Makeup after 70: With These Tips, Older Ladies Can Look Charming and Younger!

by Kremy

As we get older, our skin and facial structure change in subtle but noticeable ways. With age, the skin loses some of its suppleness and gains texture. Wrinkles, sagging skin and dryness are part of aging. That’s why it’s important to re-evaluate the methods and products you use to apply your makeup after 70 over time.

Would you like to add a touch of pink to your cheeks? The way you apply it makes all the difference. Experts say it’s important to keep a few things in mind when applying cosmetics as an older woman.

Makeup after 70 – Helpful Tips for Mature Skin

makeup after 70 helpful tips for mature skin

As a general rule of thumb, the more hydrating the formula, the better. Because the skin’s natural oils diminish with age, you should generally avoid mattifying, oil-absorbing products. Rather use rich, velvety textures instead.

What Are the Best Skin Care Products for Older Ladies?

If you want flawless skin, you don’t need ten different skincare products—you only need three. Oil-soluble vitamin C, retinol or vitamin A and hyaluronic acid are the active ingredients that have the greatest effect on your skin.

Retinol stimulates cell turnover, which in turn reduces lines and wrinkles and ultimately contributes to improved skin health, while Vitamin C is a nourishing antioxidant, brightener and moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid, the final ingredient, is a natural plumping agent that gives a youthful glow with regular use.

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Moisturize the Skin

provide moisture to your skin


Most cosmetic experts will tell you that good skin care is the first step to perfect makeup. The best way to keep mature skin looking youthful, radiant and glowing is to moisturize the skin. Applying a deep moisturizer before applying foundation or other skin products is essential for aging skin that is losing its ability to retain moisture. A face cream not only helps to maintain the elasticity of your skin, but also prevents your care products from settling into the existing wrinkles.

The Right Primers and Foundations

use proper primer and foundation

Applying a primer can help even out your skin tone and prevent your foundation from sagging. Consider using a tinted primer that can work as a foundation, moisturizer and makeup at the same time. Avoid thick cream foundations. Instead, opt for a light formula for a natural look.

Makeup after 70 – Apply Blush

As we age, we also lose muscle, resulting in a less defined facial structure. Blush should be applied to the highest part of the cheeks. When looking for the best blush for older skin, look for a creamy shade that closely resembles your natural skin tone.

Eye Makeup for Mature Skin

eye makeup for mature skin

As we age, the delicate skin around our eyes becomes thinner. This makes dark circles and fine lines more visible and makes it harder to achieve a natural look by blending a concealer. The problem can be fixed by switching to a liquid concealer, applying it with a brush and focusing only on the dark circles under the eyes. Apply a little to the inner corners of the eyes as well, as they are some of the darkest parts of the face and are often neglected.


Before applying an eyeliner, you can use a small brush to apply a charcoal eyeshadow along your lash line. This creates a smoky effect and blurs the sharp edges of the eyeliner. Alternatively, you can also apply the liner first and then the eyeshadow, which also looks good with a more muted application of color.

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Keep an Eye on Your Eyebrows

Our eyebrows get thinner and lighter as you age, just like the hair on your head. You should always make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed, because they are the “frame” of your face Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to quickly fill in and define your eyebrows.

Lip Makeup after70

lip makeup after 70

Lips become drier and thinner with age. Lipsticks and glosses with moisturizing ingredients help them stay supple. Applying a clear gloss or lip oil over your lipstick will reflect the light and make your lips appear fuller.

Also, as you age, your natural lip line can recede, making your lipstick more likely to bleed or smudge. If you outline your lips with a lip liner, the color is more likely to last.

Tip for fuller lips: First apply some highlighter above your upper lip. Instead of lining the inside of your lips, outline the outside with a natural-colored lip liner. This trick will not only make your lipstick last longer, but it will also make your lips look fuller.

Fix the Makeup

makeup after 70 tips and tricks

Use a moisturizing setting spray to fix the look. A spray that will hold everything in place and leave skin hydrated and glowing is what you need. Makeup setting sprays are designed to work each product into the skin for a natural, flawless finish. If it also helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, so much the better.

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