Halloween costumes for horses – creative ideas for pet costumes

by Kremy


Halloween costumes for horses are fun! People with pets know that it takes some time and thinking to decide how to dress up your cat or dog. Some people even choose a Halloween costume for pet to match the family costume theme. What happens if your pet is not a dog or a cat, but a horse? Well, it does take some creative thinking to find out or craft a Halloween costume for a horse. We have selected 20 ideas which will help you for the coming October!


Halloween costumes for horses using paints




When you are looking for ideas for Halloween costumes for horses, one of the easiest ways to create an interesting and original vision is to use paints. Paints are inexpensive and allow you to cover areas of your horse’s body that you may not otherwise be able to decorate. The advantages of using paints are that they cannot blow in the wind or startle your horse and they are also durable to last through the day. Of course, you need to have a good idea what exactly you want and how you are going to paint the horse. You could create combo costume for horse and rider. One of the most impressive paint costumes for horses is the skeleton. You may use certain templates to paint the bones of the horse and you will need simple black and white paint which can be washed away easily, safe colored hair spray is going to be very helpful. If you prefer a funnier look, use paints in different colors and draw a rainbow or simple colorful polka dots. A horse looking like a giraffe? No problem, if your painting skills are as good as your riding ones. You can transform the horse into a cow with body paint and a fake udder.

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Halloween costumes for horses – creative and fun ideas



Halloween costumes for horses can be a fun craft project. Although the idea for dressing up a horse in a Halloween costume seems unusual to many people, more and more horse owners are looking for creative and easy ideas for Halloween costumes for horse and rider. Some companies offer interesting accessories. For example, if you want to turn your horse into a unicorn, you can buy a unicorn horn or craft it by yourself from cardboard. Horses and ponies can be superheroes – Batman, Superman or any other superhero. A policeman and prisoner is a really funny idea for horse and rider costumes. Harry Potter, Robin Hood, a dragon, a groom in a tux, a pirate – these are just some awesome ideas which you will see in the gallery below. Enjoy these incredibly original Halloween costumes for horses and if you happen to own a horse you will be inspired for the coming Halloween!




















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