Does Black Hair Make You Look Younger? 17 Youthful Hair Colours to Try in 2023

by Kristiyana

If you have tried different hair dyes throughout the years, you probably have noticed that each of them has its own effect on the way you look. Some hair colours can create the illusion of a slimmer face, make you look younger, or not sit that well with your complexion. Reminds me of the late summer days two years ago when my hair was pink and my skin tone had turned darker from the sun. Yikes! A lot of women also think that darker hair colours can hide away a few years from their age, but is that really the case? Does black hair make you look younger? Which other colours can have the same effect? Find out now!

Does Black Hair Make You Look Younger?

does black hair make you look older

If you used to have naturally dark hair like I do, but have dyed it for far too long, it can be quite difficult to get your original hair colour back. Believe me, I know. Sometimes you might think that the best solution is to opt for a darker tone than your original one, so you can cover the dye you currently have. But often, black shades can make you look older, as they can create a washed-out look for your skin. If your skin is lighter, a black hair colour can outline your wrinkles and creases. And we don’t want that now, do we? How to prevent this? Opt for a hair colour that WILL actually make you look younger. Keep on reading to find out which they are!

What Hair Color Make You Look Younger?

To hide a few years off your age, hair experts recommend going for shades lighter than your natural hair colour. As an example, if you have dark brunette hair, opt for caramel or honey gold highlights. Red shades like copper or auburn can also make you look younger. For blondes, opt for honey blonde, champagne, or strawberry tones. These colours will brighten your complexion and lift your facial features.

Hair Colours That Can Hide Away a Few Years

golden chocolate hair


Want to spice up your brunette hair, so you can look younger? Opt for a beautiful chocolate brown base with a golden balayage. This will create a stunning shade that will easily catch the rays of light like a blonde hair colour, yet you still get to keep your dark natural roots. You can also have lighter pieces around your face to frame it.

Champagne Blonde to Look Younger

which shade of blonde to choose

Which blonde tone to choose for a youthful look? I think the beautiful champagne blonde hair colour will do you justice. This blonde tone is much warmer than a platinum one, as the yellow base brings out your natural hair colour and brightens your complexion overall. The buttery hair colour adds a softness to your face, which is just what your ageing skin needs.

Youthful Auburn Red Hair Colour

auburn hair colour will make you look younger

Or I just love anything in red, really. I used to have a full head of bright red hair, but decided to switch up my look by leaving by darker natural roots and my colour gradually changing down towards auburn red. You can opt for the same, or just go for a full-on head of auburn red. Auburn highlights can also look amazing on brunettes, as they will create dimension for your hair.

Strawberry Blonde Brightens Your Face

caramel hair colour to look younger

Why not go strawberry blonde this 2023? This hair colour is great for any blonde or redhead who is searching for a more youthful look. A bright blonde tone with soft hints of strawberry hues will brighten your complexion. Looks especially well on women with cooler skin tones. Make sure you get a gloss every six weeks to preserve the vibrancy of the reddish tones.

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Soft Black Hair to Make You Look Younger

does black hair make you look younger

And if you still think that going black is a good idea to hide away a few years, then I would advise you to try this soft tone as opposed to a jet black one. Opt for a muted black shade in order to create a healthy and shiny look for your hair. The colour in the picture is between a brown and a black, and will sit much softer and natural than a harsher dark tone.

Caramel Highlights for Ageing Brunette Hair

caramel blonde hair for older women

Again on the topic of brunette hair, caramel highlights can also create a stunning and youthful look for any woman. Not only will they soften your facial features, but they are also relatively easy to maintain. You can even get caramel highlights only around your face and on your tips for an even more effortless look. This colour will add the vibrancy and energy that your ageing brunette hair deserves.

Trendy Herringbone Highlights to Look Younger

herringbone highlights for older ladies

Ever heard of herringbone highlights? This colouring technique is regarded by experts to be one of the best types of highlights for gray hair. They are carefully crafted by weaving a pattern of similar tones through fine sections of the hair to complement your natural and graying colour. These highlights don’t intent to hide, but celebrate gray hair. And, they create a gorgeous and youthful look. Don’t you think?

More Hair Colours That Will Make You Look Younger

golden brunette hair

Champagne blonde with darker roots for a youthful look

which hair colors make you look younger

Auburn red hair colour for women over 50

auburn hair 2023

Another darker tone you can pick to look younger

black hair to look younger

The honey blonde hair colour for women over 40

honey blonde to make you look younger

Tortoiseshell balayage to bring life back to your brunette hair

tortoiseshell hair colour

Beautiful honey blonde to add a warmer touch

 honey blonde hair

Jaw-dropping chocolate brown locks

chocolate brown hair to look younger

Herringbone highlights for graying blonde hair

herringbone highlights to make you look younger

More Tortoiseshell shades for a youthful look

what hair color mkes you look younger


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