Which rejuvenating haircut for 70 year old women with glasses will you choose?

by Kremy

Are you looking for a new rejuvenating hairstyle? Do you find it difficult to match your hair with your glasses, or are you just curious about which hairstyles look best with glasses? Either way, we’re here to give you some inspiration and some helpful tips how to look younger and more radiant. Scroll down and find out which haircut for 70 year old women with glasses will flatter your features the most and which ones to avoid!

Haircut for 70 year old women with glasses ideas

haircut for 70 year old women with glasses

There are plenty of great hairstyle ideas for women over 70, although you may think otherwise. Do you want to look younger and more charming? Do you want to frame your face nicely while matching your hair to your glasses? DeaVita team is here to give you, lovely readers, wonderful ideas and tips that we hope will inspire you! In fact, if you’re looking for a fabulous new look for New Year’s Eve or Christmas, find out what makeup to wear at 70 that will be the most flattering for you! Now, without further ado, let’s see these rejuvenating hairstyles! And most importantly, what haircut for 70 year old woman with glasses will you choose?

The Bob haircut for 70 year old women with glasses

rejuvenating haircut for women over 70


This is by far the most elegant choice a woman can wear when she wants a dramatic change. The short bangs, the way the bob haircut frames the face to perfection is just… incredible! For women who have big glasses and flashy frames, we recommend the French bob haircut. It is classy, elegant and will make you look younger. Short bangs are best if your glasses are big. Why? With long bangs and glasses, there is a problem. When you have long, heavy bangs, it can actually overshadow your features. What we want to do is flatter them. In general, cat glasses will look absolutely lovely with this haircut.

hairstyle for women 70 years old with thin hair

If you have more discreet frames, longer bangs are a good choice. In fact, did you know that bangs can successfully hide wrinkles on your forehead? It’s like free botox! Curling them will also give you a softer romantic look, like in the first photo in the article. A bob haircut for 70 year old women is the perfect choice!

The pixie haircut for 70 year old women

ideas for haircut that makes you look younger

Look at these two photos. On the left, the hair falls flat and does not flatter the face at all. It looks pretty dull, actually. The hair color is also unflattering, as it doesn’t really match the tone of her face and gives her a yellow tint. After getting a lighter color to match her undertone and a pixie cut, you see how the woman’s face glows.

Haircut with bangs for 70 year old women

hairstyles for 70 year old women with glasses

The shag haircut is suitable for all ages and, most importantly, all face shapes. So you’ve got a winner if you want to bring back to life this ’70s alternative rock chick. Why is it suitable for glasses? The bangs (keep it light) and the way the hair is cut give a young and trendy look. A great styling for 70 year old women’s shag cut is to curl the ends and not make them as messy as Joan Jett’s iconic hair. You can wear it with all types of glasses, because it gives an original and eccentric look.

Long wavy bob haircut

haircuts for 70 year old women

Finally, we take a U-turn and return to the trendy long bob cut. This hairstyle was the rockstar of 2022 and will continue to top the hairstyle trends in 2023. The lob is actually a slightly longer bob cut. For women who don’t really like the very short hairstyle, the lob is a wonderful compromise. We advise you to wear it with a side parting or side bangs. Try heatless curls if you have thin, damaged hair or the Scandinavian waves trend for a more youthful look.

What haircut to avoid when wearing glasses?

Very short pixie haircut. Unless you want your glasses to be the highlight of your face, hiding your features and making your wrinkles more visible… Then you should avoid this haircut!

Thick and long bangs. As we have already mentioned above, very long and very thick bangs overwhelm your face and glasses. It will hide your eyes, distort your features and make your face look much smaller than it actually is.


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