Best haircuts for women over 30: Trendy ideas for short, medium and long hair!

by Anjelina

After the age of 30, women begin a new stage in their lives. Yesterday’s insecure girl, who lacked self-confidence and dreamed of miracles, turns into a mature, confident and undaunted adult woman. Her college years, first job and naivety are all behind her. If you fit the description, then we congratulate you on the positive change you have experienced and welcome you to enjoy the years of youth and confidence. Ladies in their 30s know very well what the charming aspects of their appearance are, and they skillfully accentuate them. At the same time, they are also aware of the imperfections and successfully hide them. Today’s article is dedicated to the confident grown up girls who are not afraid to experiment with their looks and want to highlight their natural beauty. That’s why we’ll take a look at the best haircuts for women over 30. We’re sure we’ll inspire you to try something new!

Best haircuts for women over 30

best haircuts for women over 30 medium length hairstyle ombre

According to experienced hairdressers, it is women after 30 who can afford to try a wide variety of hairstyles. Hair length can be any, so we have prepared options for short, medium and long hair. This way you can be inspired to try something new, or find an option where you can keep your preferred length but achieve a different, trendy look. In other words, we have something for everyone!

Short haircuts for women after 30

gorgeous red hues trendy bob hairstyle and bangs


It is a fact that short haircuts visually make you look younger. Besides, they won’t go out of style anytime soon and if they are your choice, then go ahead and cut those long locks. The main “plus” of short hair is that it becomes very easy to maintain. Moreover, women with short hair definitely attract the attention and stares of others.

The pixie cut

modern pixie cut short hairstyle trends 2023

The pixie cut is suitable for all hair types due to its versatility. If you opt for it, you will look fresh and younger. The length of the hair in the face area should be slightly longer than that in back. A common and interesting combination is the pixie haircut with bangs, which can be styled in many different ways. The pixie makes a visual emphasis on the face – eyes, neck, lips, cheekbones and chin will all attract the eyes, but it is important not to go for very dark makeup.

Short bob hairstyles

short bob hairstyles for women over 30

Bob hairstyles have been at the peak of popularity for years now. А short bob is like a magic wand that takes at least 5–6 years off a person. That is to say, if you have a desire for a haircut that will rejuvenate your whole look, then consider this haircut. Due to the fact that it can be done in different techniques, it can suit any woman and not only beautify her, but also solve some hair problems (too thick or too thin hair).

Medium length hairstyles

trendy shag haircut black beach waves gorgeous look trends 2023

Medium length is suitable for women who want to maintain their hair easily, but are not ready to say goodbye to their hair so easily. There are plenty of mid-length hairstyles that can hide a few years – layered haircuts, asymmetrical, the long bob with or without bangs, etc. The options are many, but let’s look at a few more popular ones.

The elongated bob

medium length hairstyles elongated bob wavy hair

The elongated bob is among the most popular solutions for modern ladies of all ages (from young mothers to business ladies). Hair that reaches to the shoulders can be styled according to one’s own taste and preferences. So the locks can be perfectly smooth, choppy or wavy. If you also want to accentuate the eyes, we recommend opting for bangs (elongated, side-swept or curtain bangs).

Asymmetrical haircuts

asymmetrical haircut on medium length hair short and long side

Your 30s are the best time to experiment with your look, as the naive worry about whether you’ll like yourself after a visit to the hairdresser is now a thing of the past. Hair grows, after all! That’s why it’s worth trying an asymmetrical haircut, which actually allows you to achieve an incredibly stylish look. You could try long hair on one side and shorter on the other, add bangs, or have your hairdresser try other styling tricks and techniques. The important thing is that asymmetrical mid-length haircuts are always inspiring and outstanding, they attract attention and interest.

Long hair after 30

the butterfly haircut for long hair trends 2023

If you’re not ready to part with your long hair, there’s no reason to. There are many hairstyles for long hair to choose from, although it may not seem like it at first. Yes, there are some very simple options (such as a straight cut), but that doesn’t mean you won’t look great with it too! However, if you want to keep up with the trends, we suggest going for layered hairstyles (like the very trendy butterfly haircut). You can also experiment with the shape of your hair (U-shaped, V-shaped), add bangs, and also choose a trendy hair coloring technique to boost your confidence! Long hair is a great option when you want to try something new, fresh and trendy!

More haircut ideas – Photo Gallery

beautiful long wavy hair balayage technique

Choppy layers and trendy gray hair color

choppy layers trendy hair color gray medium length hair best haircuts for women over 30

Gorgeous lob haircut on blonde hair

lob hairstyle blonde straight hair layers best haircuts for women over 30

Long chocolate brown hair and bangs

long chocolate brown hair and blunt bangs best haircuts for women over 30

Long wispy curtain bangs 

long wispy curtain bangs blonde long hair best haircuts for women over 30

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