What fall 2022 Bob haircut to choose? Here are 4 trendy variations to help you decide

by Kremy

The fall season is here, and with it, new trendy cuts. So, let’s focus on the fall 2022 bob haircut in 4 styles that will mark the next months. They have already invaded the catwalks, red carpets and streets during Fashion Month. So, all you have to do is decide! How to wear them? Our hair experts take a look!

Fall 2022 Bob haircut: 4 variations that we will see everywhere this season!

fall 2022 bob haircut thin short hair brown color

Ah, the bob haircut! This season, you can’t escape it! Already on everyone’s mind, it plays between masculine and feminine codes and perfectly clears the face, not to mention its power to enhance the shoulders. Are you hesitating? To help you take the plunge, here are the 4 bob variations that fashionistas will wear this fall-winter 2022!

The medium length bob with bangs

lob haircut fall 2022 with curtain bangs woman 50 years old


A popular 60-year-old woman’s haircut, the medium length bob with bangs is attracting more and more people in their sixties. Sophisticated, airy and full of movement, it adapts to almost every face shape. To give it that touch of glamour, the long curtain bangs is the ideal ally. How to style it? There’s nothing like blow-drying for the most elegant results. For an ultra-smooth look, choose the straightener. However, it is best to style the bangs with a round brush to avoid the “helmet” effect. Finish by spraying a fixing spray.

The airy bob

asymmetrical short haircuts hairstyle trend airy bob cut fall 2022

The airy bob is undoubtedly THE fall 2022 cut to adopt urgently to boost your mane after the summer. Perfect for thin, flat hair, it is worn short and layered to add volume and movement to the mane. As its name suggests, the airy bob is distinguished by its airy and natural side. In addition, it is very easy to style. Straight, wavy or accessorized, this is a sophisticated cut that we dare to wear in the office, on the street, but also for an fall wedding. Although thin hair will benefit the most from this fall winter 2022 haircut, all textures can sport it without any worries, including curly manes. The same goes for different face types.

The ultra-short bob

bob cut fall 2022 blonde short wavy hair

Halfway between a bob cut and a Pixie cut, the ultra-short bob will be in vogue this fall-winter 2022-2023. And if the lob is still part of the hair trends, the short style is a hit for girls in the public eye like the trendy 50s to give them style and rejuvenate them. Already spotted Milan and Paris fashion week, this fall 2022 bob haircut frees the neck and enhances the face by giving it an unparalleled elegant touch. And today, the shorter it is, the better. It is then worn a few centimeters below the ears with a parting in the middle to expose the shoulders and structure the face. Be careful though, the ultra-short bob is not made for everyone. For women with a long neck, it is better to go your way. For them, we recommend the long bob at the level of the collarbone.

Women’s long brown bob

fall 2022 bob haircut brunette curly hair

We’ve said it over and over again! The bob is THE timeless cut to get with eyes closed this fall. A hair trend that you never get tired of. And if you think you know everything about this great classic, think again! After years spent under the sign of short blond bob, the lob (long bob) is making a strong comeback to enhance brown hair. It adapts to all face shapes, especially square faces. It enhances both straight and curly hair. In fact, it will look particularly appealing on wavy hair. And since brown hair color comes in an infinite number of shades – light, dark, mahogany, chocolate, mocha, copper, chocolate, hazelnut – the brown bob is suitable for all skin tones and eye colors.

How to maintain the bob haircut this fall 2022?

cut fall 2022 short curly hair trend winter 2023

As with any short haircut, regular daily maintenance and care is a must. So use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to add shine and suppleness to the curly bob. After the shower, spray a shine-boosting spray all over the mane. On the maintenance side, a touch-up of the tips in the salon every two months is enough is enough to give structure to your bob cut.



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