What Is the Best Dress Length? The Right Choice for Ages from 20 to 70

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

What is the best dress length for my age? This is a question that a lot of us women come to ask in certain periods of our life. Can I wear a mini dress in my 40s? Is it okay to show more of my legs if I am over 50? Get the answers to all of these questions now by following our guide for the best dress length for women of ages from 20 to 70!

What Is the Best Dress Length According to Your Age ?

best dress length for women from age 20 to 70 advice fashion style

Each age we reach in our lives has its own benefits when it comes to fashion. In your 20s, you get to experience different fashion trends, as most of them basically target younger groups and you don’t need to have any specific personal style. While as you age, you get to wear more classy outfits, that would just look out of touch if you tried them on when you were 20-something. A dress is a piece of clothing that I think most women should have in their closets, as it can create an outstanding feminine and chic look. There are so many different types to choose from, that sometimes picking the right one can feel overwhelming. But which dress length would be best for your depending on your age? Keep on reading to find out.

Best Dress Length for 20-somethings

mini dresses

How to choose the best dress length for a woman in her 20s? Your 20s are all about experimenting, so now is the time when you can wear basically any dress length there is! You can wear very short ones like this mini dress, or long ones like a Boho-style maxi dress.

shirt dresses

T-shirt dresses are also a clothing item that every woman in her 20s can fully enjoy, without having to fear that some of them might be a bit shorter than expected. Now is the time to show off your beautiful thighs! However, when picking out a dress for a 20-year-old woman or over, you should of course also take into consideration your body measurements and lifestyle. Some of these short dresses might not be appropriate to wear in the office.

What Dress to Wear in Your 30s?

what is the best dress length

When you reach 30, comes the time to focus on adding some class and sophistication to your closet. If you are taking care of your figure and still feel like you can enjoy some of your more-youthful and short dresses, wear them! The age of 30 is still pretty young, so you can sport a cute sun dress, just ease up on the minis.

best dress length for your 30s

Pair a cute-above the-knee dress in a neutral colour with a blazer or denim jacket to create a chic and stylish look in your 30s. Complete the outfit with shoes that match your scarf or handbag. Your 30s are about still being young enough, yet investing in quality and classic pieces that you can wear for years to come. Don’t pay so much attention to the trends.

Best Dress Length for Women in Their 40s

how to dress in your 40s

40s are the new 20s, am I right? By the age of 40, you have probably figured out by now what sits well on you and what just doesn’t. A woman in her 40s has to have confidence and style. A bodycon dress can be a perfect fit for any 40-year-old-woman. It nicely shapes your body, and its length is perfectly age-appropriate, yet you still get to show off part of your beautiful legs.

best dress length for a 40 year old woman

In your 40s, opt for dresses in quality materials. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment sometimes. Your 40s are the time when you don’t really care what people think. Mix a cute long t-shirt dress with a blazer and loafers, or wear a beautiful summer dress above-the-knee with statement high heels. The choice is yours.

What Is the Best Length of Dress for Over 50?

For a woman in her 50s, it’s best to opt for a dress or skirt that has a length above the knee or one slightly above. Maxi dresses are a great choice, as well as designs that drape around you. Don’t wear ones that are too short or show too much skin, as this can create an unflattering look.

how to dress in your 50s

Basically, the same best dress length rules that apply to a woman in her 40s, can apply to one in her 50s. If you feel like you have stunning legs you can show off, do so, but only with a dress that is slightly above your knees, no more.

what is the best length of dress for over 50

Appropriate Dress Length for Women in Their 60s

what dress length should an older woman wear

Which dress length is best for a woman in her 60s? Firstly, you should steer clear of the “grandma” fashion style. Just because you are 60 or over, doesn’t mean that you have to wear this aesthetic. Don’t purchase any pastel or small floral designs. Opt for bright colours and bold florals to create a chic and stylish look. Also, you can never go wrong with a classic black and white dress.

best dress length for 60 year old woman

Wear long dresses that show a little bit of your calves. Even if you feel like you still have nice legs, it’s better to keep them covered, as wearing a shorter dress might be seen as not age-appropriate. You can also get some of your dresses fitted at the tailor, so they can sit better on your body shape.

Which Dress Length Is Best for a 70-year-old-woman?

best dress length for 70 year old woman

Likewise, what you can wear in your 60s, you probably can wear in your 70s as well.  However, you should keep in mind that what you wear also largely depends on how you are ageing. Some women’s bodies just age better than others, and vice versa. Women over 70 or 60 who are overweight can face more issue when it comes to picking out the best outfits. But anything is possible, ladies.

how to dress in your 70s

A long dress fitted to your body type can create a stunning and classic look fit for a fancy occasion. Any women in her 70s can look good with the right styling tips and tricks. Don’t you think?




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