History and Origin of the Witch Halloween Costume + Ideas for Your Spooky Party Outfit!

by Kremy

We are in the middle of the magical season and the cold and cloudy weather outside is a proof of that! The figure of the witch has always aroused contradictory feelings: admiration or fear. However, we can’t deny that she is, above all, iconic. Let’s take a look at some witch Halloween costume ideas!

sorceress costume for halloween

What Is the Origin of the Witch’s Costume?

The modern representation of the witch as we know it was actually not the same many years ago. Once upon a time, they were ordinary women. They were the village healers, those who picked herbs and dried flowers. The history of witchcraft has, however, changed over the centuries. Most women who were judged as such and considered evil were no different from ordinary women. And the witches in black dresses and pointy hats that we see today in films, TV series, paintings and books don’t quite reflect reality…

why witches wear pointy hats

According to History.com, the pointed hat was actually similar to the type of hat women wore in the 17th century. They wore them everywhere when they went out. And the black dress? It is actually a simple representation of a time when common people did not have access to colorful and elegant fabrics to sew their clothes. And the broom? It’s actually quite interesting. In pagan times, long ago, brooms were used in fertility rituals in which people danced with them on the full moon. The first depiction of an “enchantress” on her broomstick has been dated to 1451, when mass hysteria slowly began to manifest and spread across Europe, which inevitably led to the witchcraft trials we are all familiar with.

What we can take away from this information is that the witch herself is first and foremost a woman. She carefully sews her clothes in darker colors, uses her broom not to go to the Satanic Sabbath, but to clean her house, and prepares healing potions based on vegetable oils. She’s simple enough, but her darkness-shrouded silhouette has become a staple of Halloween costumes and spooky stories. If you’d like to pay tribute to this magical figure and are looking for an easy-to-make Halloween costume, take a look at our gallery.

Last Minute Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re in love with the mystical witch and her many variations, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to dress up as one for Halloween! An essential character in films and books, she has become the embodiment of darkness and magic. However, if you’ve been watching TikTok for the past three or four years, you may have noticed that this personality has received more attention. More and more people are looking into the history of witchcraft, witchcraft trials and what it really represents. And the verdict is clear: this oh-so-satanic character isn’t all bad after all. Long feared, she is today accepted as a strong woman. And since on October 31 we dress up not only to have fun, but also to ward off evil spirits, this type of magical costume is completely appropriate! The DeaVita team offers you five for witch Halloween costume ideas that you can easily recreate!

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Chic Witch Costume / Hocus Pocus

chic witch costume hocus pocus

“Hocus Pocus” is an iconic film and all three main characters have impeccable style! This idea is probably a little harder to recreate due to the complexity of the characters’ costumes, but with a little color coordination, makeup, and the right hairstyle, you can definitely make it happen with your friends!

salem witch halloween costume

How about a chic and classy idea? Be the mysterious pin-up with flawless dark makeup and hair and the gift of levitating objects! You can take an apple, pass a transparent string through it and wrap one end around your finger. So, when you raise your arm, you will create the impression of levitating the apple with your thought!

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Pagan Witch Costume

pagan witch costume

Another original idea will put your artistic side to the test! You can use white or black makeup to achieve this look. Get tribal tattoos, draw triangles and moons. Add natural accessories to your hair and keep the outfit simple.

pagan witch costume halloween

Another cool idea is to draw protective runes on your face. You can Google the meaning of each rune and do some rune witchcraft on your face! Otherwise, if it’s too simple for you, here’s a YouTube makeup tutorial for a pagan sorceress by Livkae:

Circe Halloween Costume / Hecate

costume circe halloween

Have you heard of Circe? The iconic enchantress, daughter of Helios and the nymph Perse, is known for transforming her enemies into animals in order to punish or poison them! There are many representations of this enigmatic figure shrouded in mystery, allowing you to tailor your costume to your liking. Dark makeup, long hair and a long dress will be enough to recreate Circe!

witch halloween costume ideas hecate

If you are a witch yourself or have any knowledge of witchcraft, legends and myths, you have certainly heard of Hecate. The Greek goddess of magic and the moon is known to carry a torch or keys. It’s up to you to choose the accessories! You can incorporate the phases of the moon into your makeup to make your character more recognizable.

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Tribute to The Women of Salem

chic witch costume

We all know what happened in Salem in 1692 and 1693. Over 200 people (mostly women) were accused of witchcraft by the Puritans and 19 of them were executed. Although this historical period requires an understanding of the facts and the struggles of these people, you can pay tribute to those involved in the trials by learning a little history and wearing a modern witch costume.

salem witch halloween costume ideas

If you really want to represent the women of this era, a more complex costume is necessary. Women wore simple, long dresses in colonial Massachusetts, with aprons and white collars. Makeup should be minimal and the emphasis should be on the historical accuracy of the costume rather than the scary look.

Hogwarts Student Costume

costume hogwarts witch halloween 2023

Will it be a normal Halloween if at least one person isn’t dressed as a Harry Potter character? No! If you’re out of ideas and need a last minute witch Halloween costume, why not dress up as a young Hogwarts student? Use a long-sleeved white shirt and a long black vest. You can add a striped scarf or a striped tie to complete the look. Grab a branch to use as a wand, and hold a book — those potions aren’t going to make themselves!

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