What are the nail trends 2023? Discover what to expect in the world of nail art this year!

by Gabby

How to start the new year 2023 clean and with a fresh mindset? Let it be with a new name design that will make you happy and feel great! We all have new resolutions for this year. 2023 will be about discovering ourselves, experimenting and being bolder and more daring in our choices. This will be no different with our nails. Today I’m going to tell you which nail trends are expected to be 2023! We won’t waste any more time, let’s check them out!

What are the coolest nail trends 2023? Let’s check them out!

what are the nail trends 2023 how to do my manicure this year nails shape trendy matte

Every year brings us something different in nail design and 2023 will be no different. Overall, there are a lot of new things coming and predictions are that it will be great. At the end of 2022 we saw that many trends started to return from the past and this is expected to continue for 2023. For example, matte nail polish, chrome and many others were at the top of the most preferred list. That’s not to say that the elbow with a shiny finish remains in the background. Of course many nail artists relied on it during the holidays. But what will the trends be for 2023? I know you can’t wait to find out!

White chrome nails

white chrome nails donut glazed nail trends 2023 january how to do my next manicure ideas


Want something classic yet bold and sexy? This white chrome nails design is kind of like the Hailey Bieber donut glazed nails, but they stand out much more. They are one of my favorites, and certainly chrome nails were the hit in the last few months of 2022. We are going to see them more in 2023, but in more subtle colors like white, pink, sage, light blue, etc. If you want to start the year with something that will bring you a lot of compliments, try white chrome nails.

Black nails

black nails monochrome french manicure nail designs ideas 2023 colors

You want black nails this year? Why not make them monochrome? This nail design of using one color but in different finishes like matte and shiny, will be the “it girl” thing. Everybody will be trying it out in 2023, and you are going to see a lot of nail art where they mix both of the textures of nail polish. Black is not for everyone when it comes to a nail shade, however this year we are going to be bolder in our choices! The good thing is you can match it with everything!

Nail trends 2023: Try simple nail decorations!

simple nails ideas decoration art 2023 designs how to do my next manicure

According to many people, the way we do our nails each month reflects our mood and how we feel inside. Well, I don’t know if I believe that, but when you think about it, sometimes we want something totally clean or something with lots of stones and glitter. Let’s start 2023 on a clean slate with a simple nail design that shows we are ready to clean up our lives and be a better version of ourselves! This kind of simple designs are very suitable if you don’t just want color, but want something different yet elegant and timeless. If you are wondering how to do your nails in January 2023, this is the perfect inspiration.

Ombre nails

ombre nails ideas design art colors nail trends 2023

Just like the French manicure, ombre nails will always be in fashion. They are suitable both for every day and if you go to an event where you are required to be more elegant. You can never go wrong there, and you can combine white with some other color that blends gently and beautifully. Very suitable colors for the ombre effect are white, pale blue, pastel pink, nude and others. This nail design that you see on the right picture will be one of the hits in 2023. It is kind of like an ombre, but instead of blending the colors, one of them is the accent in the manicure art.

Nail color trends 2023: Predictions cording to the nail artists

sage leaf color nails trends 2023 current shades how to do my manicure oval shape

What will be the trendiest nail colors in 2023? According to the predictions of many nail artists, one of the colors will be sage leaf. It was beginning to gain a lot of popularity in 2022, but we will see it on many nail designs in 2023. This green is one of my favorites and I absolutely love matching it with white or gold. Other shades that we will see a lot on nail art are cobalt blue, astro dust, dark purple, magenta and also forest green nails.

Other nail trends 2023 ideas

trendy nail art ideas decorations nails colors designs

Gold chrome French manicure 

gold chrome nails french manicure ideas sexy elegant trends

Cobalt blue nail design 

blue nails with flowers decoration cobalt simple nail art 2023

Matte blue nails 

matte blue nails simple nail art design ideas 2023 trends

Light purple and bronze foil nail design 

Purple and bronze foil nails ideas on how to do my manicure for 2023 and what are the current nail trends

Matte nail design 

matte nail design with black and gray simple elegant nails trends 2023

Dark blue French manicure idea 

dark blue french manicure idea how to do your nails in 2023 color trends

Mint green and gold foil nail art 

mint green and gold foil nail design elegant simple

Shiny nail art idea 

shiny nail art with glitter ideas with rhinestones nail

Silver chrome nails 

silver chrome nails trends how to do my nails in 2023 very easy and simple

Beautiful white nails decoration 

bridal nails ideas in 2023 how to do my manicure

Red nails with gold foil design 

red nails theory with gold foil simple design and art

Black polka dots and nude nail design 

polka dots nail ideas black and nude color combination

Black and white nails 

black and white nails decoration easy ideas to adapt in 2023

Simple nail decoration for 2023 

art and design on nails decorations very simple and elegant

Red and orange with golden foil

red and orange golden foil nail design 2023 what is trendy for nails

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