How to Store Leather Shoes Properly? 6 Easy Tips to Follow

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Everyone has at least one pair of leather shoes that they love to wear. Mine are my black leather combat boots that I have had for 2 or 3 years now. Leather has an advantage to other synthetic materials—it lasts longer, is more water-resistant and adds further style and class to your overall look. However, in order to preserve this valuable material, there are some guidelines you have to follow for properly storing it. Find out how to store leather shoes the right way in order to enjoy them for years to come!

How to Store Leather Shoes Properly?

how do you preserve leather shoes when not in use

When it comes to finding the best possible method for storing your leather shoes, there are some tips that you must follow. As an example, you should never hang your leather shoes. These type of shoes should always lie flat. Also, if it happens so that your leather shoes become soaked with water, never use a blow-dryer to dry them! The quick change from wet to heat will ruin your leather. Keep on reading to find the more useful tips for how to store leather shoes!

Store Leather Shoes in Their Original Box

keep leather shoes in shape

Do you own a big closet? Then you can easily store your leather shoes in the boxes you bought them in. So that it’s easier for you to figure out which box contains the shoes you seek, you can label them by writing the model or colour of the leather shoes in each box. Or you can even take photos, print them out and glue them on top of the boxes to find your shoes easier. Cute hack, don’t you think?

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Keep Them in a Place with Proper Ventilation

To preserve the quality of your leather shoes, it’s important for them to be stored in a place with proper ventilation. Keeping your leather shoes in a cramped area can only do damage to their shape and appearance. If you choose to store them in containers, make sure they are breathable ones. Or you can also place them on a shoe rack. Shoe bags are not a good choice here, as they can too have a negative effect on the shape of your leather shoes.

Create a Temperature-controlled Environment

Another key factor for preserving your leather shoes, is for them to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. So to speak, the shoes need to be in a place that is cool and dry. A too hot or cold temperature can have disastrous outcomes for your shoes.

Invest in Shoe Trees to Preserve Their Shape

guide to storing leather shoes

How to properly take care of your leather shoes when you are not using them? Invest in shoe trees! Insert a shoe tree in each of your leather shoes when you are not wearing them to retain their shape. Shoe trees are shaped blocks that are placed within the shoes in order to maintain their structured shape. If you think that this tool might take up too much space, you can also try stuffing your shoes with rolled-up cotton socks or newspapers.

Store Your Leather Shoes in a Dark Space

It comes to mind that if your leather shoes should be kept away from heat, then displaying them in direct sunlight would be no good as well. When you are not wearing them, store them in a space that is dark. Harsh sunlight can cause your leather shoes to fade or even bleach out.

Set Up a Shoe Rack on Your Door for Storage

how to store leather shoes properly

Okay, so you don’t have a space where you can set up a shoe rack? I had the same issue when I moved into my new flat two months ago. A useful storage idea for your shoes would be to display a rack on a door. By placing a shoe rack on your door, you will be able to arrange your leather shoes within an easy reach without sacrificing any space. You can even install a shoe rack door if you’ve got the time and resources.




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