Mexican Day of the Dead Mask: Easy Crafts and Free Printable Patterns

by Kremy

Have you heard of Día de los Muertos? This Mexican holiday has become very popular all over the world because of the impressive costumes and makeup people wear. But is this how they celebrate Halloween? Why do they wear costumes and how to make the famous Mexican Day of the Dead mask?

How Is Day of the Dead Celebrated in Mexico?

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Although the holidays are similar, they have very important differences. Halloween is all about scary monsters and witches, while the Day of the Dead is associated with dancing, singing, and a wonderful palette of bright colors. The first is celebrated on October 31, while the second takes place during the first two days of November. But why do Mexicans paint their faces as skulls. According to Generic events, the reason is that they “symbolize the eternal cycle of life – from birth to death, then rebirth.”

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How to Make a Mexican Day of the Dead Mask?

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So how do you dress as a Mexican for Halloween and bring contrast to this dark holiday? The most important thing is the mask. If you’re not an experienced artist capable of drawing it with makeup or face paint, print out one of the following designs and color it in the desired tones. Orange, pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, be sure to include the whole rainbow.

Mexican Mask to Color

day of the dead mask for halloween

What type of paint to choose? We recommend acrylic paints, as they have good coverage and bright colors and bright colors. You can mix them to create unique shades. For example :

  • blue, white and red
  • orange and pink
  • yellow, blue and white
  • yellow and red and so on.

Don’t hesitate to experiment. You can combine them without mixing them entirely to obtain a unique combination of shades. Below you will find more ideas for decorating your Mexican mask.

mexican day of the dead mask easy crafts free printables

Another way to paint your mask is to use acrylic paints as a base. Once it is completely dry, use colored pens to draw small details.

mexican mask to color and decorate to make a unique halloween costume

The next way to bring this mask to life is to use long-forgotten nail polishes. You certainly have bottles that you no longer use. Check if they are liquid enough and if not, add a few drops of acetone. Close the bottle, shake well and you are ready to DIY!

easy halloween coloring

Whatever paint solution you choose, you can always add a little glam with glitter! Just wait for the paint to dry. Then apply glue or clear nail polish to the desired location and sprinkle with glitter. Wait for it to dry and remove the excess glitter powder on a sheet of paper and return it to the container.

skull coloring to make an easy diy mask

Printable Mexican Mask

free printable halloween mask frida kahlo

If you want to find a last minute Halloween costume, don’t waste time in coloring, simply print out one of the following masks. Like the coloring pages, these are also free.

halloween craft ideas easy paper mexican disguise

Frida Kahlo or Mariachi, whatever you choose, you’ll have to cut it out. It is best to print it on cardboard or glue it to the cardboard after printing it on a regular sheet. Don’t forget the eyes. You will need to see through it when you place it on your face.

day of the dead mask download free

Well, you have an idea for you (Frida), one for your darling (mariachi) and now you have to add two more: for your children. A blue mask for boys and a pink one for girls. In this way, you can have a themed family costume for the All Saints’ Day celebrations.

free printable halloween mask

Finally, two options are available to you:

  1. Punch two holes on each side of the mask after printing and coloring it. You have to put it on your face to see where exactly you need to do them. Then attach an elastic band. It’s more practical for children.
  2. For adults, it is better to glue a wooden holding stick on the lowest part of the mask and hold it in front of the face like in a Venice ball.

How to Make a Flower Crown?

As you can see in the first photo, flowers are an essential part of the mask. So here is a video tutorial on how to make an easy DIY headband. Remember that you can also use fresh flowers, but they will wilt within a few hours.

Halloween Decoration with a Mexican Day of the Dead Mask

wooden mask diy halloween decoration tonythetigersson

If you have old pallets or wooden planks, you can cut them, glue them and then paint a beautiful mask that will decorate your balcony or porch during the holidays.

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