Casual Fall Dresses for Women Over 60 – These Are the Trends That We Are Most Excited About!

by Kremy

What are the fashion trends for fall 2023? How to choose the best and most suitable when we are over 60? Here are our favorite casual fall dresses for women over 60 that you can wear every day!

With a carefully chosen casual dress you can assemble different fall outfits for walks around the city and meetings with friends. You’ll ask – what are the best dresses for mature women? We have the answer – the ones that provide maximum comfort when wearing and make you feel good and self-confident.

What To Consider When Choosing Casual Fall Dresses for Women Over 60?

casual fall dresses women over 60 trends 2023

Despite the fact that a dress is a statement on its own, women over 60 are aware for the age related body changes and some figure problems that they might want to hide. Of course, you know what is best for your body shape and how to highlight your best features. Casual fall dresses for women over 60 come in a variety of styles that will help hide the flaws of the figure. For example, if you want to hide your belly, opt for a free or A-line cut. Wrap dresses are perfect for ladies with wide hips. They accent the waistline and hide the shortcomings.

Casual Fall Dresses for Women Over 60 – Cozy and Warm Colors and Prints for the Cold Days

casual fall dresses for women over 60 cozy and warm colors and prints


Many ladies change the bright summer colors for darker shades in the fall. However, every season comes with its fashionable palette and fall 2023 is no exception. Did you know that red is one of the trendy fall fashion colors? No? Then keep it in mind! If you prefer the warm shades, opt for rust, terracotta, chocolate browns, olive green and the neutral shades that refresh darker clothing and make it look more elegant.

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plaid dress for women over 50 casual fall outfit trends

Plaids remain on top of trends for this fall. You can opt for darker tones and complement them with a bright coat. This will create a pleasant visual contrast and in addition, will make you look younger.

fall 2023 dresses casual outfits for women over 60

Keep your leopard print dress at hand! Yes, you can keep wearing it this season. Animal prints are suitable all year round.

fall outfits for women over 60 dresses patterns and prints

If you choose floral, geometric or abstract patterns and prints this fall, you’ll not be wrong! You just have to style them properly for the colder days.

2023 Fall Dresses for Women Over 60 Trends

2023 fall dresses women over 60 trends

The midi and maxi dresses that were trending in spring and summer remain fashionable. Shorter models like shirt dresses can be combined with leggings.

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Can You Wear Your Summer Dresses in The Fall?

can you wear your summer dresses in the fall

Sure! All you need is a denim or leather jacket to assemble the perfect casual fall outfit. Another option is to style a summer dress with a sweater and a pair of loafers or boots. Just make sure that your dresses are suitable for cooler weather or put on a pair of pantyhose to make sure you’ll not be cold in the evening.

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Fall 2023 Trends: Boho Dresses for Women Over 60

fall 2023 trends boho dresses for women over 60

Boho style is always fashionable and its colors are perfect for fall. If you love the style, a boho dress for women over 60 will be a valuable asset in your closet. Boho is all about casual, so style your dress with massive jewelry pieces, add a scarf and you’re done!

Knit Dresses for Mature Women

knit dresses for women over 60 fall 2023 fashion trends outfit ideas

For the coming fall season, one of the biggest trends is the knitted dress. A knit dress is universal and is a must have in any closet. Get one with long sleeves, it will keep you warm in cold weather. Style it with a belt, trench coat, leather jacket, ankle boots or sneakers, depending on the need of the moment to create a casual, yet stylish look.

A-Line Dresses Are Flattering to Older Ladies

a line dresses are flattering to mature women

A-line dresses are perfect for ladies with apple body shape as they create a harmonious silhouette. Choose models with minimum details and V neckline to attract the eye to the upper part of the body.

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What Fall Dresses for Women Over 60 Not to Wear?

casual outfits for women over 60 a line dress fall trends

A dress is the perfect outfit for women of any age, but it is after 60 that this type of clothing allows you to remain a real woman – graceful, aristocratic, noble and feminine. Even if you follow fashion trends, choose only the ones that make you look good.

casual chic dresses for mature women

What to avoid? Cutouts are super trendy for fall-winter 2023, but they are not really suitable for women over 60. Avoid short dresses, models with deep necklines and open shoulders that may make you look cheap. Casual fall dresses for women over 60 can be chic so, dear ladies, let’s be CHIC!

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