What’s the Best Color for Thinning Hair? – These 6 Looks Will Give You Instant Volume and Texture!

by Stephanie Yankova

When it comes to hair thinning, the first logical step people take is to get an appropriate haircut. Did you know that dyeing your hair can be a just as effective method that can help give your hair more dimension? What’s the best color for thinning hair? Does it look better lighter or darker? What hair color makes it look thicker? Here’s what the experts have to say!

best color thinning hair light dark blond brunette highlights lowlights salt pepper ombre balayage

Does Thinning Hair Look Better Lighter or Darker?

Women have been made to believe for far too long that thin hair looks better when it’s dyed in light colors. Before you decide to bleach your dark roots, take a moment to reconsider, because this definitely isn’t your best option! If you have naturally dark hair that’s thinning, applying bleach to it will cause extra damage to your hair follicle. As a result, you will inevitably end up losing even more hair. What you need to do instead is try to preserve and maintain your natural hair color. The most gentle and effective approach for thinning hair is to add depth and definition by incorporating highlights and lowlights. That way your hair will appear much fuller and healthier!

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What’s the Best Color for Thinning Hair?

dark brown copper ombre highlights long bob best color thinning hair ideas brunettes


Nobody is exempt from hair thinning as there are countless reasons for its occurrence. However, it can be successfully disguised with a clever hair dye job. The two main aims when choosing a suitable new hairstyle should be low maintenance and dimension. Experts suggest steering away from hair colors that require frequent dyeing, toning, or bleaching as this can lead to more hair loss in the long run. If you have naturally dark brown hair, a great way to mask any thinning and add volume is with a soft ombre. Just in time for the upcoming fall, this brown-to-copper ombre with subtle highlights will give your hair a lot of depth, and warmth and help create an illusion of fullness. The seamless transition from one color to another allows for a long low maintenance wear which will save you tons of time and resources!

Warm Lowlights on Blond Hair

thinning blond hair warm lowlights gloss depth blending

When you have thinning hair, being blond has one great benefit – it makes it less noticeable at the roots. However, having a flat one-dimensional color will make your hair appear much thinner than it actually is. To achieve a much fuller and multidimensional effect, experts suggest opting for subtle warm lowlights. Unlike the highlights which will make your blond hair appear almost translucent, the lowlights are a few shades darker than your natural color and have a polar effect. They give your hair depth and texture and best of all – they’re incredibly easy to maintain.

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Dark Roots with Baby Blond Highlights

blond highlights dark roots brown thinning hair dye ideas

By adding lighter tones to your dark hair you create the illusion of fullness which optically makes your hair appear more voluminous. Blond baby highlights are especially good for thinning brunette hair because they will give you tons of texture. If you are a cool-toned brunette or have a cool or neutral skin undertone, ashy blond highlights will suit you best. Inversely, if your hair is a warmer shade of brown, honey or mocha color highlights will be a better option for you.

Dark Shadow Roots with a Blond Balayage

dark shadow roots blond balayage best hair color thinning hair

If you’re determined to give your naturally dark hair a lighter makeover, it’s best to choose a hairstyle that will make the growing-out process seamless and low-maintenance. To achieve that, experts suggest going for a shadow root in your natural hair color. A balayage technique can help you introduce lighter shades of brown or blond to your hair which will give your hair a really modern and multidimensional appearance. The more shades you use, the softer the transition between colors will be which will keep your hair looking fresh in between sessions.

Brunette to Caramel Shadow Root

shadow roots brunette to caramel best thinning hair color

While on the topic of shadow roots, another great shade you can opt for this upcoming fall is caramel. Slightly lighter and softer than the copper, this shade will give your hair a playful yet elegant appearance. The melting transition from a dark to a light color creates an optical illusion of volume which will help disguise any bald spots caused by hair thinning.

Salt and Pepper Hair Color

long black salt and pepper thinning hair color ideas mature women

For those of you who have reached the age of silver hairs – congratulations! If you’ve been debating whether you should cover up your gray streaks or not, we vote for the latter! This hairstyle is not only incredibly bold and attractive, but it’s also really great for thinning hair. This is not an uncommon occurrence for mature women – your hair suddenly becomes much more brittle and dryer which oftentimes leads to hair loss. Well, this edgy a la Cruella de Vil hair color is your natural antidote!

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