What makeup to wear at 70? 5 expert beauty secrets for mature skin!

by Kremy

Who said you had to stop wearing makeup after a certain age? There is no age to express yourself and feel beautiful and bold! If you’re over 50, 60, or 70, I suggest you stay with us for some helpful tips for naturally beautiful women (that is, all of you queens)… And all that you need to know about makeup and mature skin! But what makeup to wear at 70? Let’s find out together!

What makeup to wear at 70 beauty secrets for mature skin

What makeup to wear at 70? Effective tips for our lovely readers

Our skin ages slowly but surely. This does not mean that we lose our ability to transform and express ourselves as we wish to feel beautiful. But that means we have to change our routine. When you go shopping for makeup or want to try something new, here’s what the best makeup artists suggest in terms of colors and products. So, what makeup to wear at 70?

Eye makeup. Nudes and all shades of brown, peach and beige are welcome. At 70, when you wear very flashy or dark eyeshadow, you are actually making the eye appear smaller than it is. A little touch of mascara and a light pencil line are always welcome.

Foundation for 70 year old women. If you have stains you want to hide, go for it! I suggest a transparent and light (and cheap!) foundation, a BB cream or a concealer. But the general opinion is the BB cream, because it doesn’t fade and gives the skin a makeup-free and luminous look at the same time!

Lipstick. It is a very vast subject! The short answer is: avoid dark and flashy colors because they make your lips look babyish and thin.

Blush+highlighter. The blush should be subtle! Choose a peach color and wear it high on the cheeks. The higher you wear it, the more it “lifts” your face. A touch of highlighter on the cheeks, nose and eyes will make you shine even more!

How to wear makeup at 70? Mature skin makeup tutorial

If you’re a fan of visual learning, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing better than seeing with your own eyes how to wear makeup. I chose a superb video. The video is short, helpful and straight to the point! Here’s how to wear makeup when you get older!

The beauty routine you need: The 5 secrets of the experts

Buying a bunch of makeup products is not enough to look fabulous. Yes, it helps, but glowing skin, rosy cheeks, the soft feeling are all the result of a good beauty routine! If you’ve never heard of this or done it, it’s not too late to start! It’s like a ritual for so many ladies around the world, and I assure you that once you try it, you won’t be able to stop!

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Did you know that cotton pillowcases make you age faster? Well, yeah! Even though this material is not harsh on our skin, it causes more fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness. What you need to do if you want more hydrated and beautiful skin is to buy silk pillowcases.

Clean the face

Many of us wash our face with soap or just use micellar water and go to bed. What you need is a good moisturizing gel wash from Avène, Clinique,La Roche Posay or Uriage, which have been proven to be the gentlest for aging skin. This gel will rid you of dust particles, dirt (if you’ve been outside) and excess oil from the day, and will hydrate your skin while leaving it soft and glowing.

Hydrate the face + SPF

After washing your face properly (don’t rub it with a towel, just let it air dry), it’s time to moisturize. You don’t need a fancy cream, just a moisturizer for women over 55. L’Oréal Paris Age Expertise Night Care 55+ or Day Care 55+ is fantastic and not expensive. Also, always use an SPF on your face before going out! Sun damage is very serious for the skin!

Do not use a lot of product

I mentioned earlier that small amounts of product are best. In general, it’s okay to wear heavy makeup on young skin, even if it still wrinkles it. However, doing this at 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on will look worse. Why? The product will accentuate your wrinkles and fine lines and they will be even more visible than without makeup. Balance is the key here.

A healthy diet?!

Finally, to look divine at 70, you have to ask yourself more than “what makeup to wear at 70?”. Everything comes from within. Did you know that scientists have found that those of us who don’t eat well (junk food, lots of processed sugar, etc.) are more prone to depression and have weight and skin issues. On the other hand, if you eat healthy and drink plenty of water, your skin will also be radiant! If you’re curious about what kind of healthy diet makes skin beautiful, check out the list of anti aging foods!




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