Trendy Beard Fade Ideas for a Modern and Sleek Look

by Kremy

A beard has always been a sign of masculinity, and in recent years, the popularity of a beautiful and well-groomed beard has only grown. There are as many beards as there are men and as in hairstyling, barbers have trends and standards of their own. The beard fade is one of them and the popularity of this technique is not a surprise as it gives a sleek look to the facial hair. Many men ask one simple question – How do I fade my beard? We shall help you with instructions so that you can maintain your good look!

What Is Tapered Beard and How It Is Different From Fade?

Trendy Beard Fade Ideas for a Modern Look

There is no doubt that a good looking beard is a real work of art. It takes time and experience to create a balanced look of the top and bottom and of course, maintenance and care. Beard styles differ and one should carefully select the right one, just as he does with hairstyle.

When it comes to trendy beard fade ideas, we need to start with explaining the terms as they are often confused. “Taper” and “Fade” are two different things. So, what is a tapered beard? As barbers explain, a tapered beard is a style that features a gradual thinning. In simple words, a taper is used when the beard changes gradually from one length to another while the term fade is used to describe a technique where the stylist uses a clipper and blades and gradually works the length from long to super-short. The confusion of terms is understandable because all fades fall into the taper category, but not all tapers are fades. A trendy beard fade allows you to keep a longer beard, if you wanted to. Beard fade styling has variations like mid-fade, high fade, etc.

Can You Do Your Own Fade?

How to Do Your Own Fade


The simple answer to this question is – Yes, you can. Of course, you still need to visit a barber shop but knowing how to fade your beard is an important skill for men who are conscious about their appearance. You need a steady hand to be able to create a fade and, of course, a good razor. As it became clear, there are different beard fade styles, some are quite difficult to make, and if you have no experience, it is better to start with something easier.

One thing that men should keep in mind when they do their beard fade is that length is important. Beard length, just as the type of hairstyle, is a personal choice, obviously, and some men prefer a long beard while others choose shorter versions. Either way, there are trendy fade ideas for every length for every taste. For example, men who prefer to maintain the length and thickness of their beard should look at long faded beard ideas. They feature long hairs at the bottom and the fading begins at the jaw. Mid length faded beard styles have clean lines at the cheekbones and along the jawline and look neater. Short faded beards usually have definite lines under the cheekbones and along the jaw.

How Do I Fade My Beard – Follow These Simple Instructions

How Do I Fade My Beard

When you want to fade your beard, make sure you have a good razor, comb and beard trimmer and follow the instructions below!

Prepare your beard

Tapered Beard and Faded beard differences

Wash your face and beard. Use a special beard shampoo and conditioner so that the hair is smooth and soft.

Trim your beard

Mid Faded Beard fashion trends

Trim your beard to the desired length. Use the trimmer to remove excess hair and clean the neckline. Make a straight or rounded line from the top of your sideburns to the top of your mustache on both sides. If you do not want a line, just cut the wolfman hairs.

Fade your beard

beard fade ideas trends

Remember that the main rule for bear fade is to star high and go low, referring to guard numbers. A beard fade is to create a seamless look. Take your time and work slowly. Experts recommend to start with the shortest part of the fade, which is the sideburns. Trim your facial hair down to around 10mm in length, and gradually reduce this to 7mm, 5mm and eventually 3mm as you move down towards your chin. Then move downwards towards the chin fading each section of the beard. This is the more difficult part as you need to achieve a smooth flow so you need to work carefully.



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