What haircut with bangs after 60 will highlight your features? 7 exquisite ideas!

by Kremy

Did you know that cutting your bangs makes you look younger? If you’ve been wanting to shake things up for a while and change your hairstyle to look absolutely gorgeous, then you’ve come to the right place! Following the trends and expert opinions on haircuts for women over 60, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones, so you don’t have to search endlessly on the internet. So, which haircut with bangs after 60 will you choose? Keep reading!

Haircut with bangs after 60: which one will suit you best?

haircut with bangs woman 60 year old

Many women hate the idea of having bangs. It can look weird if cut too short or uneven. However, bangs are a wonderfully tactical way to hide your fine lines and wrinkles without opting for botox. It frames the face nicely and helps hide the hairline. Another plus? It gives the illusion of volume when you have thin hair. Here are seven awesome hairstyle ideas with bangs for women over 60!

60 year old woman pixie cut

pixie haircut with bangs after 60 oval face


Jamie Lee Curtis has always been known for her long legs and fabulous pixie cut. It’s cute, trendy and very youthful! What’s even better is that it feels lightweight, it reveals your face and accentuates your best features. Wear fabulous big earrings and light makeup and you’ll see how your face will glow. The baby bangs of the pixie cut are absolutely gorgeous!!

Short Bob haircut

haircut with bangs after 60 oval face

Do you know what was named hairstyle of the year? The trendy bob! It’s so versatile that all its variations fit to all face shapes… There is the long bob (lob), the short bob, the pixie bob, the asymmetrical bob, the wavy bob, the French bob, the Airy bob, and so on… Here’s a tip: if you want a more romantic look that will soften your features, make your face shine and frame it nicely – gently curl your hair. You can also try the Botticelli waves trend !

Asymmetrical pixie bob

short hairstyles for women over 60 2022

The asymmetrical pixie bob cut needs maintenance, yes. But the way the bangs fall to one side of the face while the other is exposed is enchanting. If you have thin, flat hair, we recommend blow-drying it with a round brush to create volume. Another trick to keep hair up and looking fresh longer is to add a bit of dry shampoo right after you finish drying it after a shower.

Haircut with bangs after 60 for fine hair

hairstyle with bangs woman 60 years old

Jane Fonda’s iconic short shag hair gives her hair the volume, dimension and freedom it needs! It’s sexy, outrageously flattering and easy to maintain! Yes, if the last time you had your hair done was in the 80s, it’s time to get used to it again!

Wavy lob

hairstyle woman 60 years old 2022

Susan Sarandon is a true icon. She ages gracefully while wearing the wavy, layered lob, an effortless yet fabulous messy hairstyle. Her bangs fall messily across her forehead while her wavy hair caresses the sides of her face.

Blunt bob with blunt bangs

haircut with bangs after 60 years old

The short haircut is intended for very elegant women and business women. Incredibly sexy and extremely classy, the blunt bob combined with blunt bangs is a great choice! Especially for women who have a square face with more pronounced features.

Haircut with bangs after 60: long hair with bangs

long hair woman 60 years old

Many people say that after a certain age you have to cut your hair. This is not true at all! If you have long locks, but are tired of the flat hair parted in the middle look, why not add some bangs?

haircut 2022 woman 60 years old

For a more casual look, add some nice curls at the end. In fact, if your hair is damaged by sun, heat, or dye, try heatless curls.

medium length haircut for women over 60

Finally, having long hair and bangs means you can experiment with many more different hairstyles. Take for example the Pammy updo! Dolly Parton, who always wears her big voluminous hair loose, has embraced the 2022 hair trend!



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