What is the Dulux color of the year 2023? Find the shade that was inspired by the nature!

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For 20 years now, the experts at Dulux Valentine have been analyzing international trends in depth to translate them into a color that will dominate all year round and that is in full harmony with the spirit of the moment. What does the company have in store for us next year? What is the Dulux Valentine 2023 color and how to adopt it at home? Are there shades to associate it with? So get ready for a return to naturalness, the big trend of the moment!

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What is the Dulux color of the year?

What is the color of the year 2023 that promises to invade our interiors and connect us to nature? According to the experts at Dulux Valentine, the shade Wild Wonder or Bamboo will be seen everywhere next year. Positive and bright, this color is inspired by nature and features a sublime green that is almost beige, soft and light. Designed to capture the magic of our planet, the shade of 2023 is about to deploy its signature on our walls and give them an unequivocal boost of freshness. But that’s far from everything. Bamboo is quite easy to use and comes with four new associated palettes that promise to completely transform our interiors. The idea? Certainly, creating a well-groomed atmosphere according to the desires and preferences of each person.

The 4 palettes that accompany the color of the year 2023

color of the year according to dulux 2023 wild wonder bamboo green shades interior design


There is one color, but four palettes! To better help us adopt the positive and luminous shade of 2023, Dulux Valentine also offers us its new trendy palettes to transform each room with the stroke of a brush. Each of the shades chosen complements and flatters Bamboo while creating a warm, fresh or zen atmosphere. Here are the four palettes in more detail:

Lush colors: This palette has ten shades designed to achieve a comforting and serene atmosphere. Here, Bamboo is combined with greens, grays and light mauve, among others.

Buzz colors: The second palette also offers ten splendid colors full of good vibes. These are warm shades that evoke the world of flowers and that will embellish every space. From ash pink to terracotta, passing saffron yellow… there is something for everyone.

Raw colors: The third palette includes earthy and neutral tones that blend perfectly with the Dulux Valentine 2023 color. Warm and generous, these shades fit seamlessly into our interiors.

Flaw colors: Finally, the last palette offers us a real breath of fresh air that embodies the seaside spirit. Between its bluish and grayish shades, we also distinguish Horizon Blue, the color of the year according to Dulux in 2022. Balance and serenity are guaranteed!

How to adopt the Dulux Valentine 2023 color at home?

bamboo color of the year dulux 2023 paint interior design trends to adapt

A subtle and organic shade, but also comforting and elegant, Wild Wonder will soon take over the walls of several homes around the world. Find out how the color of the year 2023 invites itself into every room of the house! You can also check the interior design trends in 2023 to draw more inspiration!

Wild Wonder in your kitchen

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Combined with the fluid palette, the Dulux color of the year 2023 is ideal for bringing serenity to the kitchen. Here, Bamboo invites itself with a little touch and blends with white to flatter the clean lines of the most important room in the home.

The color of the year 2023 reigns in the living room

color of the year 2023 dulux living room interior design ideas to adapt bamboo nature inspired

Want to create a modern and neutral living room? Start by painting your walls in the color of 2023 that will turn your home in heaven for the next 12 months! Do not confuse it with Pantone color of the year, because we are certainly not talking about magenta here. Then, pair it with any of the shades from the lush palette. Finally, add some indoor green plants to further accentuate the nature theme and voilà.

How to create a bedroom full of life?

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If you prefer to have color in your bedroom, the experts at Dulux Valentine suggest pairing the color of the year 2023 with the vibrant hues of the floral palette. Good vibes are guaranteed!

The Dulux Valentine 2023 color: Bring light into the dining room!

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The Wild Wonder is not to be missed in the dining room where it creates an unparalleled feeling of calmness. In addition, the color of the year 2023 brightens the decor immediately.

The Dulux Valentine 2023 color: Other rooms where you can try it!

baby room kids interior design collections catalog 2023 dulux color

A natural and trendy atmosphere in the office 

how to decorate your office interior design ideas 2023 dulux color of the year

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