The Best Smokey Eye Makeup Mature Skin Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps

by Kristiyana

Can an older woman wear a smokey eye? How to achieve it without running the risk of looking older? Expert makeup artists’ advice and tutorial for creating the perfect smokey eye makeup for mature skin. 

The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Mature Skin Tutorial

smokey eye makeup mature skin tutorial expert tips advice

Think that an older woman can’t pull off a stunning smokey eye? Some of you might have heard the advice against wearing the smokey eye look if you have passed your 40s. The reason might be that this makeup technique requires a lot of eye shadow, and more makeup tends to make anyone look older. But just because it can, doesn’t mean that this couldn’t be avoided! You can perfectly well achieve a splendid smokey eye with your mature skin and look fabulous at the end. How? By following our experts’ tips and easy tutorial!

Do Your Eye Makeup First

As the smokey eye effect requires a lot of dark pigments and plenty of blending, it would be best to start working on your eye makeup first before moving on to the rest of your face. If when doing your eye makeup, some of it happens to leave marks, it would be a lot easier for you to clean it up without running the risk of disturbing the rest of your makeup. So, eyes first.

Begin with an Eye Primer Base

expert tips and advice for makeup for older eyes


No matter your age, any expert makeup artist would advise you to first apply an eye primer base. This will make sure that your smokey eye makeup doesn’t fade or smear. And for women with mature skin, is it absolutely necessary. The eye primer will smooth out the creases of mature skin, while also filling in fine lines. It’s also great for evening out your skin tone and matte downs your eyelid, allowing for better eye shadow blend and prolonged longevity. The eye primer gives you a perfect seamless base for your smokey eye.

Opt for High-quality Makeup Brushes

Which brushes are best when creating a smokey eye? The right tools are key for giving you the best makeup look. When making a smokey eye for mature skin, arm yourself with a crease brush and a paddle-shape brush. The brand MAC has quality ones. A crease brush is soft and fluffy, so it picks up and lays down less product. This makes it perfect for blending eye shadow. Whereas a paddle-shapes brush picks up and applies more product in one stroke. Experts recommend first blending your chosen smokey eye colour in your eye crease with a large crease brush. After, use a flat paddle brush to stipple the eye shadow across your lid, building a more opaque application if needed.

Which Eye Shadow Colour to Choose?

easy eye makeup for older ladies

Which eye shadow makeup is best for women over 40 or more? Makeup experts say that eye shadows with a matte finish are more suitable for mature skin types. Shimmery eye makeup can emphasize imperfections like crepey skin and harsh lines. Whereas matte tones won’t draw any attention to them thanks to their flat finish. Which colours to choose? Opt for warm hues, like dark bronze, muted gray or sepia. Build up the colour by starting sheer, layering and blending until you reach an effect you are happy with. A classic smokey eye is usually done with black eye shadow. However, do steer clear of such, as this colour will create a hard and heavy effect with your skin.

Personalizing Your Smokey Eye Look

As everybody’s eye shape is different, it is important that you personalize your smokey eye makeup to fit you perfectly. To enlarge or accentuate an area, use a deeper colour that will visually build volume. Or, if you want to make an area smaller and minimize the way it looks, apply lighter shades of eye shadow. For the perfect smokey eye effect, try applying a lighter tone on the lid, followed by a medium shade throughout the crease. Finish off with a darker colour on the outside of your eyelid. To get the shape just right – blend the edges.

More Smokey Eye Makeup Mature Skin Tips & Tricks

best smokey eye makeup for mature skin advice tutorial easy

  • Always remember to keep the skin around your eyes moisturized. The look of dry skin makes you appear older.
  • If you want a deeper, smokier look, apply a darker colour right on the socket line with a little wedge brush.
  • For mature hooded eyes, apply more product into the crease than usual. This will ensure they stay lifted and open.

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Easy & Quick Smokey Eye Makeup Mature Skin Tutorial



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