Top 10 Thanksgiving aesthetic ideas of 2022: Easy and stylish designs for the holiday!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

There is only one more day until the celebration we have all been waiting for—Thanksgiving 2022! Oh, I just can’t wait to see my whole family together at the grand table, well, with some exceptions of course… We all have relatives like that great aunt that always asks you when should she expect for you to have children, and other questions of the sort. But we love them! Right? And by now, you have probably decorated your home with some trendy and stylish Thanksgiving decorations to delight your guests. You haven’t? Well, you have only one day to go! But don’t worry, I am here to help. Luckily for you, I have collected the top 10 Thanksgiving aesthetic ideas of 2022 and will gladly share them. Let’s go!

1. Elegant white Thanksgiving aesthetic

white thanksgiving aesthetic_white thanksgiving table

Are you looking for an elegant, but simple Thanksgiving aesthetic idea for your table? Go with everything all white! White is a colour that makes one think of luxury and sophistication. If you don’t have the time to pick out different kinds of Thanksgiving decorations, decide on a simple white base and your home will appear stylish and well-arranged with little ease.

2. Original dried citrus slices garland

dried oranges garland_thansgiving garlands

If you are in need of some unique and easy Thanksgiving decoration, you have come to the right place! Garlands made from dried citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, clementines, and grapefruit are just what your home requires to get that original and playful look. Pumpkins are not the only fruit that can be used for easy decoration during this time of year. Citrus fruit are currently in their peak, so be sure to incorporate them for your Thanksgiving aesthetic.

3. Lavish floral table centrepiece

floral thanksgiving table centerpieces_thanksgiving table centerpieces

Isn’t it just ravishing? I personally love adding something natural to my table decor for any occasion. Use a mix of vibrant florals and other greenery to create a beautiful and striking centrepiece for your Thanksgiving table. Not only is it easy, but it will surely make an impression on all your guests. And if you want to go with a different approach, check out our 8 DIY inspirational ideas for easy table centrepieces.

4. Maximalist Thanksgiving aesthetic

maximalist thanksgiving decor_thanksgiving aesthetic ideas

I know with which design I am going this year! Make a statement your guests won’t soon forget with a maximalist Thanksgiving table scape. Incorporate mixes of your favourite vibrant colours, along with florals, and luxurious porcelain or china tableware. You can also add subtle gold or silver accents. The lush floral centrepiece fits perfectly with this aesthetic.

5. Luminous acorn string lights

acorn lights decor_acorn lights

Acorns are another element that we associate with fall. Hence, they are a perfect aspect to add to the Thanksgiving aesthetic of your home! Acorn string lights are all the rage this season. They are a unique decoration which you can hang anywhere you see fit. The lights can illuminate your front porch or can hang over your fireplace mantel to add further cosiness to your living room.

6.  Thanksgiving cornucopia centrepiece

thanksgiving aesthetic ideas_thanksgiving centerpieces

In need of more Thanksgiving aesthetic ideas for a table centrepiece? Well, we can’t celebrate this holiday without having a rich cornucopia decoration! And if you decide to style it as a luscious table centrepiece, all the better! It can be a traditional cornucopia as well, with Thanksgiving colours like red, green, orange, yellow, and brown. But you can also go with a stylish white and gold piece like this one, if you want to achieve a fancy or chic aesthetic.

7. Rustic Thanksgiving aesthetic

rustic thanksgiving table_rustic thanksgiving table ideas

For those who are going to spend Thanksgiving 2022 in the country, opt for the rustic aesthetic if you don’t already have it! Or even if you are in the city, you can still pull this off with some tips. Use natural and organic elements found outside. Decorate your table with pumpkins and autumn leaves found in your garden. Use materials made from real wood. Go for something simple and authentic, not too stuffy.

8. Thanksgiving front porch decor

thanksgiving front porch decor_thanksgiving aesthetic

The front porch/ door is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive, so make sure to decorate it in a Thanksgiving aesthetic! Incorporate classic fall elements like pumpkins in various colours, sizes and shapes, fall flowers, vibrant autumn leaves, and make a statement with an intricate Thanksgiving wreath on your door. Check out our DIY Thanksgiving 2022 front decor ideas for additional tips on easy outdoor decor!

9. Purple tones Thanksgiving aesthetic

purple thanksgiving aesthetic_thanksgiving table decor 2022

Looking for more lavish ideas on Thanksgiving aesthetics? Blend rich purple tones with items in gold, brown and beige hues. Acquire an extravagant floral piece, or make one yourself with flowers of your choosing. Be sure to include purple in the bouquet. Use glass tableware to make the colours pop. Choose satin fabric for the cloths. For cheap items in gold, check out our creative DIY autumn decoration ideas.

10. Carved pumpkin vase centrepieces

thanksgiving pumpkin decor_pumpkin centerpieces

For another simple and lovely table centrepiece, go with a carved pumpkin vase/s! Quite easy to make, you just need to cut off the top of a pumpkin, clean out its insides, and place fall flowers of your choosing. The flowers can be plain or elaborate, depending on what effect you want the piece to have. The one in the picture is not in any way complicated and perfectly blends with the overall rustic aesthetic of the table.

I hope you all enjoyed my top 10 Thanksgiving aesthetic ideas of 2022, and you will use them as a base to decorate your warm and lovely home! These designs will definitely make the right impression on your guests, and will bring the Thanksgiving spirit to them, no matter with style you decide to go with. Happy holidays everyone!




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