Hairstyle Trend 2022 for Men: Rock Hairstyles Set Men Apart From the Crowd

by Kremy

Freaky men’s haircuts are often a statement, and it’s easy to see why rock hairstyles can make men quite attractive. For many, the bad boy look is a long-awaited change in style. In addition, this hairstyle has continued to gain popularity in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular among fashion-conscious gentlemen. The once “rock star exclusive” is now an all-time high, and it’s an amazing way to give your hair that bad-boy look you might be after. Here are some great examples that might motivate you even more.

How Some Rock Hairstyles Can Make Men Look Better?

rockabilly style hair trendy hairstyles for men with casual outfits

If you want to change your look, there are many haircuts for men that are both stylish and cool. As some of the most popular rock style cuts, these trendy men’s hairstyles can combine different lengths and textures to create the perfect look. Whether you want to wear short hair or long hair, these new haircut styles will take your image to the next level. A distinctive feature of edgy and rock haircuts for men, is the trend to experiment. These can be undercuts, mohawks or even hair dyed in bright shades.

90s mens hairstyle with beard and earrings


Among the advantages of choosing this style is the fact that it has enough shapes to go well with any face type. It doesn’t matter if your face shape is square, round or oval, you can get a fresh and fancy men’s haircut at the barber. However, there is a special selection of examples that show exactly how rock hairstyles make men look particularly stylish. Discover these as inspiration for your own exclusive cut.

Following the Trend With Shaggy, Medium-Length Hair

medium length shaggy hair rock hairstyles men 2022 trend

You can manage such a hairstyle by wearing your hair messy. This style suits almost any guy as long as you have a strong jawline. However, men with a rounder face may need to grow some facial hair first or you may end up looking like a balloon. Known as the rock star’s favorite, the shaggy and messy combo is not only super easy to maintain, but it also makes you look way cooler right away.

Rock Hairstyles: Wear a Fake Mohawk or a Fauxhawk

modern false mohawk cut with a beard in casual style

The so-called fauxhawk has been around for a long time, but recently it has gained a lot of popularity due to its wild and funky style. This hairstyle is especially recommended for people with round faces. In addition, the mohawk hairstyle gives your head more shape and definition while contrasting with the curve of your head. This helps avoid the baby face stigma and you will look trendier.

How Men Can Combine a Full Beard and Side Undercut As a Rock Hairstyle?

side undercut with full beard trendy combination for rock hairstyles men

Again, this style is all about another long and side-swept haircut. However, this one is cut ultra short on the sides or even shaved to create an undercut-like flare. The rock version also features unusually long and thick facial hair, which can make you look more like a tough guy.

Style Bold Shape and Texture with Wavy Bangs

textured hairstyles men trend 2022 with wavy bangs

This example shows how you can achieve something particularly eye-catching with your hair. Additionally, you can sport such a men’s hairstyle with confidence as a faux mohawk that combines a textured bangs at the top with some wild hairline designs on the side.

Combine a Longer Quiff with a Mustache

Combine a long quiff on the side with mustache modern rock hairstyles

In this case, it’s about another hairstyle in a rock hipster style. This is a medium length side slicked haircut with short sides and some vintage facial hair. There are a few versions of this men’s hairstyle known today, and you can experiment with them as you wish.

Rock Hairstyles Can Be Worn Stylishly By Men with Hair Buns

trendy rock hairstyles men 2022 with bun and shaved head sides for longer hair

There are a few components to this edgy look: a close shave on the sides, long hair on top, and a bun at the back. To top it off, you can grow out some facial hair.

Punk Style with a Psychobilly Mohawk

trendy hairstyles men 2022 psychobilly mohawk cut

When it comes to a mohawk, however you cut it, it’s an extremely fancy thing. However, this variation is an even crazier version for extreme guys who want to draw everyone’s attention. Let’s just say this haircut will make your jaw drop.

Short Haircut with Colored Bangs and Undercut

neon highlights men hairstyle trends 2022

As mentioned above, short rock hairstyles can also make men trendy. These are already perceived as fancy, but when you add a short undercut on the sides and some colored highlights, you get something very special. With this look you will definitely stand out.

Be Even More Eye-Catching with Center Parting on Top of Your Head

hipster mens haircut with center part on top of the head and mustache

Here’s another example of a truly unique hair style. Take the solid base that is an undercut and add a partition in the middle. This vintage look is great for hipsters and men with square faces when paired with facial hair, such as a mustache.

How Rock Hairstyles Make Men Stylish with a Separate Undercut

full beard and undercut rock hairstyles men 2022

Numerous Hollywood stars, such as Jude Law and style icon David Beckham, have shaped the trend with such men’s hairstyles. The undercut is perfect for those who have square faces as it contrasts with strong jawline making them look sharper and stronger.



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