What is men’s haircut trend 2022 “broccoli haircut” and how to make it work?

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Every few years, a particular haircut appears that becomes a point of ridicule of its wearer. It can qualify him as a certain type, for example the one who takes selfies in the gym and wears shoes without socks, looking outdated, or just looking too funny to wear. Recently, a controversial new style has upset Gen Z guys, bringing smiles while gaining popularity… So, would you dare the 2022 trendy men’s haircut called “broccoli haircut”?

A trendy men’s haircut inspired by the 2000s

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Truth be told, this is not a brand new hairstyle. The broccoli haircut is an interpretation of the looks of some famous footballers from the 2000s. It is a kind of undercut with faded or very short sides and lots of volume and length on the top of the skull. It is also called bird’s nest or zoomer’s perm (like boomer, a member of gen Z – people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s).

What is the structure of broccoli haircut?

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Unsurprisingly, the overall silhouette of this trendy men’s haircut 2022 is reminiscent of a broccoli floret. It is quite thin around the neck and ears, with voluminous curls or crimped locks above the head, usually styled up and forward, but not only. The result? A head of broccoli in every sense of the word!

Where can we see the broccoli haircut?

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You’re more likely to come across broccoli haircut on TikTok where influential young creators post videos of themselves. The fact that it is a dynamic and flexible men’s haircut works great for videos and helps highlight content created by young guys. They seem to follow Dolly Parton’s mantra: “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”

Who is this trendy men’s haircut 2022 for?

mens haircut trend 2022 fall broccoli hair

The fact that it’s mostly awkward amateur directors and e-boys on TikTok who wear the trendy broccoli haircut shouldn’t discourage you from adopting it just because you’re a 20+ or 30+ year old male. Frankly, when done right, this hairstyle can look “grown-up” while still being provocative and sexy.

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According to professional hairdressers and hair experts, this 2022 trendy men’s haircut can be omni-flattering, or almost. As long as its shape is based on maximum contrast in the lengths and the rest is in accordance with the face shape and hair type, the result will be both aesthetic and eye-catching, no matter your specific body type. The only ones to avoid it are probably gentlemen with too pronounced jawline.

How to adopt the broccoli hairstyle?

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As for the sides, we start from scratch. That is to say that the hair behind the ears and on the nape of the neck is cut very short, even shaved. Most often, we aim for a subtle taper that ends at the top. As you can imagine, the shorter the side parts and the longer the top, so powerful and extravagant the effect of your broccoli haircut will be.

At best, you will be curly-haired, but rest assured if this is not your case, because this is not mandatory. If you don’t want to perm, there are plenty of ways to style your locks temporarily. There you have it, below is a TikTok video perfectly illustrating how to style your absolutely straight hair into the coveted “cruciferous” shape using a curling iron.

@dillenleen 🥦 #fypシ #foryou #hairtutorial ♬ Lets Link – WhoHeem

Professional advice for a perfect shape

@kelvinzaditya NEW TREND by ME ( Broccoli Hair 😍 ) #viral ♬ Freiburg chayas – 🦅

Whether your hair is smooth and straight or curly, don’t forget to use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and masks, with natural ingredients, to nourish it and better define the nice little springs. Your curly hair routine should also include heat protection cream if you use the iron or hair dryer. Apply it to damp hair and blow-dry with a diffuser on low power and high heat. You can also backcomb the hairs a little near the roots to achieve extra volume. Finally, spray some setting spray to keep your trendy men’s haircut 2022 intact throughout the day.

How to maintain the 2022 men’s broccoli haircut?



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Once the broccoli hair trend men’s haircut is adopted, its ease of maintenance is enviable. As the hair on the sides grows, your look will always become more subtle. A new buzz cut every few weeks will be enough to maintain the desired shape. In about two months, you’ll probably need to trim the top a little too. That’s it!

Girls can also adopt this bold and modern hairstyle!

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