15 Unique Maternity Costumes for Halloween 2023 That are ACTUALLY Cute!

by Stephanie Yankova

The night of Halloween is slowly approaching, and the big question is beginning to lurk in the back of our minds – What am I going to dress as? The brainstorming and preparation process is difficult enough as it is, let alone if you’re pregnant! Forget about the pumpkin and avocado baby bumps – we’ve selected the coolest (and funniest) maternity costumes for Halloween guaranteed to steal the spotlight at any party! 

Halloween Maternity Costumes for Couples

modern fun maternity costumes halloween 70s disco ball

Are you ready to boogie? This fun 70s-inspired couples Halloween costumes will definitely get your groove on! Find a silver sequin top, belt, or piece of fabric to wrap around your belly, pair it with a silver skirt and a matching wig, and you’re ready to hit the dance floor! As for your partner, all you’re going to need is an Afro wig, a vintage button-up shirt with a funky pattern, and an oversized blazer, and you’re set!

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James and the Giant Peach

james and the giant peach couple maternity halloween costume 2023


Credits: saraielora

This is definitely one of those Halloween costumes that will have every other person ask “So, who exactly are you dressed as?”, followed by “THIS IS GENIUS”! We’ve probably all seen James and the Giant Peach at some point in our lives, but who would’ve thought it would make such a clever and unique maternity costume?

Juno Costume

juno maternity halloween costume idea 2023

Credits: colleen

Ah, a classic! How can you possibly miss the opportunity to recreate the poster of one of the most iconic teenage movies (shoutout to Michael Cera and Elliot Page) – Juno! Jhene Aiko and Big Sean did it, and so did Jessica Alba and Miranda Sings (aka Colleen Ballinger) – now’s your turn!

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Croquembouche and a Pastry Chef

croquembouche french chef maternity halloween costume couples 2023

Who doesn’t love dessert, especially if it’s French? This super fun Halloween costume will not only have everyone craving a delicious creamy éclair every time you pass by, but it’s also super easy to DIY! Bonus points for concealing your belly – if that’s the effect you’re after!

Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker

anakin skywalker padme maternity halloween costume couples 2023

Padme and Anakin’s romance may have not been the everlasting love we all dream about, however, there’s no denying that their outfits make for a great couple’s maternity Halloween costume! What’s also pretty cool about it is that you can wear it again during the next Comic Con which is one worry and weeks of preparation gone – and you will appreciate the extra time on your hands once the baby is born!

Solo Maternity Costumes for Halloween

cute maternity costume halloween 2023 winnie the pooh

Winnie the Pooh’s tummy full of honey is such an adorable and easy-to-execute Halloween costume – perfect for a last-minute makeover! If you want to wear something super comfortable that’s also going to make you look cute in the pictures – this is it! Take a small planting pot, or an empty glass jar and write the iconic “HUNNY” on it to make your costume even more authentic!

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50s Housewife

50s housewife pregnant woman maternity costume halloween 2023

You may never get another chance to look this glammed up in the kitchen once your little rascal is born, so take this chance to channel the energy of a fabulous 50s housewife! A subtle cat eye, red lipstick, a polka dot shirt, and a striped half apron, and you’re set!

Ali Wong’s Signature Stand-Up Outfit

ali wong halloween costume pregnant woman leopard dress red frame glasses

If you’re not familiar with Ali Wong, I suggest you turn Netflix on and watch her stand-up specials immediately – you can thank me later! She’s not only one of the most hilarious female comedians of the decade but also has such iconic maternity stage attire that literally begs to be copied for Halloween!

Fat Thor

fun maternity costume halloween 2023 fat thor

Credits: simply.siobhan

I can’t hide the fact that I cackled like a mad woman when I saw this costume! It’s equal parts genius and amusing and if I don’t see at least one pregnant woman recreating this look this Halloween I will be highly disappointed! If you’re doing a last-minute dress-up, and you don’t have a Mjölnir, you can just say that you’re dressed as The Big Lebowski!

Redneck Beer Belly

fun maternity costume halloween redneck beer belly

This might easily be one of my top 3 maternity costumes of all time! Now, this Redneck attire could possibly attract a few mean stares here and there, but the bottom line is that it’s so funny and good, you’ll probably end up just laughing it off.

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More Maternity Halloween Costumes

pregnant woman maternity halloween costume cow suit

Quick and Simple Last-Minute Black & White Witch Costume for a Pregnant Woman

quick simple maternity halloween costume black white witch

Fun and Spooky Maternity Halloween Costume with Baby Hands Poking Through the Belly

spooky pregnancy maternity halloween costume baby hands

Dainty Maternity Halloween Costume of a Flower Bouquet that Helps Conceal the Pregnant Belly

maternity halloween costume concealing belly flower bouquet

Simple and Effective Fortune Teller Halloween Costume Idea for Pregnant Women 

fortune teller pregnant woman maternity halloween costume idea 2023

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