How to organize shoes in a small space? 7 useful storage ideas that will actually help you!

by Anjelina

The struggles of every shoe lover are often linked to one question, ‘’Where to store everything?’’. The problem is even bigger when you live in a small flat or tiny house! If you recognized yourself in the previous lines, don’t worry! We’re here to give you some great ideas on how to organize shoes in a small space and help you find the best shoe storage option for you!

How to organize shoes in a small space and where to start?

where to start when organizing shoes in a small space

Once you’ve opened our article, there’s a good chance that your entryway or wardrobe is currently chaotically full of shoes, and you don’t know exactly where to start tidying up the space. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! You need to start by sorting all of your shoes. Fashion never stays in one place, and chances are some of your sandals or boots have been out of style for a few seasons now. What’s more, see if any of the shoes have defects. In such cases, consider whether it is better to say goodbye to them and make more room for new ones. In terms of children’s shoes, your child may have outgrown some of their pairs of shoes, and it may be time to get rid of them too. That’s why it’s so necessary to do an initial review of the available shoes and decide which ones you’ll continue to wear.

Shoe storage solutions for small spaces

how to organize shoes in a small space diy storage ideas


Fortunately, we live in times when furniture manufacturers are very mindful of the real needs of their customers. All sorts of storage options from shoe rack benches to hanging shoe racks have been invented for small spaces. Apart from these, you can also benefit from some tricks that we will share with you in just a moment. Let’s start with our ideas for storing and organizing shoes in a small space!

Tilting shelves for shoe storage

organize shoes in a small space shoe cabinet simple design white color tilting racks

Shoe storage cabinets with tilting shelves are a great solution for storing shoes in a small space. They don’t take up much space, and their practicality comes from the fact that when you pull the shelf towards you and place your shoes in a horizontal position, they then go vertical (when you close the cabinet), thus easily saving lots of space. Consider this type of cabinet to put near the front door so that it is as convenient as possible for everyone in your home to use. There are many different designs on the market, so it won’t be hard to choose the right one for your home!

Build shelves in tiny corners

saving space using corners at the house to built shelves for storing shoes

Sometimes it only takes a little skill to make your own shoe shelves, and it’s best if you have some empty corner in the entryway that looks unusable anyway. Make use of the space and build small shelves for one pair of shoes at a time. Decide what height and how many shelves you will actually need!

Over the door shoe rack

over the door hanging fabric shoe rack

A great space-saving idea is to use an over-the-door hanging shoe rack. This is a great solution, especially in very small homes where every square inch counts. Especially when you don’t have room for any cabinet in the entryway or your closet turns out to be too small to fit your shoes as well. Hang a similar hanging shoe rack over the door and solve all your problems! The best option is a fabric organizer with separate sections for each pair of shoes. This way you can easily wash it whenever you want!

Use the walls

using walls in small entryways wooden shoe racks

Similar to our previous idea where we used the door space, you can use the walls in your entryway in the same way. Build several shoe racks using so that you can stack shoes vertically and thus gain space. Of course, you can also buy ready-made shoe racks and just hang them on the walls. Don’t limit yourself to the low parts of the wall only. Look up and think about whether you could also use the space above the doors, near the ceiling? It could be a great idea, don’t you think?

Use boxes or wooden crates

flip flops wooden crate for storing summer shoes

Wooden crates or boxes of any material can have many uses. One of them is to help you organize shoes in a small space, of course! Make several compartments inside the crate/box to make room and separate each pair of shoes from the rest. Keep in mind that this idea is better suited for your summer shoes, and your winter boots will most likely take up an entire crate. Group shoes by purpose – sandals, slippers, kids shoes, etc. Once you’ve sorted them into boxes/crates, you can put them at the bottom of your wardrobe and save yourself a lot of entryway space!

Ottoman built for shoes

ottoman shoe storage solution for saving space modern furniture

Ottoman shoe storage solutions are really worth paying attention to when it comes to organizing shoes and saving space. This furniture can be a great piece of home decor and no one will suspect what’s hiding inside! Isn’t it just great, having a comfortable stool and storing your favorite pairs of shoes in it? And only you would know that! Clever, isn’t it?

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