Flip Bun: Kim Kardashian’s bun is the perfect hairstyle to try when you’re in a hurry in the morning!

by Kremy

It’s 7 a.m. and we’re already late for our video conference! We had just enough time to put on a shirt to hide our pajamas, to apply a little cream to our face and to tie our hair in a messy bun. How about taking advantage of the few remaining minutes to do a more elaborate hairstyle with the look of a real it-girl? Recently adopted by Kim Kardashian, the flip bun is all the rage and is perfect for busy mornings!

quick easy hairstyle idea fall winter 2022 flip bun kim kardashian

What is the best easy and quick hairstyle when you’re in a hurry?

Sunday, THE day of Bad Hair Day! Do not panic! The low and slick bun comes to your rescue on Monday morning to camouflage and enhance your hair. This version of the bun made by Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist and inventor of Liquid Hair, Chris Appleton, is the answer to all your hair needs. Very stylish and ready in just a few minutes, it makes you look like a real fashionista. Perfect for your meetings on Zoom or Teams, but also for the office. Guaranteed effect! In addition, it will make any mane look great this fall/winter 2022. The instagrammers have already adopted it.

What is the flip bun?

quick hairstyle kim kardashian trendy flip bun wet effect mid length hair


Hair trends come and go. And very often, it is enough to be inspired by our favorite stars to create a new trendy look. For quite some time, the bubble ponytail and the pammy updo have been getting all the love. But if you’re a little bored, we’ve spotted a new style for you to try. Halfway between a sleek bun and a half ponytail, the flip bun is perfect for upgrading your daily hairstyle. It’s a low bun and well flattened that lets out some wet hair to make a kind of tail Got it? Well, that’s it!

Why go for the new fall 2022 hairstyle trend?

fall 2022 hairstyles wet flip bun kim kardashian

On Monday, we have to make a good impression for the rest of the week. That’s why we’re going for the safe bet that is the bun! But to change a bit from the bohemian style, braided or messy, we opt for a flip bun with a wet effect à la Kim Kardashian. Easy and effortlessly chic, it’s sure to tie your hair up in style and in no time. To achieve an impeccable and trendy look, the reality TV star is well surrounded by professionals. So, after the Pammy Updo that the starlet wore at the Dolce & Gabbana show at Milan Fashion Week, focus on a simpler but equally elaborate hairstyle that requires no accessorizing … except for a good pair of earrings and elaborate makeup.

The wet flip bun, for whom?

hairstyle trend fall 2022 flip bun long hair kim kardashian wet hair

At first glance difficult to assume, the wet flip bun is nevertheless relatively easy to make. It’s no wonder Kim Kardashian and Shay Mitchell love to wear it on the red carpet. The mane is usually slicked back and tied in a low bun to enhance the face and makeup. However, this quick hairstyle is not for everyone. On short or even curly hair, it loses all its splendor. So, dear curly girls or fans of trendy short haircuts, it is better to go your way. The “inverted” bun is not for you. Obviously, nothing prevents you from daring the half bun for a casual but chic look.

Hairstyle tutorial: How to recreate Kim Kardashian’s bun?

how to do flip bun tutorial kim kardashian

To pull off this upside-down bun with a wet look, Kim K’s hairstylist started by coating the star’s blonde mane using styling products before pulling it back into a super tight, low ponytail. But instead of pulling it through the last curl, the trending hairstyles pro stopped halfway. In other words, he let half of the remaining hair mass be arranged in an sleek mini bun. A chic and quick hairstyling that we can all do right away at home. So, what more could you ask for in the mornings when you’re in a hurry? An ideal hairdo to rescue a bad hair day that goes with every outfit and will soon be on everyone’s head!

kim kardashian flip wet bun hairstyle tutorial

Tip: Poorly applied, styling gel can seriously ruin your hairstyle. To make sure you don’t mess up, it’s essential to choose a quality product. We remind you that wax and hairspray are good alternatives to consider. In any case, please use your product sparingly so that the hair can breathe.



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