Halloween Craft with Paper Straws – Do You Prefer Dancing Bats or Skeletons?

by Kremy

What to do on a rainy day with kids? To make the most of the kids’ free time, we are learning about manual activities adapted to the current season. Here are two great ideas for Halloween craft with paper straws that even kindergartners can imitate!

Original Halloween Craft Ideas with Paper Straws

halloween craft with paper straws flying bats

As Halloween approaches, paper crafts and DIY projects with recyclable materials are very popular among children of all ages. We use paper plates, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, etc. Today’s projects take advantage of another prosaic item: drinking straws.

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Halloween Bat Craft with Paper Straws

halloween tutorial diy paper straws cute bats

Bats are super cute creatures and the steps to make them from straws and cardboard are elementary to follow even for young children. Before you roll up your sleeves, get the following supplies:

paper straws halloween crafts for kids
  • corrugated cardboard
  • paper straws (Halloween motifs are best, but not necessarily)
  • black card stock
  • twine
  • glue stick
  • googly eyes
  • scissors

free printable bat template


printable bat template halloween craft ideas

To get started, print the attached bat template or, if you’re particularly artistic, draw your own. We offer you 2 free printable templates on an A4 sheet – a large stencil or four smaller designs. After printing it, trace your bat onto the corrugated cardboard and cut it out.

paper straws halloween crafts for kids how to make bats

Next, use the same pattern and cut out the bat bodies from the black cardstock. Glue the bodies to the cardboard and prepare two paper straws for each little bat.

paper straws halloween crafts for kids step by step bats

Line the straw with the cardboard wings and cut it into several segments. Glue the pieces of straw to the wings so that they do not stick out on either side.

halloween bats tutorial paper straw craft ideas

Finally, glue the googly eyes onto the bats’ faces and add a piece of twine so you can hang your cool creations. Here’s a great Halloween craft with paper straws in no time!

diy paper straws cute bats tutorial

How to Make Dancing Skeletons from Straws and Black Paper?

kindergarten halloween crafts with straws black paper skeletons

The second Halloween craft with paper straws that we want to present to you is just as simple and can be done even at the last minute as its materials are ordinary. Children find these dancing skeletons very amusing and, at the same time, it is a good opportunity to talk about the bones of the human body. Anatomy lesson for beginners! The equipment you will need is:

  • 3 or 4 paper straws for each skeleton*
  • black card stock
  • small to medium-sized googly eyes
  • white marker
  • scissors
  • glue stick

*this Halloween straw craft works best when the color of the straws is light so that it most closely matches the bones of the skeleton and provides contrast with the black backdrop.

paper straws halloween crafts for kids skeletons

To make the leg bones of the skeletons, cut the first straw into 4, leaving the first 2 segments slightly longer than the second.

paper straw skeleton halloween craft ideas bones arms body

Do the same to make the arms, but reduce the length of each straw segment. Next, cut 8 small pieces of straw about 0,5 inches/1.3-1.5 cm long for the ribs and spine. Use half a straw for the backbone.

easy paper straws halloween crafts for kids skeletons

Looking at the photos above, begin gluing the pieces onto the black cardstock to shape your dancing skeleton. Start with the spine and legs, then do the arms and ribs.

paper straws halloween crafts for kids skeletons hand skull

Finally, use the white marker to draw 5 small lines for the fingers and one line for the feet. Draw the skull and add thin lines for the teeth and nostril holes. All you have to do is glue the googly eyes and you’re done!

Nothing is more fun than Halloween crafts with paper straws!

paper straws halloween crafts for kids black paper funny skeletons

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