10+ Optical illusions tests: Find the hidden object as fast as possible and train your mind!

Written by Gabriela Slavova

Have you ever thought about what capacity of our brain we are using? I am absolutely amazed about the things our mind can do. It is even possible to heal our bodies sometimes with just using our mind. However, as you know the internet is filled with things we can learn from. Today we are going to test our minds with optical illusions tests. If you like visual puzzles, check out these 15 that we selected and have fun!

What is optical illusions test?

find the needle in a haystack test your eyes and mind hidden object optical illusions test

Optical illusions test is here to test not only your eyes, but your mind and how fast it goes. These tests are real head-scratchers! The optical illusion is a phenomenon that tricks our vision, brain, and eyes. Every person is different, so it is normal to see different shapes, colors, and size. The eye is sending different information to the brain and the brain analyze this information, however the information can be contradictory. Therefor, we can say that these illusions are a matter of personal perception. There are 3 types – cognitive, literal and psychological. Psychologists even use these test to find various psychological disorders. Today, we are going to test our observation skills. Try to find the needle in the haystack in the image created by the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás. You have 10 seconds! Find the answer, when you scroll down.

1. Find the hidden bananas among the minions

find the hidden object optical illusion fun activity mind tricks brain minions bananas

Minions are among our favorite funny Disney characters. We all see Gru in the picture, but can you find the 3 bananas that are hidden among these yellow cuties? You have 10 seconds! You can do this test with your family and make a contest who can find them the fastest. Here, the real trick is that the minions and the bananas are yellow, so you have to really be careful!

2. Find the hidden bee in this optical illusions test

find the hidden bee in the picture illusion test optical mind trick objects observation skills

Can you spot the tiny bee in this picture filled will yellow flowers and butterflies? You really have to focus on this one! Let’s try to find it for 15 seconds this time! The green and yellow shades combined can trick you, however if you set your mind right, you will find it in no time!

3. Let’s try to find 3 crabs among the lobsters

find crabs among the lobsters hard hidden objects test illusion brain tricks how to find

Look at this bright red! Its purpose is to give you a hard time finding the 3 crabs that are hiding among the lobsters. You will need 20 seconds to find them, set your timer and let’s go! To solve the mystery of the hiding objects, you have to carefully observe without letting the colors of the lobsters play tricks on you.

4. Find the owls among the students

spot the owls among the students hard optical illusions test find the hidden object

You probably have hawk eyes by now and this will be easy for you. There are 3 owls among the students that need to be found as soon as possible! You have 15 seconds!

5. Where is the queen?

spot the queen among the dogs hidden objects game illusion test brain mind trick

The queen is hidden, and we have to absolutely find her! The dogs will make it difficult for us, but we have 10 seconds. I will give you a small hint! Would the queen wear her famous hat or a crown?

6. Can you find the 7 different objects?

spot 7 different objects hidden in the picture illsuions test mind tricks and games

If you think you are a pro by now, on this picture there are 7 different hidden objects! You have to find a moon, a pencil, a spoon, a tulip, a ball, a fish, and an ice cream! It is not that hard when you focus and observe carefully! You have 20 seconds for this head-scratcher!

7. There is a thief in the picture! Where is it?

where is the thief in the picture brain games optical illusion colors mind find the object

Finding the thief is among my favorite optical illusions tests. I also love to read criminal novels and watch that type of movies. Here, on the picture at this Halloween party, there is a thief! You have 10 seconds to find it.

8. Three butterflies are hiding somewhere

where are the butterflies in the picutre three hidden objects brain mind tricks illusion vision

Here, in this picture there are 3 butterflies hidden among the flowers. When there are so many colors involved, it can be tricky for your mind to distinguish the different shapes. You have 20 seconds on the timer!

Christmas optical illusion test

christmas optical illusion test psycology brain strengh weekness how to find the object fast

Christmas is almost here, and if you want some fun activities for your entire family try that one! You will not only have fun, but you can trick your mind and train it. There are also different types of optical illusions test for your IQ. On the picture, Santa is hiding somewhere. You have 15 seconds to find him. Remember, if it’s too hard for you, find the answers in the gallery, when you scroll down.

Can you spot the Christmas card among the bags?

find the chirstmas card illusion test optical mind tricks how to find the hidden object fast

One Christmas card is hiding among these colorful present bags. Let’s try to find it for 10 seconds!

There is a kid that does not enjoy the Christmas carol!

hard optical illusion test find the hidden object where is the boy that does not like the song

This picture can be really misleading, so you have to observe very well. You see a perfect Christmas setting, however one of the kids does not like the Christmas carols and doesn’t want to listen. Can you try to spot it for 20 seconds?

Where is the diamond among the snowflakes?

where is the diamond in the picture find it fast optical illusion mind games and tricks

Snowflakes can sometimes look like real tiny diamonds falling from the sky. That is why on this picture, there is a real diamond hidden somewhere. Try to find it for 10 seconds!

Santa has lost the doll among all the toys

where is the doll among santa claus toys very hard optical illusion test find it for 10 seconds

Imagine this picture like Santa’s workshop. There is a doll that is missing, and you need to find it. This one is really hard, so try to focus more and observe. Take about 25 seconds. If you are able to spot it faster, then you really trained your brain and eyes well.

Answers for all the optical illusions tests

needle in a haystack test answer very hard optical mind trick

The 3 bananas

hidden bananas answer minions funny tricky mind test games brain finding objects in picture

The tiny bee is here!

find the bee answer colors tricks on your brain how to train your mind healthy lifestyle fun activity

The 3 hidden crabs among lobsters

answer 3 hidden crabs among the lobsters hard test vision optival obesravtion skills mind trick

Three owls hidden among the students

hawk answer among students hidden objects game how to find them fast trick your mind

The queen is here!

answer where is the queen find her among the dogs game optical illusions test trick your brain and eyes

Check out where the 7 objects are!

answer 7 hidden objects very hard optical illusion tricky gasmes for the mind activity

We found the thief!

find the thief answer optical illusions test trick your mind games and activities fun hard

The three hidden butterflies

answer 3 hidden butterflies can you spot the object in the picture illusion hard optical test

Santa can’t hide for too long!

santa claus answerchristmas optical illusion test psycology brain strengh weekness how to find the object fast

Christmas card 

christmas card answer illusion test optical mind tricks how to find the hidden object fast

This kid really does not like Christmas songs!

kid answer hard optical illusion test find the hidden object where is the boy that does not like the song

Diamond and snowflakes answer 

hidden diamond answer the picture find it fast optical illusion mind games and tricks

We have found the doll!

hidded doll answer among santa claus toys very hard optical illusion test find it for 10 seconds





Growing up in Canada, Gabriela graduated from High School of Montreal, later on she obtained a bachelor degree in Marketing and International Business at Concordia university.  In her free time, she loves exploring the new trends in fashion and interior design. Traveling and reading a good romance novel is among her favorite things to do. Describing herself as a very adventurous person, her absolute dream is to go to Finland and see the Northern lights. She also enjoys adapting a new skill, every once in a while. The last ones were horseback riding and windsurfing.

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