How to wear bangs at 60? 5 elegant and youthful hairstyles

by Kremy

Did you know that bangs make you look younger? Hair trends come and go like the seasons. However, bangs never go out of fashion. You might be wondering, “How is this going to make me look younger?”. In fact, bangs help hiding fine lines on the forehead, making it a botox-free hack. It frames the face beautifully and makes it look slimmer. Under its magic charm, you will see a drastic change in your look that will transform you into a sexy, dazzling and elegant woman. But how to wear bangs at 60 properly? Let’s see together!

How to wear bangs at 60? 5 hairstyles that make you look younger

How to wear bangs at 60 years of age

If you’ve been wanting to get bangs, but aren’t sure which style flatters your face shape the most, read on! Here are five stunning hairstyles with bangs for women over 60 that will make you look younger and even slimmer. Nice, right? For even more ideas, check out what haircut with bangs after 60 will enhance your features!

Side swept bangs

bob haircut with bangs for women 60 years old


Side swept bangs give a more romantic look. If you have a round or diamond-shaped face, this is the perfect choice for you. Side swept bangs add the necessary length to the face and make it look slimmer. If you are curvy and want to have a more oval face shape, then go for it! For round faces, it’s best to avoid heavy bangs that go straight across the forehead. Indeed, it makes your face appear smaller. It reduces the width of the forehead and widens the jaw line. Combine it with a bob haircut or leave your hair long. Either way, you’ll look lovely.

Short cut with bangs woman 60 years: pixie cut

short haircut with bangs woman 60 years old

The pixie cut is a very daring haircut that not all women are ready to try. But why will the pixie cut make you look younger? And should it always be accompanied by bangs? If you have fine hair, this cut will definitely give you the volume you need. Most pixie cuts come with side bangs, but we’ve covered that before. So what’s the problem? If you’re a fan of short hair, but still want some volume, then longer bangs are the key. Pixie cuts are great for square, oval and heart-shaped faces. If you have an oval face, but dread the idea of it looking even longer, then this isn’t the right choice for you.

Haircut for 60 year old woman with straight bangs

hairstyle woman 60 year old bangs

This is the perfect bangs for women with oval face shape and heart-shaped face. You can get the bangs thinner or very thick, it all depends on your preference. Thicker bangs will make our face drastically smaller, while thinner bangs won’t make a drastic and shocking difference. If you decide to go for baby bangs (or macro bangs), the oval shape is the winner because it elongates the face.

Haircut for thin hair with bangs

bangs or no bangs at 60

If you have very thin hair, we have the perfect hairstyle for you. The shag haircut was very popular in the 70s and 80s and made a comeback a few years ago. It adds texture and volume. The best thing about all of this? It is suitable for all face shapes. Yes! Another plus point? You can combine it with all styles of bangs: sideways, straight, baby bangs, curtain bangs, etc.

How to wear bangs at 60: curtain bangs

haircut woman 60 years old with bangs

Finally, we come to the curtain bangs! This classic Brigitte Bardot hairstyle is perfect for both round and rectangular faces. In fact, if done and styled properly, it can work with any face shape. However, be aware that if you have an oval face, it will elongate your face even more. But it gives a romantic and soft look and if you pair it with curls like Scandinavian waves or even heatless curls, the result will be lovely.



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