catwalks looked more flattering than in years past. Pants that have a technical sportswear component pop up left and right, from supple nylon fabrics to belted blue and green baggy pants.

Low/mid-waist pants are one of the current pants trends for 2022

Low or mid waist trousers belong to the current pants trends 2022

Low-waist pants aren’t going away.

Pants low waist hip trends

In recent seasons the low waist of the ’00s has threatened to make a comeback in the mainstream and recent catwalks have confirmed our suspicions.

Straight-leg leather pants are a must-have

Leather pants with straight legs are a must have

Yes, we know leather is always in style for fall. But this year leather is completely reinterpreted and comes out more edgy and excessive than usual. Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite fashionistas in leather from head to toe this season.

Leather pants for autumn 2022 new trends

Leather pants, once associated with motorcycles, have gradually become a wardrobe staple and come in a variety of cuts, from slim-fitting trousers to culottes. But in fall 2022, the wide leather pants are definitely very modern and cool.

Puddle pants – hip fashion 2022

Puddle pants hip fashion 2022

We’ve seen the rise of puddle pants among celebrities lately and that’s thanks to the looks from the Fall/Winter collections.

The current pants trends puddle pants

Well-known fashion designers showed extra-long pants that converge at the bottom. You can go for a classic take on puddle pants and pair them easily with a crisp white shirt and a pair of heels.

The current pants trends for fall/winter 2022: patchwork pants

 patchwork trousers The current pants trends fall winter 2022

Patchwork was a big trend in the early 2000s and is now back in full swing. In a refreshed version, the mix of patterns makes for complex outfit choices and can be styled with anything. Sweaters, undershirts, long coats and jackets can be perfectly combined with this garment. It’s best to stick to color blocking everywhere else – let the pants do the talking. There are many different styles to choose from for your wardrobe – pink, brown and multicolored are good choices. Try out these current pants trend 2022 and find out what suits you best – maybe the pants will become a permanent part of your collection.




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