Wondering What to Wear for the 31st? Try These 7 Stranger Things Halloween Costumes!

by Kristiyana

Am I the only one having trouble with picking out a costume for Halloween this year? I mean, I don’t really have the time, and I am pretty much out of ideas. I don’t feel like going as witch or vampire because that is such a cliché at this point. But what costume should I pick? And I would like for it to be something unique and different. Hmm. You know, I did recently binge-watch the latest season of Stranger Things. Why not try to dress up as one of my favourite characters from the hit series? What do you think? And the attire probably won’t cost me much. Sounds like a plan to me! Let’s check out these 7 cheap and trendy Stranger Things Halloween costumes ideas and pick one for ourselves!

1. Max Mayfield from Stranger Things Halloween costume max stranger things season 4 costume_ max mayfield cosplay

Stranger Things’ actress Sadie Sink definitely stunned the world with her portrayal of Max. Her character is one of the most iconic on the show, and it’s no wonder that fans are surfing the net looking for Max Mayfield costume ideas for Halloween. And wasn’t it super creepy in season four, when Max started to levitate? I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time falling asleep after that episode… Anyway, here is what you will need to get her season four look! Acquire a light blue track jacket like the one in the picture above, a white shirt with a red collar, blue jeans and a pair of cord headphones. If you by any chance happen to also find a retro cassette player, that would be superb!

2. 80s Max outfit

max stranger things costume_stranger things halloween costumes


When searching for ideas on Stranger Things Halloween costumes, it’s no wonder that Max’s fashionable 80s look from season three is such a huge hit! Retro fashion is so in style nowadays! For the 80s look, you will need a striped t-shirt, high-waisted denim shorts and flashy leather belt. Also, borrow your brother’s skateboard to perfectly mimic this outfit! Hop on your board and off you go to fight monsters with your friends!

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3. Eleven from Stranger Things Halloween costumeeleven season 4 outfit_eleven season 4 costume

Well, hopefully they won’t put you in jail for this choice of costume, but to be honest with that mullet you can’t really know for sure… I mean, it’s not for everyone, you know? This Eleven outfit from season four definitely pays homage to grunge like nothing else. If you want to achieve this look you will need a long-sleeve blouse with a flower print, a blue v-neck shirt, white jeans and an oversized flannel shirt. Just be careful with the haircut! Better go with a wig if you absolutely want to adopt Eleven’s whole grunge outfit.

4. 80s Eleven outfit

eleven 80s costume_eleven season 3 outfits

Another rad 80s look for you! Go with Eleven’s season three mall rat outfit if you really want to be retro and fabulous. Since her iconic long-sleeve shirt might be hard to come by, or might be too expensive when you order it online, I will lend you in a tip on how to easily acquire it! Take one of your own, or your mother’s worn out blue or purple blouses. If neither of you have one, you can easily find this item in the thrift shop. Take out your old primary school paints, and use a brush to splash the colours you want on the shirt. So easy and cheap! Now you only need a pair of suspender pants and a scrunchie. Rad!

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5. Classic Eleven Halloween costume

eleven pink dress costume_eleven style costumes

And if you are looking for more ideas on Stranger Things Halloween costumes, you can always count on the classic Eleven look from season one! Go with this choice to really make an entrance at the upcoming Halloween party! For this season one outfit, you will need a long-sleeved pink dress, a pair of long white tube socks, white/beige sneakers and a medium-length blonde wig. And if you happen to swing by the market, why not get a box of eggo waffles to absolutely embody this Stranger Things’ character! Yummy!

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6. Eddie Munson Stranger Things Halloween costume

eddie munson costume_stranger things halloween costumes

I don’t think I’ve heard of a person who didn’t love the character of Eddie Munson. He was just so awesome! Rebellious and peculiar, but with a heart of gold. SPOILERS up next. God, am I going to miss him. Let’s pay homage to Eddie and get his metal look for Halloween! Now with this outfit you will need to find/order the Hellfire club t-shirt. I can tell you it’s a 100% worth it! I bought it as a gift for my best friend, as he loves playing Dungeons & Dragons, and he couldn’t be happier. The other items on the list are a jean jacket, a pair of ripped jeans, and to completely pull it off get the mullet wig! This outfit is so metal!

7. Dustin Henderson Halloween costume

dustin henderson costume_stranger things costumes

And why yes, I did save the best for last! The Dustin Henderson Halloween costume! Dustin is by far my favourite character on Stranger Things. Fun, smart and just downright awesome, who wouldn’t want to dress up like this icon? To get the Dustin attire you will need his famous Thinking Cap, a dark long-sleeve shirt, cargo pants and Dustin’s green vintage tee. Half of the items you can easily find in the thrift store, and the other you can just order online. I mean, I would wear that cap any day!

Well, this list of Stranger Things Halloween costumes certainly helped me out with picking one for myself. And in the end, it won’t even cost me that much. Personally, I am thinking of trying to pull off the Max 80s look, what about you?

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