Top Halloween Costume 2023 Trends: Recreate Your Personal Favorite Characters!

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Halloween fans, it’s officially time to learn about the top Halloween costumes 2023 trends and start thinking about your look! This article will give you some great ideas!

Top Halloween Costumes 2023 Trends – Check Out These Original Ideas

what are top halloween costume trends in 2023

Whether you’re looking for a group costume for Halloween, a couple’s costume, or something simple that you can assemble at the last minute for an invitation, we’ve got you covered with the top Halloween costumes 2023 trends that are sure to be a hit.

Halloween Group Costumes 2023 – Rihanna’s Super Bowl Outfit

halloween group costumes 2023 rihanna super bowl outfit


Rihanna’s eye-catching red outfit set the stage perfectly for her appearance at Super Bowl 2023 – and her dancers made the show even more attractive. Have one person in your group wear a bold red outfit while the others wear white puffer jackets and sunglasses to recreate this iconic moment. This is a very simple but very original group costume for Halloween.

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“Sex and the City” Halloween Outfits

top halloween costume 2023 trends sex and the city outfits

You don’t have to wear a scary costume to have fun on Halloween. If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City, you know that the four main characters are as dramatic as they are stylish. Choose a character and an episode and rummage through your closet looking for clothes to recreate their outfits.

top halloween costume 2023 trends recreate your personal favorite characters

Let your imagination run wild because the main actresses in the series are known for their extravagant wardrobe. So, now it’s time to wear that unusual dress or put on that unusual hat that never makes it into your everyday selection. And high heels – they are a must!

You’ll have even more fun if you share the idea with friends or office colleagues and create a Halloween costume together.

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Halloween Couples Costumes 2023 – Barbie and Ken

halloween couples costumes 2023 barbie and ken

When it comes to top Halloween costume 2023 trends, there is no other choice but to take a look at the hit movie of the year – “Barbie”. Greta Gerwig’s film has not only topped the box office charts but also the 2023 fashion trends. It has become a phenomenon and this year it would be extremely appropriate to recreate Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s look with your partner. Here’s how to do it:

For this Halloween couples costumes you will need roller skates, knee pads and colorful hats with visors. It is important that all costume parts listed are in bright colors. For the rest of the Barbie costume, put on a shirt dress and complete the look with leggings (after all, it is fall and the weather outside is cool). For Ken, choose a pair of pants and a blazer in pink, over which you can put the knee pads. Complete the look with a t-shirt in whatever color you have. Even the classic white and black will work as the rest of your costume is expressive enough.

If buying roller skates and moving around with them seems like a hassle, then go for this look:

ken halloween costume faux fur jacket with a necklace and black headband

Prove that Ken is more than just Ken by pairing a cream faux fur jacket with a necklace (get one from your partner), a black headband, and black fingerless leather gloves. Of course, don’t forget to wear cool black sunglasses, perhaps with a similar cat design.

top halloween costume 2023 trends barbie

Unleash your inner cowgirl Barbie with a hot pink vest and matching flared pants paired with a white cowboy hat. Complete the look with a pink bandana around your neck.

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Halloween Costume 2023 Trends – Midge and Joel Maisel

top halloween costume 2023 trends midge and joel maisel

The final episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel may have aired, but the fashion in this series deserves to live on. No matter which of Miriam’s ensembles you take inspiration from, make sure you pair it with a fabulous hat.

As for Joel, all you need is an elegant suit with a classic cut, perfectly polished shoes, a cigarette in hand and hair gel! Yes, the gel is very important in this case!

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Halloween Costumes for Kids – The Ted Lasso Crew

halloween costumes for kids the ted lasso crew

Be a goldfish…. or turn your kids into the complete Ted Lasso crew this Halloween! Little Ted, Rebecca Welton and Danny Rojas can’t help but melt the hearts of every monster and vampire on Halloween.

For little Rebecca – it’s important that you dress your little girl in her favorite “formal” solid color dress, add a cardigan and don’t forget to complete the look with a box of freshly baked cookies.

For little Ted, the fake mustache, the sporty blue down jacket and the coach’s whistle are the defining features. As for little Danny Rojas, buy your son a jersey of his favorite team, give him a soccer ball and let him have fun on Halloween!

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