Optical illusion for testing your IQ: 3 brain-teasers for adults with a sharp mind!

by Anjelina

People have always been interested in optical illusions. There is something about them that makes one ask questions, search for solutions, and thus train and test their brain. For example, you see an image, then you look at it from a different angle or squint your eyes, and it looks completely different. You look at the image from a distance, move away from it, and another version of it appears in front of you. Actually, the idea of optical illusions is to manipulate the brain by making it process information differently. Specifically, the most visible and essential parts of the image are manipulated as the illusion sends the brain corresponding signals. Are you ready to try optical illusion for testing your IQ? The brain-teasers that we’ve selected reveal a large part of how our brain works and determine the strength of human intelligence!

Optical illusion for testing your IQ

optical illusion for testing your iq faces silhouette different perception

Are you ready to challenge your brain with a few optical illusions and thus check if you have a high IQ? All the illusions in this article reveal just that – the faster you solve them, the better this speaks of your sharp mind and high intelligence! All over the world, people love to test their skills when it comes to finding things hidden in a picture that is literally in front of their eyes. We’ll start with just such an optical illusion for testing your IQ!

Optical illusion 1: Can you find the hidden object in the brick wall?

Arron Bevin hidden object in a brick wall cigar or stone mystery


Credit: Arron Bevin

A photo posted by user Arron Bevin on social media confused more than fifty thousand internet users, including himself, who admits it took him more than five minutes to figure out what was wrong with the photo! The confusion is that people can’t figure out what the catch is! At first glance, and even at second glance, the photo is of a brick wall, but therein lies an optical illusion that many people don’t notice immediately, or even after a while!

There is a hidden object on a plain rough brick wall. It is in plain sight, but hardly anyone can find it. It is this illusion that is considered by professional psychologists to be a kind of intelligence test. Furthermore, it is the ability to concentrate that is directly related to intelligence level! Were you able to find the object hidden in the brick wall? If you need more time, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! As mentioned before, about 50 thousand people didn’t find anything wrong in it! We give you some more time to think, go back up and look at the picture again!

Would you like a little hint?

The illusion itself is very simple. 80% of the observers see a stone stuck in the masonry. We’ll spill the beans – it’s no stone at all! Are you completely confused? Maybe you’ve seen just that too? Look again and see if you can spot something else!

Solving the mystery!

solving the mystery hidden object in a brick wall cigar or stone

And now are you ready to solve the mystery? Or will you still try once more to guess for yourself? No? It’s a cigar sticking out between the rows of brickwork. Have you seen it yet? Most likely yes! The interesting thing is that once you’ve seen the cigar and figured out what’s wrong with this photo, you won’t stop seeing the cigar every time you look at it! In fact, that’s exactly how optical illusions work!

Optical illusion 2: How many faces can you discern in the painting “The General’s Family”?

Generals Family painting by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo optical illusion

“The General’s Family” by Octavio Ocampo

One of the most famous optical illusions is Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo’s painting “The General’s Family”. It is a wonderful way to discover how your brain works! The longer you stare at it, the more faces you will discover! Try counting how many you see, and then we’ll give you some pointers!

Revealing the right answer

Generals Family 9 faces right answer to optical illusion solved

How many faces did you see? Maybe 9? Or less? If you saw fewer than 9 faces, as many as are actually in the picture, don’t worry, your brain is probably overloaded right now! Let us help you find them all!

The Mexican artist’s paintings are truly unique because they often interweave multiple images and subjects! We will tell you in more detail about the painting “The General’s Family” and all those faces that are depicted. The point of the painting is that it reveals the life of the General. The face that you probably noticed first because it is the largest is actually himself. If you look at the general’s ear, you will see a young woman with a baby in her arms and an elderly man standing opposite her with a cane. The dog lying down gives the illusion of the general holding on to the lapel of his coat. A woman’s face is visible in the right corner – this is his wife. In the left corner you will notice a bird, and behind it there are also four faces – the general’s children.

The results!

  • If you found up to 6 faces in the picture, your observation skills are good, but you can find other exercises to develop them.
  • Finding 7 faces means that your observation skills are above average.
  • Discerning 8 faces indicated that your observational skills are very developed and are above average, so you can be proud of yourself!
  • If you detected all 9 faces and within just a few seconds without having to look at the answer, then you have exceptional observational skills. You are a creative person who trusts your intuition!

Optical illusion 3: Find the tallest person in this optical illusion!

tallest person in this optical illusion high iq level mysterious photo

Ready for the next optical illusion for testing your IQ? It is important to note that only 1 out of 10 people gives the correct answer to the question of which of the three men in the picture is the tallest!

The mysterious photo shows three men of different heights, as it appears at first glance, standing next to each other. We want you to carefully examine the picture and the men depicted in it and determine which of them is the tallest. Can you give the correct answer? We give you a few seconds to look at the image again and think carefully! Then we’ll help you, of course, to see if you’ve done it successfully! But try it yourself first!

Are you ready to find out the answer?

Out of all the people who took the test, only 10% of them gave the correct answer! Don’t be disappointed if you fail too! Most think that the tallest man is on the far right, the man on the far left is the shortest, and the one in the middle is slightly taller than the one on the left. This conclusion, however, is not true at all and is the result of an optical illusion that can manipulate your brain well!

The right answer

Actually, all the men in the picture are the same height! The deception comes from the background behind them, which creates an illusionary effect that makes them appear to be different heights. Did you catch that? Hopefully not! If you answered correctly, you must be very pleased with yourself and the result, because it means you have a high observation, an enviable mind and a high IQ. We don’t exclude the fact that you belong to the special 10% of people who only managed to solve the riddle correctly!

Final observation

optical illusion for testing your iq brain mind challenge

We hope that with these three optical illusions you have managed to check how prone your brain is to manipulation and how well it can concentrate. Optical illusions test our brains and make us perceive reality differently. Some of them are created using colors, while others are created by the mind seeing what it wants to see. Thanks to them, however, we can determine the strength of human intelligence. If none of the optical illusions has managed to fool or confuse you, then you should be proud of yourself because it means that you really have a high IQ level and your perceptions are completely accurate!

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