Halloween fancy dress costumes – inspiring princesses and witches

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Halloween fancy dress costumes are not only for little girls. We will show you an amazing collection of inspiring princess and witches dressed in most beautiful dresses. Why don’t you treat yourself with something exclusive? Haute couture is not only for fashion podiums. It is created to inspire and it really does. It is true that many Halloween costume ideas offer numerous horror costumes, spooky, creepy costumes, sometimes funny, sometimes cute, but when you are in search for a different perspective we want you to get inspired by the most beautiful modern city princesses, movie princesses… and witches.

Halloween fancy dress costumes – a fairy-tale Halloween story

Halloween fancy dress costumes for women fairy tale costumes

Every girl is a princess. Every grown up girl is a grown up princess. The magic of fairy-tales is something that we all grew up with and Halloween fancy dress costumes transform every girl into a princess. There is a vast choice of Halloween costumes for girls – Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, Snow white but we are used to see little girls wearing them. Luckily, Hollywood has offered a number of movies based on the most famous fairy tales and we have seen some stunning dresses. Cinderella is just one example and the magnificent blue ball gown is absolutely stunning. Snow White: The Fairest of Them All is another example – an adorable dress from Medieval times in beautiful deep red color. Disney’s princesses are a constant inspiration for Halloween costumes and Elsa and Merida are among the most popular and loved ones.

Halloween ideas and costumes for women Marie Antoinette


Kirsten Dunst in “Marie Antoinette” is dressed in incredible dresses. The fashion of the 1700s is presented in the most beautiful and romantic way. Spectacular hair styles and wigs decorated with flowers, brooches, feathers, ribbons – numerous opportunities.

Halloween ideas for women alice in wonderland queen

What would you choose to be – The Red Queen or the White Queen? Alice in Wonderland provides many ideas for Halloween fancy dress costumes and the latest version of the movie features even more original ideas.

Halloween fancy ideas costumes women elsa

Do you need a unique, awesome costume for Halloween? Then be a princess!

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Halloween fancy dress costumes – transform yourself into an haute couture witch

Halloween fancy dress costumes Halloween costumes for women snow white and the huntsman

Halloween witch costumes are a classic and the pointed hat, the broom and striped stockings have become symbolic for the holiday. However, being a witch does not necessarily involve a pointed hat and a broom. We have selected some of the most impressive and spectacular Halloween fancy dress costumes of movie witches. You do not need a green face, fake wrinkles, a wart or a black cloak. Here is a proof that a witch can look as good as any princess.

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Halloween fancy dress costumes Halloween costumes for women cruella

Kruela de Ville from the movie “1001 Dalmatians” – the stunning performance of Glenn Close created a vivid and memorable character. You know, in fairy tales all exaggerations are allowed and the makeup and costumes can build really amazing characters.

Halloween costumes for women maleficent

Maleficent – an incredible character performed by Angelina Jolie in this new interpretation of the story of Sleeping Beauty. A witch or a bad fairy – the choice is yours, but for the last couple of years Maleficent is especially popular and you can find the costume and make up in almost every costume store.

Halloween costumes for women Snow White

Charlize Theron as the evil stepmother Ravenna in “Snow White and the Huntsman” looks amazing (not that you’d expect anything else) in every costume. You have a choice of about 20 costumes – from the wedding dress of Ravenna, decorated with small bones (made from parchment) to the black cloak of feathers of cock and the crown of dark metal with sharp edges.

Halloween costumes for women mirror mirror on the wall

Julia Robert as the evil queen Clementine from “Mirror, Mirror” is one of the most interesting evil queens dressed in cinema. If you are attracted to dresses with corsets and you look for Halloween fancy dress costumes, this movie provides a lot of ideas and you can be really creative and original in your Halloween costume.

Halloween costumes for women Narnia queen

Tilda Swinton as the White Witch in “The Chronicles of Narnia” is an inspiring character when it comes to unique Halloween costumes. With a crown of ice chunks and amazing dresses you can create the look of the White Witch.

Halloween costumes for women Game of thrones

Game of Thrones offers numerous ideas for Halloween fancy dress costumes – Cersei Lannister , Melisandre, Daeneris – incredible characters performed by talented actresses.

Halloween fancy dress costumes – a modern city tale

Halloween costumes for women sex and the city red black

Classic costumes will never go out of fashion and after the plethora of amazingly beautiful princesses and witches, characters inspired by books and movies, we have to look at modern times and the new fashion icons. You can add a sophisticated style and choose Halloween fancy dress costumes from Sex and the City – the series that triumphed for the last decade. Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic outfits are an excellent choice for a modern girl and when you look for a cool idea for Halloween costumes for groups you can choose from the thousands of elegant outfits of Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha. You want to be sexy and fashionable? Not a problem!

Halloween costumes for women Sex and the city Carrie and Big

Enjoy the gallery of the amazing Halloween fancy dress costume ideas, choose your character, stand out and be absolutely irresistible on the Halloween party!

Halloween dresses for women

Halloween dresses for women mirror mirror

Fairy tale costumes for Halloween merida

fancy costumes for Halloween elsa frozen costume

costumes for Halloween game of thrones

Cool costumes for Halloween Anne hathaway ella enchanted

fancy dress Halloween ideas for women disney cinderella movie wedding dress

fairy tale Halloween costumes for women snow white

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