How to Dress Classy in Winter after 60? 5 Must-Have Pieces to Achieve Chic Looks

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The good weather is coming to an end, the days are becoming cooler and grayer… Fall is almost over. But you definitely shouldn’t let your good mood go away with the sun! And what’s the safest way to get in a good mood every morning? Opt for an outfit in which you feel beautiful and elegant, of course! Since we understand that it’s not easy to know what to wear when it’s cold, especially after a certain age, our stylists are here to give you lots of advice how to dress classy in winter after 60.

How to Dress Classy in Winter after 60?

how to dress classy in winter after 60 2023 2024

Getting dressed in winter is often a real challenge! It is sometimes very difficult to create outfits that are both comfortable and elegant, especially after the age of 50 when the body is no longer the same as it was at 30 or 40 years old. After 60, it’s completely understandable to put comfort first, sometimes neglecting style and elegance. But isn’t it possible to have the best of both worlds? How to dress classy in winter after 60?

In fact, it’s entirely possible to wear chic and appropriate outfits even when it’s cold! There are fashion tips that can help you create the ideal wardrobe for a modern 60-year-old woman look that Deavita stylists are happy to share with you! Want to know what are the essential pieces for the cold season for a capsule wardrobe?

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Stylist Tip: Use the Layering Method to Dress Classy In Winter After 60

perfect wardrobe 60 year old woman chic winter rejuvenating outfit

What is “layering”? This is a stylist’s method of layering several layers of clothing, creating an outfit made up of thinner pieces. These looks are perfect for transitional seasons when it’s neither too cold nor too hot, since you can easily add or remove pieces to feel more comfortable.

In winter, when it’s cold, sleeveless cardigans that you can wear over an oversized blouse are excellent garments to have in your wardrobe. Combine with slim or wide-leg pants or a satin skirt and you’ve got a trendy look that’s also super elegant.

Opt for a Beautiful Coat

modern rejuvenating winter outfit woman 60 years 2023 2024

The coat is undoubtedly an essential piece when you want to dress classy in winter after 60 years of age. Yes, we love down jackets for walks in the park. But nothing can replace a beautiful wool or faux fur coat for those moments when you want to be elegant! For the 2023-2024 season, long wool coats in black or camel are very trendy and really chic. However, it’s important to take your body shape into consideration when buying your new coat, and avoid models that are too long if you’re petite. Also opt for quality material to take your look up a notch.

Wear a Tweed Dress

qwhat winter dress for 60 year old woman how to dress chic 2023 rosiequinnstyle

Tweed dresses are a must when it comes to winter style and elegance. This material is once again among the biggest fashion trends and in addition to being chic, it also keeps you very warm when it’s cold outside. Choose a black dress a little above the knees for a classic look that you can wear for every type of occasion. Or opt for a bright color like candy pink or blue for a touch of pep to your everyday style.

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Invest in a Blazer

elegant outfit woman 60 year old winter trend 2023 2024

The blazer is a universal piece that can be worn with almost everything: a dress, elegant pants, jeans or even a skirt. To dress classy in winter after 60, this year you have the choice between oversized and short blazers. Choose the one that best suits your body shape and also depending on the outfit with which you plan to wear it. Always combine with accessories like a beautiful necklace, scarf or sunglasses.

Try Suit Pants

dress classy in winter after 60 2023 2024 suit pants

Suit pants or tailored pants have become very popular in recent times for assembling elegant outfits. For a modern and rejuvenating look at 60, combine it with a turtleneck sweater or with a sleeveless cardigan and blouse underneath. You don’t have to wear it with a matching blazer – pair it with a wool coat or modern trench instead.

Choose Your Accessories Carefully

how to dress classy in winter after 60 chic outfits

Accessories are essential to properly “style” an outfit. Even if you wear beautiful clothes of excellent quality, if you don’t combine them with appropriate accessories, you will never be satisfied with your look. To dress chic after 60 also means accessorizing your clothes well. Scarves , hats, jewelry, gloves and even sunglasses are a great way to add more color, pattern and texture to your winter looks. Perfect for giving a little more pep to a flat, monochrome outfit!

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