How to design a small guest bathroom? 14 creative and stylish ideas to visually enlarge a small space

by Kristiyana

Even the smallest room can look more welcoming with cleverly chosen designs. Wouldn’t you agree? However, when it comes to decorating a small guest bathroom, most people invest little effort and money for decorations and furniture. But with a few small and frugal changes, this clamped space can be transformed into a cosy private area with a personalized and trendy design! So, if you are planning on refreshing or redesigning your home, and are looking for some inspiration, here are 14 creative and stylish ideas to visually enlarge a small guest bathroom!

Decide on the right design for your small guest bathroom

bathroom tiles_white tiled bathroom

Cramped spaces are often difficult to furnish, as you want to make the most of the available space without sacrificing comfort. However, some creative ideas can be easily implemented in a small guest bathroom and allow you to make bold decisions. Moreover, with narrow proportions, it is important to balance style and function to find an optimal design for the guest bathroom. The size will not only make it look more cosy, but can also inspire you to design other living spaces in such a way.

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Moreover, this room is most frequently used by guests, so it’s a great opportunity to show your fun and extravagant side! After all, you have a captive audience, so why not let your personality shine through? Feel free to experiment before using the ideas for larger living areas. These small private rooms can now become a part of your daily living space as well as integral parts of your home. Therefore, you can use bolder colours, textures, and materials to connect such small spaces with the rest of the living area. Add stylish accessories and pay more attention to your guest bathroom, as your friends and acquaintances are likely to spend some time there while visiting.

Choose a modern wooden look for the guest bathroom

modern bathroom designs_trendy bathroom designs

There are many options available to you when you want to design a guest bathroom. From simply using paint to tiling one or more walls, you can creatively change the look of the space. However, if you have limited room, it is better to decorate or cover only the back wall behind the toilet seat in the guest bathroom. This will give this small space the illusion of more room. Wood-look tiles are great for this purpose, are easy to clean, and give a guest bathroom a warmer feel, while still allowing for a low-maintenance surface.

Going with a tiled design for a guest bathroom


Tiling a guest bathroom is a practical solution, but not everyone can afford the cost of tile and labour. It’s a good idea to be on the lookout for special deals that are more affordable. Also, remember to buy some extra tiles in case you need to replace broken pieces. If you’re planning a tiled-style guest bathroom, choose tiles that won’t go out of style quickly. Faux marble or granite tiles create an elegant look that is both luxurious and inviting, and won’t go out of style. Light shades are preferable for small spaces, as are large tiles. Both size and colour open up the space and make it look more airy and bright.

Decide on the right accent colour for the bathroom

gray bathroom_gray toilet designs

Fancy colours and painting techniques are an excellent choice for a guest bathroom or toilet. The space is small enough that colour palettes combine well to create accents. The end result will be worth the effort. Keep dark colours for the back wall of the guest WC and lighten the side walls. This will add depth to the room and give it more impact.

Use bold and striking wallpaper to design a guest toilet

bold bathroom designs_bold toilet designs

Unlike the bathroom, a separate toilet has smaller risk of condensation from showers or bathtubs, which can affect the adhesive strength of wallpaper. Let your imagination run wild and use maximalist patterns or other ideas that you were afraid of trying before. You may think that in a small room, you should choose light walls.

how to design a small toilet_designing a guest toilet

However, patterned walls actually offer more depth and trick the eye into thinking that the room extends beyond it. Accordingly, combining bold colours and patterns in a guest toilet is a great way to add visual appeal to a potentially boring space.

small guest bathroom ideas with shower

The reclaimed wood look may be less trendy, but there are still interesting wallpapers out there, and bringing such a design into a guest bathroom or toilet is a wonderful way to add warmth. So don’t be afraid to use dark colours to create dynamism, and let your guests have fun by adding whimsical wallpaper to the room.

Gallery-like guest bathroom with murals and art

guest bathroom design_designing a guest bathroom

To make this space not feel cut off from the rest of your home, you can give it an artistic touch with pictures and other accessories or pieces of art. This will allow you to create a colourful guest bathroom and express your personal taste. Once you figure out what gallery wall ideas you want to use, adding artwork and photos will make it brighter and more appealing. This can also be a way to reflect your personality. Combine diverse pieces of art together, even if they have different styles and colours.

Heated towel rack as a design element for cold rooms

bathroom heater_towel heater

Especially during the winter months, it’s important to keep the restroom warm for your guests. Since it is often a compact space, a heated towel rack could be enough to warm the entire room. These are available in a range of shapes, styles, and sizes to fit any design. However, underfloor heating is also a good option and prevents you from having to worry about where to install a radiator. Thus, you create more space on the wall for storage. Wall-mounted towel racks are ideal for small guest bathrooms, as they also free up floor space while providing valuable storage for dry towels. Alternatively, choosing a mirrored radiator will help reflect the light in the room and create a sense of extra spaciousness in even the smallest guest bathrooms.

A wall-mounted toilet bowl for a small bathroom

wall-mounted toilet_wall-mounted toilet ideas

To maximize the floor space in the guest bathroom as much as possible, you can opt for wall-mounted units. Not only do these look modern and stylish, but they are often slim, so they don’t dominate the room. A wall-mounted toilet seat also makes cleaning even easier, while you can also place storage baskets underneath to hide unsightly clutter. So the trick with a smaller toilet is to maximize the visible area of the floor, as this creates the impression of spaciousness. Wall-mounted toilet bowls or even sinks, accordingly, are an ideal solution. Just because the room is small, it does not mean that you cannot use it to create accents. Adding such units will give a small guest bathroom more texture and glamour.

Install a space-saving sliding door in the bathroom

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Looking for space-saving designs to make smart use of limited room? Sliding doors are a smart option that is not only functional, but stylish as well! While in a small guest bathroom it is advisable to choose an outward opening door to make the room appear larger, this may prove difficult if the room in question is located in a hallway under the stairs, for example. An outward-opening door could even prove dangerous to passing household members and guests. If space is really tight, try installing a sliding door instead. Thus, this literally does not take up space inside or outside.

Designing a guest bathroom under a sloping roof


Optimize the use of space in your home by installing a guest bathroom in an otherwise inconvenient corner. After all, a sloped ceiling is often a great place for an extra loo, especially if it’s next to a bedroom.

white toilet design_white toilet ideas

First, it’s best to check where your drain pipes run. If this is nearby, you should be able to install a guest toilet there without too much hassle. Here, the hinges and door handle give a country look that goes well with the painted wooden rafters.

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