CC anti-aging cream or foundation to naturally camouflage wrinkles after 50?

by Kremy

After 50 years of age, the makeup steps are no longer the same, because the goal is no longer the same. Fifty-year-olds have only one desire: to conceal wrinkles and have a natural complexion. In fact, that’s two! This is why it is important to find the right product. Because beyond the beauty routine, which generally depends on the type of skin, makeup at 50 also deserves special attention to show off a healthy glow. Foundation, powder, BB cream, DD, etc. There is no shortage of products suitable for mature skin. But there’s no need to pile them when you can bet on a single cosmetic that combines everything. This is particularly the case with the CC anti-aging cream! However, its choice cannot be improvised either. Here is the product to buy urgently.

CC anti aging cream or foundation after 50?

which CC anti aging cream to choose woman 50 years old anti wrinkle care

As a general rule, foundation is a makeup product with a good coverage whose main purpose is to even out the complexion, matte mature oily skin and conceal imperfections. In the form of cream or powder, its application however, requires a certain technique, unlike BB, CC and DD creams which are applied as simple moisturizers. Tinted creams combine makeup and skincare. Moreover, their use is simpler, because their pigments adapt to the natural skin tone of the face in order to even the complexion and fix the imperfections.

Nevertheless, the CC anti aging cream is not as covering as anti-wrinkle foundation. Its major advantage? It provides moisturizing and repairing care to the skin. With it, there’s no need to apply a thousand and one layers of products. For your information: some foundations also have moisturizing properties! Finally, both products offer UV protection.

What is the best CC anti aging cream for mature skin?

best cc anti aging cream that adapts to skin tone 50 year old women makeup


It doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50 or 60, preparing your complexion before applying makeup is crucial. When you move from one age group to another, your skin doesn’t necessarily have the same skin problems as it did at 20. To plump up the face and give it a youthful look after 50, moisturizing is the key! So choose a good moisturizing CC cream to even out the complexion and skip the foundation and concealer. The best product right now? To combine the advantages of a foundation, a moisturizing day care, bet on the CC cream from IT Cosmetics which has won over beautistas. Our makeup artists have already tested it and will give you their opinion below!

Why choose IT Cosmetics CC anti aging cream?

use cc bb dd cream makeup mature skin women 50 years old to look younger

To look younger, after 50, we all tend to use more products. But with the CC cream from the American brand IT Cosmetics, there is no need to bother with a bag full of anti-aging cosmetics. An all-in-1 product, this tinted cream is at the top of sales in many countries, to dethrone its “colleagues” – BB and DD creams. And with good reason. With it, the healthy glow effect is guaranteed! Let’s look at all its virtues for mature skin!

Because it’s covering enough

foundation bb cc or dd cream after 50 years old skin makeup tips

Over the years, the texture of our skin changes and requires special care, especially when it comes to makeup. At 40 and 50, when facial features begin to show and the skin loses its radiance, opt for a product that contains moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid. The main task after fifty? Moisturize, smooth and unify without a “cardboard” effect. That’s where IT Cosmetics’ CC anti aging cream comes in. A real must-have in the make-up kit for women of 50-somethings!

Because it adapts to every skin tone/type

with what to apply a cc anti wrinkle cream it cosmetics

The abbreviation “CC” stands for color correcting. The CC cream therefore adapts to each skin type and each skin tone. It contains many ingredients to treat imperfections rather than camouflage them. With less coverage than BB and DD creams, it guarantees a very natural look. To camouflage, or even erase, your imperfections, it is better to combine it with a foundation or a concealer. CC cream generally makes an excellent makeup base.

Because it is an all-in-1 product

makeup tips for women 50 years old mature skin anti wrinkle care tinted cc anti aging cream it cosmetics

The secret of this product lies in its list of ingredients. Packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen, today’s most desirable CC anti-aging cream will quickly become your new favorite cosmetic to hide the signs of aging while hydrating and pampering mature skin. Anti-aging, hydrating, nourishing, covering and protective, the CC cream has it all!

Because it also protects you from UV rays

which cc cream for mature skin to rejuvenate 2023 makeup for women 50 years old

In addition to moisturizing the skin, unifying the skin tone, fighting wrinkles, and guaranteeing a natural makeup after the age of fifty, the CC cream also protects you from UV rays thanks to its filters. And because sun protection is an essential step in every makeup routine, we apply it every day to avoid the harmful effects of the sun, summer and winter alike.

Because it is easy to apply

what age to start anti wrinkle cream how to apply cc makeup cream mature skin

Last but not least, this all-purpose product is definitely light and easy to apply, unlike foundation. It is therefore perfect for successful makeup after 50 years of age. The only downside? Once you put it on your face, you have to work it in pretty quickly, because it evaporates. And because the age of 20 is the best time to start anti-aging skin care, IT Cosmetics’ CC cream is not just for 50-somethings. You can enjoy it at any age.



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