What Dress to Wear at 60 for the Holidays? 10 Ideas from Top Senior Influencers

by Kristiyana

No, wearing a sexy and original outfit is not just a young girl’s thing! Obviously, after fifty, there are more pitfalls to avoid, but frankly, getting dressed up isn’t too complex, as long as you have a little inspiration! Nothing is better in this regard than the ideas of the top senior influencers on Instagram! What dress to wear at 60 for the end-of-year celebrations or for another special occasion in fall/winter?

What Dress to Wear at 60? Ideas from Top Influencers

what dress to wear at 60 idea senior influencers lyn slater

Some of these Instagram fashion stars have their own clothing lines or designer boutiques, others collaborate with renowned designers and famous fashion houses, but what they all have in common is their impeccable taste and ability to make any outfit work by simply wearing it with your head held high! So here are their ideas on what dress to wear at 60.

Grece Ghanem and Her Infallible Style for Any Occasion

what dress to wear at 60 idea according to greece ghanem chic party idea

Either way, 58-year-old Grece Ghanem’s casual chic style is truly inspiring, and you don’t have to be over 50 to learn some fashion lessons from the senior icon.

what dress to wear at 60 idea mix match metallic greece ghanem

Lamé, metallic effect fabrics, gold shoes and clothing… Every year, on the eve of the holidays, metallics are back, and we can combine their different finishes in a “mix & match” way to take the trend further!

what dress to wear at 60 idea year 90 minimalist accessories flashy

According to Grece Ghanem’s Instagram profile, the theme behind this outfit was “90s minimalism and eye-catching accessories.” Certainly, the two go perfectly hand in hand, especially when we talk about special occasions.

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What Dress to Wear at 60 According to the Accidental Icon?

dress to wear at 60 floral idea long sleeves lyn slater iconaccidental

Well known by fashionistas around the world via her Instagram account @iconaccidental and her magnificent website/blog of the same name, Lyn Slater is another rich and artistic personality to follow for fashion inspiration for mature or young women.

Top idea for a kimono type dress from Danish design by Stine Goya

what dress to wear at 60 years old idea lyn slater danish design stine goya

Original Ideas by New Yorker Elaine Davis

what dress to wear at 60 fall winter 2023 holidays end of year ideas

New Yorker Elaine Davis, found online as @squarepearls, has her own clothing store and her signature style is making capsule wardrobe staples and breathing life into older pieces by adding new accessories.

what dress to wear at 60 mango dress jacket thefrankieshop shoes zara

The example above proves that you don’t necessarily have to spend a bunch of money on designer pieces in order to look stylish. In this case, the dress to wear at 60 is Mango, the jacket is The frankieshop and the shoes are Zara for a flawless classic look with a modern touch.

Full of Color and Good Humor Via Linda Rodin

what dress to wear at 60 multicolor idea linda rodin lindaandwinks

Finally, Linda Rodin, @lindaandwinks, who creates her own clothes and sells them through her Linda Hopp Pop up shop, is the personification of youthful allure, cheerfulness and bold color combinations. The senior designer works a lot with blue jeans to show that wearing denim over 40, 50 or 60 is not actually taboo.

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Dress idea to wear at 60 combining green knitting & indigo denim

what dress to wear at 60 denim collection idea linda hopp pop up shop



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