What is the meet me at McDonald’s haircut? All you need to know about the “extreme” men’s hairstyle

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Ever heard of the meet me at McDonald’s haircut? Well, you will now! This hairstyle caused a lot of fuss back in 2018 and some of it is catching on to recent times as well. It’s a haircut mainly worn by men, and a choice for a lot of schoolboys. The popularity of this hairstyle is growing, and many questions have risen as to why is it so popular? And why is it called meet me at McDonald’s? Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions!

What is the “meet me at McDonald’s haircut”? 

meet me at mcdonald’s haircut_why is haircut called meet me at mcdonalds

The meet me at McDonald’s haircut is described as having close-cropped sides and a high voluminous perm-like top, with a shaved or faded back. Myles Stephenson of Rak-Su is among the celebrities who are fans of this viral hairstyle. The men’s haircut is also similar to the 2022 trendy broccoli cut. The meet me at McDonald’s cut might actually be familiar to some of the older generations, as it resembles hairstyles of the 1980s.

Where does the name of the haircut come from?

meet me at mcdonald’s haircut_broccoli haircut

This question might be hard to answer. The origin of the name has not been absolutely confirmed, as a lot of sources are claiming different things. Some say that the name comes from the fact that this haircut is mainly sported by young boys who would say “meet me at McDonald’s”, but others think that’s a bit too far-fetched. Other sources claim that a teen rapper by the name of Little T is the one who coined the iconic hairstyle. He claims the haircut is actually called the Little T Cut. All in all, to this day, no one can absolutely say where the meet me at McDonald’s haircut name came from.

Why is the meet me at McDonald’s haircut so popular?

stylish hairstyles for men_hairstyles for men 2023

To start, back in 2018, this hairstyle stirred up a lot of trouble for many schoolboys. The haircut was banned from some schools as they reported it to be unacceptable and “extreme”. News travels fast and the internet quickly got to this, so the McDonald’s haircut became a huge thing. And the smoke hasn’t blown over yet. The iconic hairdo continues to be the choice of many young men. Maybe it’s because of its natural-looking messiness with a touch of glamour, who really knows? Anyway, we can’t not give some attention to this troublesome hairstyle now, can we? Let’s have a look at some awesome takes!

Meet me at McDonald’s haircut for brunette hair

curly hair hairstyles for men_broccoli haircut

For men with brunette hair, here is an idea for your new hairstyle this 2023. Get the McDonald’s cut for a cool and sexy change to your appearance.

meet me at mcdonald’s haircut_men's haircuts

If your hair is not all that curly, the hairstyle can still work. Some fans of it even curl their ends to really make it pop.

The trendy hairstyle for men with blonde hair

men haircuts_perms for men

In my opinion, the McDonald’s cut sits best on men with blonde hair, wouldn’t you say? There is just something about blonde curls that makes me fall head over heels for them.

short mullet hairstyles_curly hairstyles for men

Another version of the McDonald’s haircut, but with this one the back end of the hair is left longer. Looks great either way, don’t you think?

Meet me at McDonald’s haircut on red heads

men hairstyles_trendy hairstyles for men

The meet me at McDonald’s hairstyle also looks amazing on men with red hair. Just look at this picture and tell me that you don’t want to get the cut right away?

 meet me at mcdonald’s haircut origin _meet me at mcdonald’s haircut

If you can grow a nice beard, this messy, but glam hairdo will fit right in with your cool guy vibe. And no one can resist the red colour, can they?

More men’s hairstyles banned to wear in schools

If you are one for stirring trouble, then you probably had fun while reading the bit about the meet me at McDonald’s haircut being banned in some schools. Do want to know which other iconic men’s hairstyles have been banned from the school system? Let’s have some fun with these rebellious looks!

The super controversial Mohawk haircut

banned haircuts from schools_mohawk haircut

Mohawks are one of the most popular hairstyles among teenagers, but they have also been one of the most controversial. While many students have embraced this cool rock hairstyle, some schools have deemed them too distracting for the classroom and have consequently banned them. This is particularly true for schools with a strict dress code, such as private schools or religious institutions.

Dreadlocks are banned from schools

dreadlocks_dreadlocks on men

Dreadlocks are another popular hairstyle that has been banned from some schools. This haircut is often seen as a way to express one’s cultural heritage and can be a source of pride for many people. However, it is sometimes seen as unprofessional. Some schools have even gone so far as to threaten disciplinary action for students who choose to wear dreadlocks.

The spiky haircut is seen as inappropriate

spiky haircuts for men_spike hair

Did you know that spikes are also banned in a lot of schools? In most cases, the school administrators believe that this style of hair can be distracting to other students or to teachers. It can also be seen as a form of rebellion against authority or an attempt to draw attention away from the classroom. For these reasons, some schools have decided to enforce a ban on spike hair. Pretty surprising, right?

All in all, the meet me at McDonald’s haircut is a fun and rebellious hairstyle that is worth trying in 2023. And if that gets you into a little trouble, well all the better, right? Hah!




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