Decorate the office for Christmas: Easy decoration methods to bring the holiday spirit into your work space!

by Gabby

I count every day the days left before Christmas is finally here. There are 32 days left! I already decorated my entire house, however I spend most of my time writing in the office. With that being said, I still haven’t had the time to enjoy my decorations. Our Deavita team is ready to bring the Christmas spirit to the office! Is it too early to decorate? Absolutely not! The sooner, the better, since we will have more time to enjoy it! Did you decorate the office for Christmas? Let’s make our work space cozy for the holidays!

Decorate the office for Christmas with your coworkers

decorate the office for christmas with your co-workers get in the spirit holiday vibes

Coming to the office during this time of the year hits differently. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit and joyful, expecting the holidays with smiles on their faces. It is certainly a time to be with your families, however with our busy life we spend most of the time with our coworkers in the office. If you are lucky like me, and they love Christmas as much as you do, then you can make it as a fun activity decorating the entire office. Here at Deavita, we are even already planning to do Secret Santa this year. You can start small and start from your own desk, or you can gather everyone together and decorate a Christmas tree. Let’s see a few ideas on how to decorate your office!

how to decorate my office for chirstmas holiday spirit colors ideas wreath


How can I decorate my professional office for Christmas?

How to decorate your professional office for Christmas depends a lot on your budget, coworkers, and the office interior design. You can choose to decorate a Christmas tree, put a wreath on the door, make Christmas socks for everyone or hand different ornaments on the sealing. It has to fit the environment and its aesthetics. There are a lot of ideas that you can adapt and get creative. Start by discussing with your colleagues what everyone imagined as a decoration for the office. Grab the best ideas and make them happen! Now let’s spark your imagination with some of the best office decoration!

office christmas decoration holiday spirit colors ornaments green decor elf

1. Office Christmas tree

office christmas tree decoration where to place it ornaments ideas holiday spirit

Start by decorating a Christmas tree. Choose the colors of the ornament and make them fit the aesthetics of the office. Or you can make it more colorful and fun, and ask everyone to bring one of their favorite ornaments. I would recommend finding a place for your tree somewhere, where everyone can see it and enjoy it.

2. Christmas socks for everyone

personalized christmas socks office decoration ideas how to get into the spirit of the holiday fun activities

Personalized Christmas socks are e must every year. If you have a fireplace, you probably hang them there. Why not hang them in the office instead? Make everybody bring a Christmas sock with their name on it and have them expect sweet treats there. If you decide on playing “secret Santa” this year, you can use the socks to place the gifts in them.

3. Christmas garland with ornaments

navy blue and white christmas trend decoration colors ginger bread house office decor fun activity

What is Christmas with no garlands with shiny ornaments? Try making the classic Christmas garland around your desks or if you have a reception like shown on the picture. You can also place it around the windows. Navy blue and white ornaments is one of the trends for this year.

4. A different approach to the classic Christmas tree

different christmas tree fun ideas decoration for the office how to create the perfect atmosphere for the holiday spirit

It is a huge trend right now to make a Christmas tree that looks really different from the classic one. People are making them from dried branches, building it from ornaments or using this technique shown on the picture. It will be fun to make your colleagues to find the best idea for a different Christmas tree and the winner gets a price. Another idea is to get in teams and each team can make their vision of a tree and present it. The team with the best Christmas tree can win something. Let the games begin!

5. Hanging ornaments and lights from the sealing

lights and ornaments on the sealing christmas decoration at the office ideas colorful santa snowman

If your boss allows it you can go all over the top with some Christmas lights and ornaments hanged from the sealing. You want to try more subtle way for the Christmas lights? Try something small and arrange it on your desk. You can personalize the desk decoration as much as you want and make yourself feel cozy.

How can I decorate my office for Christmas on a budget?

Decorating your office on a budget does not mean that you can’t try all the Christmas trends. You can get creative and make ornaments and decorations from natural materials. You can make a Christmas tree or ornaments only using paper. Try making a snowman from cotton, pine cones ornaments, dried leaves and branches garland or an advent calendar from paper bags. Try some of the trendiest DIY winter decorations from natural materials.

decorate your office for christmas on a budget ideas DIY natural materials creative art

How to decorate my home office?

home office christmas decoration scandinavian style christmas tree ornaments ideas art trends

When you are working from home, it is way easier to decide on your Christmas decoration. You can match your office to your entire home, or go in a completely different direction. You can decorate a separate Christmas tree for your office space to enjoy while working. Hang different garlands, or a wreath above your desk. Another idea is to put some lights that will definitely make the atmosphere more cozy and romantic. If you have a TV in the office, you can put a fireplace background and hear the soothing sounds of the burning wood. This can be very relaxing.

Other ideas for office Christmas decorations

desk decorations for christmas inspiration trendy how to decorate ideas

Make a Christmas corner for sweets and hot cocoa

christmas corner with sweets at the office how to decorate DIY ideas and art creative

Good kids bad kids Christmas list with your coworkers 

good and bad kids list coworkers idea for christmas office decoration fun activity

Christmas desk decoration at the office

desk christmas decorations santa style trends ornaments garlands office how to decorate ideas

If you have a dining table at the office, try this!

christmas dining table decoration creative ideas colors art and craft DIY

Another idea for office Christmas decoration on a budget

christmas decoration on a budget at the office creative DIY ideas art fun activity for coworkers

Christmas town at the office

christmas town at the office decoration ideas make yourself get creative arts and crafts DIY

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