Air Cut: The trendy hairstyle promises the desired volume for both thick and thin hair

by Kremy

If you want some haircut inspiration ahead of the new season, TikTok is the place to be. Hairstylists from around the world have established themselves as the most influential beauty trendsetters on the app. They showcase looks like the “U-shape” haircut (a curved cut that adds volume to the hair), the “midi-flick” (a medium-length hairstyle that sits on the shoulders and is pinned up nicely), and the “C -Shape” haircut (a heavily layered hairstyle that makes fine hair look twice as full). But as we move into winter, there’s one haircut that’s becoming more and more popular that will end up in your salon too – the air cut.

What is the Air Cut?

Air Cut the trendy hairstyle promises the desired volume for both thick and thin hair

Like most viral hair trends, the air cut was developed in Korea. In this technique, strands are cut very tightly and concentrated around the face to create a frame and on the forehead to create wispy bangs. When you tousle the hair with your fingers or run a brush through the lengths, the layers appear fluffy and airy – hence the name.

The air cut is quickly becoming the new trend on TikTok. This airy hairstyle is light and flowy, and it’s all about creating movement. The feather-light texture is created with seamless layering throughout the hair, adding volume and versatility. This technique creates a beautiful shape that can be matched to almost any hair texture. It’s an evolution of the more severe hairstyles, like the wolf cut and the “shullet” (a mix of shag and mullet), but the air cut adds more swing and glamor than edge.

What are the advantages of the trendy hairstyle?

The air cut is pretty versatile and allows you to style in different ways


TikTokers have all gone viral lately for sharing their Air Cuts. Not only are the results gorgeous, but the layers add a lot of volume to fine hair. Depending on the cut, the hairstyle can also do the opposite if your hair is very thick.

Advantages of the air cut for thin hair: The layers are close together and merge seamlessly, which gives a very airy look. This cut makes it easier to achieve volume when blow-drying. This makes limp hair appear thicker.

Benefits of air cut for thick hair: If you have thick hair, this hairstyle can reduce all the weight by using layers. This will make your hair lighter and give it more movement. That’s because the layers reduce the weight in some places.

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This cut is suitable for all hair lengths: Another advantage of the air cut is that it works for many hair lengths. The cut is especially fascinating on curly hair. Make sure your stylist is mindful of how much length is removed when layering, though, because curly hair tends to jump up quite a bit after the cut.

How do you style and maintain the air cut?

With the air cut technique the strands are concentrated around the face

The air cut is quite versatile and allows you to style and blow dry in a variety of ways. But it does require an effort, especially if you want body and bounce.

For the full, airy effect, you should spray a volumizing spray lightly into the roots. If you have some rollers at hand, these are a great way to add volume at the roots. Dry the hair to 99%, roll up and spray with salt spray. Finally, dry the hair with a diffuser on low heat and brush it gently once you remove the rollers. This creates effortless volume.

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Tip: Hair rollers are probably the easiest solution. But if you have a steady hand, you can also use a round brush and a hair dryer.

For heavily layered hair, briefly drying it with a towel and curling it with curling cream is sufficient. Then let the hair dry naturally or blow dry with a diffuser. This is a more relaxed version, but just as beautiful and simple.

The air cut is suitable for all hair lengths

How do you maintain the haircut? With any heavily layered hairstyle, it becomes more difficult to achieve the airy, voluminous look after six weeks as your hair starts to grow out. Layers also grow and become limp. We therefore recommend that you make an appointment for a trim every six to eight weeks.

How should you ask your stylist for an air cut? That depends on whether you want your hair big and airy (in this case, ask for lots of volume in the form of layers and face-framing) or just an airy bangs (ask for wispy bangs and layers, framing the face).

U shape cut is another very popular haircut this season. If you want to know more about the trendy hairstyle, find out here!



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