Forest green nails: How to wear this deep shade on your nails, according to the trends?

by Gabby

All the trends in 2022 were very saturated with everything striving for the more natural. Nature was everywhere from interior design to the fashion industry, both hair and nails. Colors that remind us of our planet and its natural features were favored. That’s why the color forest green was so popular. If you haven’t decided on your next manicure yet, why not try forest green nails? Surely it will not only be fashionable, but you’ll make a statement that you support nature and its sights! Let’s see the most iconic nail designs that will be trendy in 2023!

Forest green nails: Let’s take a dive into the deep shade of green!

forest green nails trends in manicure nail art and design ideas

What is associated with the forest green color, and why should you make it your next manicure? Well, I am going to start by saying that this shade evokes really balanced sensations, such as growth, freshness and calmness. The color is made out of all variations of green, which reminds us of a walk in the forest, hence the name. Not only that, but we have to mention that it is very chic, very easily combined with other colors and absolutely modern. How to adapt this color to your next nail art? There are many things you can try with the forest green! Let’s find out how to make your nails look amazing in green!

Dark green nails

dark green nails polish decoration nail art and design manicure trends


Not many people like to experiment with dark shades when getting a new manicure. However, that doesn’t mean that now is not the time to try it out. Firstly, I’ll tell you that people who have a skin with cooler undertones will be delighted if they get forest green nails. These are the people with skin that looks great with gray, brown, blue, and of course green. You will definitely adapt to this color quickly, and you can wear it on both short and long nails.

Forest color nail polish: Matte vs Shiny finish

dark green nails polish matte vs shiny finish forest shade how to do my manicure in 2023

The eternal question of manicure enthusiasts is matte or glоssy? Which do you prefer? I always choose glossy, but this season matte nails are certainly in. However, here we are talking about this deep green shade, which is simply irresistible! What kind of nails to do with it? Try different techniques, and experiment. And why not combine matte with shiny? There are different designs that will allow you to do it.

Forest green chrome nails

green chrome nails trends in nail design 2023 how to do my next manicure ideas

What are chrome nails? It is currently the hottest trend in nail art! These nails are made by rubbing powder that contains fine metals, glass and pigment that will make this reflective effect. You can see them in many different colors and shapes as well. You can ask your nail artist to do them with gel, acrylic or SNS. I will not stop saying that these type of nails are for someone who doesn’t want to stay unnoticed. If you want chrome nails for the holidays, you will definitely stand out, and they will make your outfit look more expensive.

Green French nails

green french nails deep shade nail art and design manicure trends 2022 holidays

French manicure is always on the top of the categories of most selected nail designs. It will never go out of style. If you dress more elegantly or more businessy in your everyday life, you need to try green French nails. But not just any green nails, the forest green will give you that chic vibe that you deserve! Don’t hesitate to make the French nails look a little bit different from the regular ones. You can try another design like shown on the picture. This is a very modern approach to the good old classic one.

Sweater nails

sweater nails forest green color trends in manicure chic stunning new years eve ideas

You opt for something cozy and wearable for your next nail art? If you haven’t noticed already, let me tell you that sweater nails are all over the internet and there are many designs that you can try. One of my absolute favorite ones is this dark green sweater nails design. Why are they called sweater nails? Because of this cute pattern that reminds you of a knitwear. How to achieve this nail design? These embossed nails are usually made with acrylic powder, stickers or gel dipped into matte powder. Most of the time you will see them in matte finish. If you are looking for a Christmas nails ideas, try adapting this one as your next manicure. Don’t walk, run to the nail salon!

Other ideas for forest color nails

dark green new years eve manicure ideas nail design and art decorations

Matte forest green ombre nails with rhinestones decoration

dark green nails matte with rhinestones decoration nail art and design

Matte sweater nails in dark green color 

matte sweater nails in dark green color decoration for the holidays

Christmas nails ideas: Forest green and white nail design 

Christmas nails decoration with snowflakes long nail art design ideas

Forest green nails mixed with a lighter green shade 

dark green nail with a lighter shade mixed nails decoration modern ideas

Dark green long sweater nails 

long green sweater nails easy to make nail art design creative for the holidays

Dark green aesthetic

dark green aesthetic forest color trends in 2023 what nails to do for the holidays

What nails to do for Christmas? Try Forest green!

what nails to do for christmas ideas art design trends

What are the trendiest nails at the moment? Check the photo to find the answer!

dark green nails long shape oval manicure trends in nail design and art

How do you feel about green French nails with gold? 

green french nails with gold foil manicure ideas for 2023

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